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                               PART 1 - DESCRIPTIVE

          Oxygen is then supplied under pressure, the firmer the
          switch is pressed the greater the pressure (up to 5 times
          that obtained with the switch in either side position).
          The mask can then be adjusted until no leaks are present.

     (e)  Emergency bottle
          A manual control (90) inboard of the starboard shelf is
          pulled up to turn on the emergency bottle, providing the
          safety pin on the emergency bottle is withdrawn.

     42.  Internal lighting

          Three ON/OFF dimmer switches (77) are provided on
          the starboard wall for the control of the internal lighting.
          An emergency lamp switch (75) is on the starboard wall
A.L.1       above the oxygen regulator.  See para. 18(e)

     43.  External lighting
          The navigation lights are controlled by an on/off switch
          (78) on the starboard shelf.

     44.  Accelerometer
          The accelerometer (45) beneath the port coaming indi-
          cates all normal accelerations imposed on the aircraft by
          means of three concentrically mounted pointers.  One
          pointer indicates instantaneous G, the other two register
          he maximum positive and negative G readings
          respectively until reset.

     45.  Pressure head heater
          The heater element in the pressure head is controlled by
          a switch (66) below the centre of the instrument panel.

     46.  Emergency equipment
     (a)  Crowbar

          This is clipped to the cockpit port wall.


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