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A.L.1.                      PART III - HANDLING
Para. 57 (c)
Page 51        (iii)  Tank changeover indicator (92)  Reading correctly
                         i.e., the indicator should change from REAR to WING when
                         fuel contents reduce to approx. 1,300 lb. and remain at WING
                         for the remainder of the flight.
                   (iv)  Front tank level lights wink for a few seconds and then remain
                         on when the main gauges read 650 lb. (approx.).
                   (v)   When Mod.574 is embodied, the two magnetic indicators on the
                         starboard shelf will show white when the outboard drop tanks
                         are empty.

               NOTE.-When the rear tanks are empty auto-selection
                     to REAR will occur if the aircraft is inverted for
                     approximately 5 seconds; on resuming normal
                     flight a re-selection to WING will occur auto-
                     matically.  When the aircraft is inverted the
                     level lights will come on irrespective of the fuel
                     state.  When normal flight is resumed the lights
                     will go out if the fuel state is above 650 lb.

         (d)  The flow proportioner will maintain accurate fuel
              balancing with both booster-pumps on or off, provided
              that the pressures at which the fuel enters the propor-
              tioner from the booster-pumps do not differ by more
              than 2 lb./sq. in.  If unequal emptying occurs with all
              indicators normal, either the flow proportioner has
              failed or the inlet differential pressures are greater than
              2 lb./sq. in., in which case fuel balancing must be
              controlled manually by switching off the pump on the
              "low" side until the levels become equal and then
              switching it on again.

A.L.1    (e) Booster pump failure
Para 57(e)
Page 51     If a booster pump fails, indicated by a warning light coming on
               and the corresponding contents gauge reading high, no fuel will be used
               from that side if the serviceable pump is left on; in this event reduce
               r.p.m. to 7,200, switch off both pumps and accept the fuel feed pro-
               vided by the tank pressurization and gravity.  Then reduce altitude to
               the limits below according to the aircraft configuration.
                         With drop tanks                     20,000 feet max.
                         Without drop tanks                25,000 feet max.
               NOTE.-R.p.m. must thereafter be maintained at 7,200 or below;
                         The altitude limit may be increased in emergency by 10,000
                         feet if absolute range is essential, but in this event the engine
                         must subsequently be examined for possible damage to the
                         fuel system.


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