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A.L.2                               PART 1 - DESCRIPTIVE
Para. 46
(b)(c) (b)  E.2 compass
              This (55) is mounted below and to the right of the GGS.  Deviations
              of up to 12° must be expected when the GGS is in the combat posi-
              tion.  With the Mk. 8 gunsight fitted and GGS master switch on,
              errors of up to 40° may be experienced on the compass.

        (c)  Aircraft destructor

              Access to this is gained through a quick release panel on the fuselage
              port side, level with the cockpit.


     47.  Gyro gunsight Mk. 5
          NOTE.-Later aircraft will be fitted with a Mk. 8 fixed
                gyro gunsight.
     (a)  The GGS is housed in a retractable mounting above the
          instrument panel.  Retraction is controlled by an electric
          motor in circuit with the GGS on/off switch (53) on the
          right of the sight.  An emergency lowering manual
          control (51) is on the left of the sight.
     (b)  The sight automatically provides for both manual and
          radar ranging depending on the position of the throttle
          twist-grip.  Altitude and ballistics units automatically
          compensate for the time of flight and gravity drop of the
          particular ammunition in use.  The altitude unit is fully
          automatic but the ballistics unit must be pre-set for the
          particular ammunition before flight.
     (c)  The selector-dimmer control (22) on the port shelf con-
          tains a dimmer switch and a five-position selector switch.
          The five positions are:-
          G(gyro)                    Moving graticule only is
          F and G (fixed and gyro)   Both graticules are visible.
          F (fixed)                  Fixed graticule only is
                                     The sight may only be used
                                      as a reflector sight.
                                     Radar ranging not possible.
          MRP (Medium RP)            The sight is set for use with
          SRP(Steep RP)               R.P's.


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