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                            PART I - DESCRIPTIVE
                (iii)The starter master switch (65) and circuit breaker
                     (83).  These complete the circuit through the starter
                     button, ignition switch and relight switch.   When the
                     relight switch is at RELIGHT the starter button is
                     isolated.  The starter master switch also controls the
                     electrical supply to the engine instruments, and com-
                     pletes the circuits to No 2 inverter and the booster-
                     pumps.  The switch should be ON and the circuit
                     breaker in at all times when the engine is running.
                 (iv)The starter pushbutton (64), which initiates the start-
                     ing sequence.
           (c)  When the pushbutton is pressed the starting cycle is
                initiated.  For the first two to three seconds the starter
                motor combustion chamber is purged by air under
                pressure.  Then fuel is fed to the chamber where it is 
                ignited and causes the motor to turn the engine com-
                pressor.  At the same time the engine high energy igniter
                units operate to ignite the fuel spray in the engine com-
                bustion chambers.  After approximately 7-10 seconds the
                engine becomes self sustaining and as the starter motor
                reaches its top speed, a switch operates to shut down the
                liquid starting system.  The engine should then accelerate
                to the normal idling r.p.m. of 2,500.
           (d)  Should the starter fuel fail to light up, a pressure sensitive
                switch in the starter fuel line operates to cut off the
                starter system.
           (e)  It is important that personnel keep clear of the starter
                exhaust during starting.  The exhaust is aft of the engine
                starter access door beneath the fuselage.

           14.  Relighting system

                A RELIGHT switch (31) is situated on the port shelf,
                and when held to RELIGHT for two seconds completes
                the circuit, through a time delay switch, to the high
                energy ignition units.  The ignition then operates auto-
                matically for 30 seconds.  The switch is spring-loaded
                to return to the off position.


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