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Video showing SEN-002 clip from Ken Senar's film.   This clip was probably filmed in January 1955 and is an airborne sequence shot from the Station Flight's Percival Prentice light aircraft (see below).   It starts showing the Prentice wing tip and then moves on to show villages and snow-covered countryside in the Jever vicinity.   There are interior shots showing the pilot, Flying Officer John Sutton i/c Station Flight, who later went on to become an Air Marshal and Governor of Jersey, taken from rear seat.   The docks (with ice sheets) and the town of Wilhelmshaven is seen from several angles.   Finally the circuit is joined and the runway is clear.   Circling to land there are views of RAF Jever, the hangars, and Flying Wing HQ (close by the trees) on the south side of the airfield.   Jever town is glimpsed.   The RAF Jever domestic site is in the trees.   On 'finals' the runway is very clear and there is a final glimpse of the red and white runway caravan.

stationpic973a.jpg, 4219 bytes

Percival Prentice was introduced into Training Command in November 1947 as one of the successors to the de Havilland Tiger Moth biplane.   Unlike its predecessor, the seats were side by side instead of in tandem.   It continued as a basic trainer for pilots until 1953, and was also used as a radio trainer and for communications.   (Thanks to the "Illustrated History of the RAF" by Roy Conyers Nesbit.)

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 2 mins and 8 secs.

(Thanks to Ken Senar for original film.)
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