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                            PART I - DESCRIPTIVE

           15.  Top temperature control

                NOTE:-On some early aircraft the system is inoperative
                      and the switch is wire-locked OFF.

           (a)  The top temperature control is brought into use when
                the switch (24) on the port shelf is set to ON and the
                nosewheel is unlocked.  Should the jet pipe temperature
                then rise above the maximum for full throttle (685°C),
                an automatic control reduces the fuel flow to the engine,
                thereby reducing the j.p.t.  When the switch is OFF the
                controller is not in operation and j.p.t. must then be
                controlled by the movement of the throttle lever.
           (b)  The switch should normally be ON at all times.  If it
                is suspected that the system has failed, the switch should
                be set to OFF; the j.p.t. must then be controlled by throttle

           16.  Engine instruments and anti-icing
           (b)  The engine instruments comprise a jet pipe temperature
                gauge an oil pressure gauge and an r.p.m. indicator.
           (b)  An engine anti-icing OPEN/SHUT switch (76) and
                indicator are above the starboard shelf.  (See para. 59.)
                Hot air is tapped from the engine compressor and with
                the switch OPEN is ducted to the inlet guide vanes.  The
                system is not intended for de-icing, but to prevent ice

           17.  Engine fire extinguisher
           (a)  Two fire-extinguisher bottles, stowed between the air
                intakes just forward of the engine are together connected
                to the engine extinguisher inlet connection.  Operation
                of the system is either by:-
                (1)  A manually-operated pushbutton(56) in the cockpit,
                     on the starboard coaming, or 
                (2)  Two automatically-operated inertia switches, one in
                     the gun-bay and one in the radio bay connected in


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