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Video showing SEN-001 clip from Ken Senar's film.   This clip was probably filmed during a spell of snowy weather and fog in January 1955.   [Click to see report in 93 Sqn F540 for Jan55.]   The view is from Flying Wing HQ across the 'Met garden' and signals square to the snow removal equipment clearing the single, 2,700yd., runway.   In turn the snow ploughs, hot sander, and snow-blower can be seen.

Background to the film by Ken Senar.

The first part of the film was taken at Royal Air Force Jever, 2 Group, 2 ATAF, North Germany, during the winter of 1954-55.   Ken Senar was Flying Wing Adjutant (122 Wing) at the time.   R.A.F. Jever was a flying station with several thousand personnel and many Officers.   There were four fighter Squadrons and two RAF Regiment Squadrons.   Station Commanders were Group Captains `Fo-Fo' Powel-Sheddon (died 1994) and 'Tom' Prickett (Died 2010).


The film was taken with a hand held Paillard Bolex B8, 8mm movie camera, using Kodak 'Standard 8' reversal Kodachrome colour film.   Much was cut away during the editing process, which itself was done as part of a spare time hobby.   Many shots were retaken and more added to fill continuity gaps.   Movie photography was Ken's hobby, a hobby which later developed into him running the Station Cinema (in the Airmens Mess) at Borgentreich.   The film has since darkened with age.
[Web master's comment: I will try to edit the film and make it brighter where possible.]
Copies of this film have been lodged with both the RAF Museum and the Imperial War Museum.

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 40 secs.

(Thanks to Ken Senar for original film.)
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