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                                                                             Pilot's Notes
                                         PART VI
                                                     KEY TO FIG. 3 COCKPIT STARBOARD SIDE
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71.Mk. 17 oxygen regulator.
72.Oxygen contents gauge.
73.Cockpit pressure warning light.
74.Cockpit pressure altimeter.
75.Emergency light switch.
76.Engine anti-icing switch and indicator.
77.Cockpit lights switches.
78.Navigation lights switch.
79.Anti-G control.
80.Anti-G test button.
81.Anti-G pressure gauge.
82.Booster-pump circuit breakers.
83.Starter circuit-breaker.
84.Mk. 4F compass test panel.
85.Booster-pumps test switch.
86.Fire warning light test switch.
87.Butt test switch.
88.Rebecca control panel.
89.IFF control switches.
90.Emergency oxygen bottle control.
91.Fuel tanks selector switch (two off).
92.Fuel tanks wing/rear indicator (two off).
93.Transfer failure indicator (two off).
94.Booster-pump on/off switch (two off).
95.Booster-pump failure warning light (two off).
96.Fuel contents gauge (two off).


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