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A.L.1.                      PART III - HANDLING
Para. 57 (e)
Page 52              With both booster-pumps off, the recuperators will also
                         discharge, therefore no negative G manoeuvres must be
                         carried out.  It is important to land while both sides still
                         contain fuel, because the flow proportioner will maintain
                         out-of-balance levels and the engine will not run with one
                         side empty unless the booster-pump in the side containing
                         fuel is serviceable.  The serviceable pump may be switched
                         on for landing if a sufficient head of fuel remains on that
                         side, but it should be remembered that with the pump on,
                         fuel will only be used from that side.

        (f)  Transfer failure
               (i)  If one or both transfer indicators show "cross-line,"
                    transfer pressure failure has occurred and steep dives
                    should be avoided due to the possibility of collapsing
                    the tanks.  Should an indicator show "cross-line"
                    before fuel transfer is complete, any fuel remaining
                    in the rear and wing tanks will be unusable and the
                    associated contents gauge will only indicate the
                    usable fuel in the front tanks (770 lb. max. per tank).
                    In these circumstances if the gauge registers more
                    than the total contents of a front tank a faulty gauge
                    should be suspected and only the front tank fuel
                    should be relied on as being available to the engine.
                    If air transfer fails on one side, the booster-pump on
                    the side with the transfer failure should be switched
                    OFF until the contents gauge of the other side
                    indicates an equal amount, then reset the pump ON.
               (ii) An indicator may show cross-line when the wing
                    tanks are empty or nearly empty due to an air
                    pressure reducing valve freezing.  Since this may
                    only occur when the rear and wing tanks are empty
                    it is not serious from a fuel point of view, but rapid
                    descents must be avoided otherwise the tanks may

        (g)  Unusable fuel
               (i)  If a "tank empty" float in a rear tank becomes
                    saturated its switch will operate before the tank has
                    emptied.  It is important to check that the change-
                    over to wing takes place at approx. 1,300 lb.
                    If the changeover occurs at a higher reading set the


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