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F540 Operations Record Book October 1954 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2636 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71 from Duncan Curtis
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                  COMPILING OFFICER  Fg.Off. G.E. Hickman REF. TO APPENDICES

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R.A.F. Jever 1st.
October Today's shooting resulted in an average of 3.5 per cent.
Fg.Off Chadwick who yesterday scored 35 per cent, which is the second highest
score of any Sabre pilot at Sylt, failed to score today.
  2nd   No flying today because of poor weather.
Flt. Lt. Colvin went to Jever to collect an aircraft.
  4th   Only three sorties were flown today, which were all abortive, due to a
spinning flag.   The weather closed in at 07.30 hours and it did not stop
raining for the rest of the day.
  5th   The weather was bad, and the day was spent watching survival films, and a
series of combat films taken on D.-day.
Flt. Lt. Colvin returned by road.
  6th   The weather was the same as yesterday.   This afternoon "B" Flight pilots
went on tour of the Air Sea Rescue Station at List.
  7th   Because of an extremely strong cross wind, Sabre flying did not start
until 10.30 hours when it was decided to fly off the short runway, which
was into wind.   The best scores of the day were obtained by Fg.Off.
(18 and 11 per cent) and Sqn.Ldr. Browne (14 per cent)
Fg. Off. Sanderson collected a Sabre from Jever.
  8th   Today's shooting brought the Squadron average up to 4.5 per cent.   We are
behind 4 and 20 Squadrons.   The highest score of the day was by Sqn.Ldr.
who scored 26 per cent.
          Fg. Off. Page had his rear fire warning light come on in flight this
morning.   He made an emergency landing on the airfield, and it was found
that some turbine blades were missing.   The engine was category 3.
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  9th   Firing was impossible due to low cloud and mist.   The cloud base lifted
slightly, and Sqn.Ldr. Browne and Fg.Off. Busby took two Sabres to Jever
for servicing.
  11th   The first six sorties were cancelled due to fog, and the programme started
at 08.15 hours.   Several sorties were lost during the day due to aircraft
unserviceability - mainly gunsights.
Fg.Off. Busby returned in the Prentice and Fg.Off. Bell flew to Jever to
collect another Sabre.
  12th   Flying was held up this morning due to a slippery runway, and a strong cross
wind.   Fg. Off. Pigdon fell off the wing, as he was climbing out of his
aircraft, and broke his arm.
  13th   No flying today, because of bad weather.  
  14th   Fg. Off. Ritchie left for Wunstorf by train this morning with a small advance
party.   The Squadron was due to carry out a double re-arm today, but
it was postponed until tomorrow.
  15th   The weather was the same as yesterday, and the re-arm exercise had to be
cancelled.   The day was spent packing kit and ground equipment on to the
train which leaves tomorrow.
          The final average was 4.7 per cent, and the stoppage rate for this detachment
was 5859 (4 stoppages).   The top three averages were:-
                                      Fg. Off. Balfour             13.3 per cent.
                                      Sqn. Ldr. Browne        13 per cent
                                      Fg. Off. Chadwick        12.2 per cent.
  16th   The main party left for Wunstorf this morning.   The rest of the day was spent
tidying up the hangar, and offices, and getting all the aircraft serviceable.
  18th   The cold front is still with us, and we could not leave for Wunstorf today.  
  19th   The Wing started with the move to Wunstorf at 14.00 hours, but we were delayed
by the Venom blocking the runway with a burst tyre.   All aircraft eventually
arrived at Wunstorf by 17.00 hours.
Flt. Sgt. Shrubsole flew an aircraft to Jever for servicing.
  20th   Seven aircraft were serviceable today, and everyone had at least one trip.
The sorties were all individual sector recces, finished off with a G.C.A.
Flt. Lt. Darcy started his Sabre conversion, and Fg. Off. Hampton flew his
first sortie since he broke his arm seven weeks ago.
  21st   The Squadron carried out Battle Flight duties today.   Unfortunately the G.C.I.
had no targets until 12.00 hours.   During the afternoon several sorties were flown
and quick turnrounds were the order of the day.
  22nd   Until midday flying was limited by weather to one pair from each Squadron, when
the weather improved to allow a full flying programme.
  23rd   The day started with a station parade.   After the parade there was a Wing
formation of 12 aircraft, of which we provided 8.
  24th   Stand down.  
  25th   The weather was good today, and we did 27 hours flying, most of which was in
sections of four.   Sqn. Ldr. Browne and Fg. Off. Exley carried out a strike
on Fassburg airfield, but did not see the camouflaged targets, which were in
the woods.
          F/S Shrubsole returned from Jever in a Sabre.
  26th   Another good days flying (36 hours).  
  27th   The day started well, and Sqn Ldr. Browne took a six up at 08.30 hours.
Twenty hours had been flown by lunchtime, when the weather closed in, and
finished flying for the rest of the day.   All pilots were kept busy during
the afternoon, passing their Crew Chief tests.
  28th   Flying was restricted to one section from each Squadron for the first hour
this morning, and flying was cancelled for the day at 14.30 hours.   This
was due to a signal from Headquarters stating that the artificial feel device
for the ailerons controls on all Sabre aircraft was to be checked for security.
  29th   The Squadron carried out Battle Flight duties today.   Most of the sorties
ended with the sections splitting into two pairs, and intercepting each
  30th &
  Station Stand Down.  
       Rounds fired          -      14618
Stoppages               -     3
 Stoppage Rate       -     4873

 Hours flown in October    :-
                                                   SABRE 4           -        284.30
                                                   METEOR 7       )
                                                                              )-          33.00
                                                   VAMPIRE T.11 )                      
                                                   Total                   -       317.40  

 Total sorties flown - 492
   PERSONNEL   -    Flt. Lt. D'Arcy joined us from 14 Squadron, Fassburg.   He is to
take over "A" Flight when Flt. Lt. Horrell leaves.
  15th   Flight Lieutenant Colvin and Fg. Off. Mitchell started Continental leave.  
  17th   Fg. Off. Pigdon went on leave.  
  29th   Fg. Off. Page went to U.K. on leave in a visiting B. 29.  
1.   The Squadron move from A.P.S. Sylt to Wunstorf took place between 16th and
19th October, 1954.   The air party arrived after being delayed a day by poor
weather.   The Squadron return to Jever, our home station, is postponed until
the middle of November, because the runway is being extended.
2.   All available personnel and aircraft have been brought down from Jever
to bring the Squadron up to full strength.
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3.   The flying at Sylt was strictly limited by weather, and consequently there
was a lack of continuity in training with very few effective sorties.   The
final Squadron average was correspondingly low.
          Radar ranging was used on 60 per cent of all live shoots, and proved rather
difficult to handle at first.   However most pilots gained valuable experience
and a few good scores were achieved.   The radar serviceability was about 60 per cent.
A satisfactory radar flag has yet to be developed, as a large percentage of them
spin, 'cant' or fall off.   There was some intensive flying after our arrival at
Wunstorf.   This consisted of refreshing all pilots on the standard operational
procedures.   Quite a few sorties were flown on "Exercise Barrage", but few
targets were available.   Battle Flight duties were carried out on two days.
Usually the section of four aircraft were split into pairs for interceptions.
This has only limited value but suitable targets are rare.
          Three low level strikes were carried out on Fassburg airfield to enable
the R.A.F. Regiment to practice their guns for airfield defence.   The extra
hours flown during the last ten days of the month made a good ending to an
otherwise unfavourable month's flying.

Signed DFM Browne                                                   
(D.F.M. BROWNE)                                                      
Squadron Leader                                                       
Officer Commanding                                                 
No. 93 Squadron.                                                       

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