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F540 Operations Record Book September 1954 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2636 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71 from Duncan Curtis

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No. 93 Squadron
R.A.F. Jever
1.9.54.   All the flying today was confined to Ex lucifer.   The Squadron carried out 7 raids
comprising of 22 sorties.   2 were not intercepted.   The 4 aircraft returned from the
practice at demonstration Fassberg.
  2.9.54   The Air to Ground demonstration team flew to Fassberg this morning and carried out
the demonstration this afternoon.   On the return trip Fg. Off. Exley's aircraft went
unserviceable and he stayed at Fassberg.   Sgt. Knight flew Sgt. O'Neill to Fassberg in
the T.11 to inspect the aircraft and he decided that it needs an engine change.   On the
return trip in the T.11 the starboard main wheel would not lower and Sgt. Knight landed
it on the crash strip.   The rest of the days flying was concerned with Ex Lucifer.
Flying Details :-4 Air - Ground Sorties, 11 Ex Lucifer, 2 Re-Familiarisation.
  3.9.54   Todays flying was limited due to the fact that all the aircraft were involved in Primary
inspections.   Fg. Off. Bell brought an aircraft back from Oldenburg and on landing both
wheels locked and burst both tyres.   Flying Details :-1 Aerobatic Sortie, 2 G.C.A.
  Station Stand Down  
  6.9.54   The accent was on quarter attacks in preparation for the forthcoming detachment to
Sylt.   Fg. Off. Exley had to do an asymmetric landing in the Meteor 7.   A turbine blade
came out and started an engine fire which went out when the engine was switched off.
Flying Details :-13 Cine Sorties, 4 G.C.A. Sorties, 2 Air Tests.
  7.9.54   Flying did not start until 11.30 hrs due to poor weather.   Fg. Off. Pigdon returned from
leave.   Fg. Off. Fewell went to Fassberg to collect the aircraft which was left there
by the demonstration team.   Flying Details :-14 Cine Sorties, 2 Aerobatic Sorties, 2
dusk sorties.
  8.9.54   The weather was unserviceable all morning and the afternoon was devoted to sport.  
  9.9.54   It was quite a good days flying today and once again the accent was on Cine.   We
heard today that Sqn. Ldr. Allen will be leaving us at the end of the month.   He will be
taking over as Wing Commander Flying at Fassburg.   Fg. Off. Leigh-Lancaster returned
from leave.   Flying Details :-22 Cine Sorties, 4 Aerobatic Sorties, 4 Air Tests, 3 G.C.A.
  10.9.54   Fg. Off. Senar returned from leave.   Fg. Off. Fewell returned from Fassberg.   Flying
Details :-16 Cine Sorties, 3 G.C.A. 1 Aerobatic Sortie.   Fg. Off. Chadwick, Culver and
Garthwaite renewed instrument ratings.
  11.9.54   A rehearsal for the Battle of Britain parade was held this morning.   Flying was
cancelled due to very strong crosswind.
  12.9.54   Station Stand Down.  
  13.9.54   Fg. Off. Ramsay, Bell and Couch went to Wildenwrath today for a series of Technical
lectures on the Sabre.   Sqn Ldr. Allen flew to Sylt this morning to check on the final
arrangements concerning our detachment.   Flying Details :-10 Cine Sorties, 3 Air
Ground Sorties, 3 Aerobatic sorties, 4 Cross Country Sorties.
  14.9.54   Fg. Off. Exley, Balfour and Leigh-Lancaster flew down to Wildenwrath to attend
Technical lectures on the Sabre.   Eight pilots from the Squadron flew with the C.F.S.
Examined Wing today, in the T.11.   Sgt Knight flew to Buckeberg for a commissioning
interview with the S.A.S.O.   Flying Details :-10 Cine Sorties, 9 Air to Ground Sorties, 3
Air Tests, 4 Formation Sorties, 8 Dual Checks (T.11).
  15.9.54   Today is Battle of Britain day and a parade was held in commemoration.   There was a
90° crosswind of 30 knots and as a result flying was cancelled.   The afternoon was
devoted to sport.    Fg. Off. Hickman returned from leave.
  16.9.54   Bad weather prevented flying and the day was devoted to loading lorries and the
servicing of aircraft, in preparation for Sylt.   Fg.Off. Ramsay left for Sylt this
morning with the advanced party.
  17.9.54   Fg. Off. Senar and Fg. Off. Fewell left for Sylt this morning with the advance party.   All
flying today consisted of Air Tests on the aircraft which are going to Sylt.   Flying
Details :- 10 Air Tests.
  18.9.54   This morning was spent loading the railway wagons on the special train which leaves
for Sylt tomorrow morning with the ground equipment, ground crew and the surplus pilots. Flying Details :-5 Air Tests.
  19.9.54   The special train which was loaded yesterday left at 07.30 hours this morning and
arrived at Sylt at 18.30 hours.   Officer i/c the train was Flt. Lt. Iles.   The pilots who
are flying to Sylt taxied their aircraft on the ground this afternoon, to avoid any last
minute unserviceability.
  20.9.54   It was the intention that the whole Wing would fly to Sylt this morning in a Wing
formation of 28 aircraft.   The weather however was adverse and it was decided that the
move would be carried out in a section of 4.   This alternative plan was also thwarted by
a 40 knot crosswind at Sylt and eventually only 5 aircraft reached Sylt.   Flying Details :-3 formation Sorties, 1 Air Test.
  21.9.54   The weather was marginal all day and the Wing Completed the move to Sylt in sections
between the very frequent thunderstorms.   On arrival at Sylt the squadron was given the
usual introductory lecture by the Senior P.A.I. and Air Traffic Control Officer.   A few
sorties were flown by the pilots who arrived yesterday.   Flying Details :-10 Formation
Sorties, 7 Cine Sorties, 1 Demonstration (T.11).
  22.9.54   The ranges were all unserviceable until after lunch due to frequent thunderstorms.
The flying programme started after lunch with "A" Flights pilots carrying out Cine
exercises on the radar flags.   Sqn. Ldr. Browne took over command this morning fired
live and scored 12.1%.   Flying Details :-9 Cine Air to Air Sorties, 1 Live Air to Air Sortie, 2
sector recces.
  23.9.54   Sqdn. Ldr. Allen left Sylt today to take on his appointment as Wing Commander Flying at
Fassberg.   Flying Details :-32 Air to Air Cine Sorties, 3 Air to Air Demo Sorties, (T.11).
  24.9.54   The flying programme was interrupted frequently up to 10.00 hours when the weather
finally stopped flying for the remainder of the day.   All the flag sorties were cine
exercises and they were all carried out by "B" Flight.   Flying Details :-10 Cine Sorties,
Dem sortie (T.11), 1 Sector Recce.
  25.9.54   The small amount of flying, which was done this morning was due to frequent
thunderstorms.   Work ceased at 12.30 hours.   Flying Details :-77 Cine Sorties(4 abortive due to target unserviceability), 1 Sector Recce.
  26.9.54   Stand Down.   This afternoon the ground crews beat the aircrew 6-3 at football.  
  27.9.54   Today was the first firing day of the detachment.   The gunsight situation at the end of the
days firing was as follows :- Gunsights serviceable - 4, Gunsights partially serviceable
(gyro only)-9.   Gunsights completely unserviceable- 1.   The highest score of the day
was 11.8% by Fg. Off. Exley.   Squadron daily average-2.4% Squadron progressive
average- 2.9%   Flying Details :-34 Air to Air Sorties,- 6 of which abortive, 2 Cine Sorties.
  28.9.54   Once again the weather was unkind and the firing programme did not start until
15.30.   24 sorties were cancelled due to the weather and 4 were aborted due to the
weather.   There have been no stoppages so far and therefore the squadron stoppage
rate is infinity.   Flying Details :-9 Air to Air Sorties, 3 CineSorties, 4 Abortive Sorties.   Daily average - 2.4%, Progressive average 2.5%
  29.9.54   The results of todays shooting were not very good, the top score being 3%.   Fg. Off.
ran off the end of the runway on landing this morning.   He could not throttle out
below 60% and he switched off but the braking action was very poor due to pouring
rain.   The fuel regulator was found to be at fault.   Flying Details :-8 Air to Air Sorties,
2 Cine Sorties, 3 abortive sorties due to weather, 8 abortive Sorties due to flag
unserviceability, 21 sorties cancelled due to weather.   Daily average - 1.1%,
progressive average - 2.4%, Daily stoppage rate - 955, Progressive stoppage rate - 6875.
  30.9.54   Todays shooting brought the squadron average up to 3.2%.   This was due mainly to Fg.
Off. Chadwick
(35%), Fg. Off. Garthwaite(15%), Flt. Lt. Iles(11%) and Fg. Off. Couch
(10%).   Flying Details :-13 Air to Air Sorties, 7 Abortive Sorties flag u/s), 5 Abortive
Sorties (Tug late), 7 sorties cancelled due to weather, 3 sorties cancelled
(flag u/s).   Daily average 7%, Progressive 3.2%, Stoppage rate - 8818.
      Rounds fired during September :-   8818
Stoppages                                       :-          1
Stoppage Rate                               :-    8818
 Hours flown in September                  HOURS
                       Sabre 4                     :-       311.50
                       Meteor 7                    :-               )- 30.20
                       Vampire T.11           :-               )                      
                       Prentice                     :-       9.25
                     Total                             :-  351.35
                     Sorties                         :-  433

                                  The Squadron moved to Sylt for the A.P.S. attachment as part of No.
122 Wing in stages, between 17th and 21st September.   The move generally went
smoothly, although one vehicle in the advance party broke down at Hamburg.   The
accommodation on arriving was rather poor, and it is just as well that the Squadron did
not come up with its full complement of men, as there is already overcrowding.
  18.9.54   The new Squadron Commander Squadron Leader D.F.M. Browne joined the Squadron.  
  21.9.54   Fg. Off. Whitelaw was posted to Royal Air Force Sundern.  
  23.9.54   Squadron Leader R.N.G. Allen, D.F.C. left the Squadron to take up his new appointment
as Wing Commander Flying at Fassberg.
                            Exercise Lucifer" which was held at the start of the month, consisted of
medium level cross countries for the Sabre raiders.   Most of the raids were intercepted
but little operational value was gained by the Squadron, as aircraft had to fly at
reduced speeds and evasive action had not been authorised.
During the first ten days of the month general flying training was carried out with
emphasis on quarter attacks, in preparation for Sylt.   Radar ranging was not used
during this period unfortunately as test and calibration equipment was not available
then.   Due to the still inadequate spares position no flying training was possible during
the next ten days as all aircraft going to Sylt were being serviced.   This is a rather
desperate state of affairs but one which re-occurs before any move or exercise requiring
more than eight aircraft.   At Sylt the Squadron Started off by using radar ranging for the
first time on 'Cine' sorties.   There have been recurring servicing trouble with the sight
and its radar, which is being overcome and a larger number of effective sorties are
being achieved.   Scores have been generally low, both using radar ranging and pegged sights.
R.A.F. Jever  September, 1954     LIST OF PILOTS AT END OF MONTH
                                                 163501 Squadron Leader D.F.M. BROWNE  
'A' FLIGHT                                                                'B' FLIGHT
2499461   Flt. Lt. Horrell                                            57633  Flt. Lt. A.J. Colvin
  512158   Flt. Lt. H.B. Iles                                     4016600  Fg. Off. B.A.E. Sanderson
3511209   Fg. Off. W.E. Bell                                 4076370  Fg. Off. A.C. Ramsay
                   Fg. Off. T. Balfour                                4071748  Fg. Off. B.J. Revnell
4088080  Fg. Off. G.J. Couch                              3511125  Fg. Off. J.E. Macknish
3121595  Fg. Off. J.S.C. Davis                            3511202  Fg. Off. G.E. Hickman
3134367  Fg. Off. D.H. Harper                            2538834  Fg. Off. K.B. Senar
3511207  Fg. Off. D.S. Chadwick                       3512048  Fg. Off. D. Exley
3134854  Fg. Off. W.G. Mitchell                           4078920  Fg. Off. J.E. Pigdon
3512052  Fg. Off. R. Garthwaite                         3135267  Fg. Off. J.C. Culver
3512098  Fg. Off. T. Page                                    2542285  Fg. Off. W.B.C. Ritchie
  032557  Fg. Off. Hampton                                 4086091  Fg. Off. P. Leigh-Lancaster
4091475  Fg. Off. J. Busby                                  4084117  Fg. Off. D.J. Fewell
1258834  F.Sgt. Shrubsole                                 4034492  Sgt. R.G. Knight

Signed DFM Browne              
(D.F.M. BROWNE)                
Squadron Leader,                
Officer Commanding           
No. 93 Squadron.                 

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