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                                                                             Pilot's Notes
                                        PART VI
                                                       KEY TO FIG. 1 - COCKPIT PORT SIDE
[Click green text to jump to detail in Pilots Note.] Click numbers round picture for description of that item in the Notes
(Click green number beside the item to return to this page). 1.Cockpit temperature selector.hunter6pic117.jpg, 24565 bytes 2.Cockpit temperature control. 3.Cockpit pressure control. 4.Tailplane motor circuit breaker. 5.Hood motor circuit breaker. 6.Undercarriage emergency air pressure gauge. 7.Flaps emergency air pressure gauge. 8.Radar test switch. 9.Brakes accumulator pressure gauge. 10.Cockpit pressure warning test switch. 11.Flood flow control switch. 12.Hood rail locking indicator (one of four). 13.Airbrake test switch. 14.L.P. cock control. 15.Hood clutch release. 16.Hood motor control. 17.ARI 18044 switches. 18.Radar ranging target reject switch. 19.Hydraulic pressure warning light. 20.Telebriefing switch and warning light. 21.Triple pressure gauge. 22.GGS selector dimmer control. 23.Tailplane standby motor control. 24.Top temperature control switch. 25.Rudder and aileron trim position indicator. 26. H.P. cock catch and throttle lever. 27. Rudder and aileron trim control. 28. Aileron trim locking guard. 29. Airbrake control switch. 30. Press-to-transmit switch. 31. Relight switch. 32. VHF controllers. 33. External stores jettison switch panel.


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