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                                                                             Pilot's Notes
                                        PART VI
                                                    KEY TO FIG. 2 COCKPIT - FORWARD VIEW
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34. Hood jettison control.
35. Radar ranging supply switch and
36. Undercarriage emergency control.
37. Undercarriage warning light.
38. Undercarriage position indicator.
39. Airbrake position indicator.
40. Undercarriage selector pushbuttons.
41. Flaps control and position indicator.
42. Flaps emergency control
43. Aileron and elevator power controls
44. Aileron and elevator power controls
selector switches.
45. Accelerometer.
46. R.P. ripple switch.
47.Tailplane incidence indicator.
48.Front tanks fuel level lights.
49.R.P. selector switch.
50."Clear aircraft" jettison switch.
51.GGS emergency lowering control.
52.Artificial horizon fast erection button.
53.GGS master switch.
54.Radar ranging "locked on" light.
55.E2 compass.
56.Fire-extinguisher pushbutton and fire
warning light.
57.ARI 5849 indicator.
58.ARI 18044 indicator.
59.Fuel pressure warning light.
60.Audio warning cut-off switch.
61.Camera aperture switch.
62.Tailplane main motor control switch.
63.Generator failure warning lights.
64.Engine starter pushbutton.
65.Starter master switch.
66.Pressure head heater switch.
67.G45 camera master switch.
68.Battery master switch.
69.Aileron spring feel adjuster.
70.Rudder bar adjuster.


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