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                                                            Pilot's Notes

                               PART III


        57.   Management of the fuel system
        (a)  The H.P. and L.P. cocks must be ON and the booster-
             pumps should normally be ON at all times when the
             engine is running.  The booster-pumps may be left off
             for starting.
        (b)  Fuel is supplied to the engine by the two booster-pumps,
             one of which is situated in the base of each front tank.
             With the tank selector switches at AUTO, fuel in the
             rear, wing and drop tanks (if carried) is automatically
             transferred to the front tanks by air pressure (see para.
             4 (b)).  The order of emptying being:-
                           Rear tanks
                           Drop tanks (if carried)
                           Wing tanks
                           Front tanks

        (c)  Correct functioning of the system is shown by the fuel
             contents gauges indicating equal fuel levels, the l.p.
             warning lights out and the "flow plan" indicators reading
             as follows:-
              (i)  Booster-pump warning lights (95)   Out

              (ii) Transfer indicators (93)           "In-line"
                                                      throughout the


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