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Video showing G011 clip from Ron Gray's film.   This clip was also taken from the rear ramp of a USAF C-117.   The clip shows the Handley Page Victor.   This would be one of the prototypes.   It first flew 24th December 1952, following which they had tailplane flutter (and total failure) to overcome, and the first production B.1 did not make its first flight until 1st February 1956.


Last in a long line of Handley Page bombers, the prototype HP80 Victor flew from Boscombe Down on 24 December 1952.   The first Victor B.Mk I squadron, No 10, became operational in April 1958.   The B.Mk II was a more powerful version with a larger span; two squadrons were armed with the Avro Blue Steel stand-off missile.   Victor B.(PR Mk I and B.(PR)) Mk II were photo-reconnaissance variants.   Specifications refer to the Victor B.Mk II (Blue Steel):
Crew: 5; Powerplant: four 9,344kg (20,6001b) thrust Rolls-Royce Conway Mk. 201 turbofan engines; Performance: max speed 1,040km/h (640mph); Range 7,400km (4,600 miles); Service ceiling 14,335m (47,000ft); Dimensions: wingspan 36.58m (120ft); length 35.05m (114ft 11in): height 9.20m (30ft 1in); Weight: 105,687kg (233,0001b) loaded; Armament: one HS Blue Steel ASM (Red Snow warhead).   After its days as a strategic nuclear bomber were over, the Handley Page Victor gave sterling service as a flight refuelling tanker.   (Thanks to "The Encyclopedia of Aircraft" by Robert Jackson).

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 16 secs.

(Thanks to Ron Gray for original film.)
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