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                      PART III - HANDLING
         (v)  At low altitudes max. power can be obtained within
              5 secs. if r.p.m. are above a minimum of 4,500 and
              at high altitudes within about 10 secs from

     59.  Management of the engine anti-icing system
     (a)  With the system in use, all throttle movements must be
          made smoothly.   There is a loss of thrust and fuel
          economy and j.p.t. usually rises by about 20°C.  At full
          throttle, r.p.m. may then fall if the top temperature
          control comes into operation.
     (b)  Level flight
          If icing conditions are met in flight, climb or
          descend out of the icing level (see (c) and (d) below).
     (c)  Climbing
          Open up to not less than 7,200 r.p.m. and set the anti-
          icing switch to OPEN.  Climb at the maximum practic-
          able rate.
     (d)  Descending
          Throttle back to not less than 5,500 r.p.m. and set the
          switch to OPEN.  Descend at the maximum practicable
          rate; maximum anti-icing protection is obtained at the
          highest practicable r.p.m.
     (e)  When clear of icing conditions, set the switch to SHUT
          and wait for about 10 seconds before making any rapid
          throttle movements.  If icing conditions persist down to
          airfield level keep the switch at OPEN and maintain
          engine speed above 5,500 r.p.m. until finally committed
          to a landing.

     60.  Management of the flood flow system
          For all normal conditions of flight the FLOOD AIR-
          FLOW CONTROL switch should be at AUTO.   To
          prevent windscreen misting MANUAL should be selected
          wherever necessary.  During take-off the increase in air-
          flow is considerable.

     61.  Testing A.C. inverters on the ground
     (a)  To test No. 2 inverter first check that the inverter circuit
     breakers are in, then set the battery master switch ON,     


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