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No 93 Squadron Movement Order No. 8/52 27Aug52
93S/S.1/5/AIR                    SECRET              Copy No..14...

                    No. 93 SQUADRON OPERATION ORDER NO/8/52.
(Reference No. 2 Group Operation Instruction No 32/52) APPENDICES:- A- Main Party B- Air Party C- Convoy Instructions D- task beef party INFORMATION 1- No 93 Squadron will return to R.A.F. jever on the 27 august 1952 on cessation of attachment to royal Belgian Air Force, Florennes. INTENTION 2- To move No 93 Squadron to jever on the 27 august 1952 by road and air. EXECUTION 3- The move will take place in two stages: a- The main party as detailed at appendix "A" will move to jever by road on 27 august departing Florennes by 1000 hours, stopping at R.A.F. Wildenwrath the night 27/28 august, and that R.A.F. sundern the night 28/29 august, arriving at jever late afternoon 29 august. b- The air party as detailed at appendix "B" will fly direct to jever taking-off at 0700Z Hours on 21 august 1952. ADMINISTRATIVE ARRANGEMENTS 4-Rations and meals. The last meal to be provided by Florennes will be breakfast on 27 august. R.A.F. Wildenwrath are requested to provide a meal on arrival of the convoy late afternoon on 27 august, breakfast at 0.600 hours on 28 August and haversack rations , plus tea milk and sugar for the onward journey. R.A.F. sundern are requested to provide a meal on arrival of the convoy late afternoon on 28 august, breakfast at 06.00 hours on 29 august and haversack rations, plus tea milk and sugar for the onward journey. R.A.F. jever are to cater for the arrival of the squadron late afternoon on 29 august. 5-Accommodation: R.A.F. Wildenwrath is requested to provide accommodation and bedding for the night 27/28 August and R.A.F. sundern for the night 28/29 august. 6-CONVOY INSTRUCTIONS As attached at appendix "C" are to be issued to all drivers. 7-Frontier passes. For all personnel are to be carried by the convoy commander.
PART II. 7- Reveille Reveille will be at 0500 Hours on the 27 august and 0.600 Hours on the 28/29 August. The O.C. Convoi is to arrange early calls at each station. airmen are to have breakfast and be at the convoy assembly area with their kit by 0545 Hours. 8-Vehicle Maintenance. Drivers of all vehicles must ensure each night en route that their vehicles are in all respects prepared to move off by 0.700 Hours. the following morning at which time the convoy move off each day. 9-Aircrew baggages: Aircrew baggage is to travel in Vanguard 49 AR 82. The driver is responsible for its collection and custody throughout the journey? 10-Discipline: Personnel are not permitted to leave the convoy area at halts without the permission of the convoy commander. 11-Movements: Movements H.Q. 2 groups are requested to arrange custom assistance at the frontier early afternoon on 27 August and police escort inside. Germany. 12-DRESS Clean working dress may be worn for the move. 13-Task beef: Four aircraft and pilot's takeoff for the U.K. at 0900 Z Hours on sunday 24 as detailed at appendix "D". Crystallisation in accordance with jever operation instruction 13/52. 14-Aircraft servicing: Aircraft are to be fitted with drop tanks which are to be filled on the morning of departure INTERCOMMUNICATIONS: 15-Crystallisation: Aircraft will return to jever with the present crystallisation which includes 2nd T.A.F. fixer (119.18 mc/s) and jever local (106.20 mc/s) 16-Callsign Stinker/Napkin. 17-Acknowledge S.M.Mc GREGOR Squadron Leader Commanding No 93 Squadron.
PART III. DISTRIBUTION: Copy No HEADQUARTERS 2nd T.A.F. 1 HEADQUARTERS 2 Group. 2 - 3 R.AF. SUNDERN 4 R.A.F. WILDENWRATH 5 R.B.A.F. FLORENNES. 6 R.A.F.MOVEMENTS,2 Group. 7 R.A.F.JEVER 8-10 INTERNAL N.C.O. i/c flight. 11 Convoy Commander. 12 F.540. 13-14. Spare. 15-18. _________________


APPENDIX 'A' to No 93 Squadron Operation Order No 8/52 MAIN PARTY In order of march
Type & No of Vehicle.    Driver    Co-Driver Passengers.
Vanguard 45 AR 82 Plt. Off. M.C.COBURN(3131540) (Convoy Commander)
Jeep 18 AA 02   570938 F.S. DAVIS W.D. 3083411 Cpl MILLER A.R.
Thorneycroft 19 AF 69 4039766 LAC McCASKELL J.H. 4023692 Cpl JACKSON B.
             " 48 AF 57   573804 Sgt. O'KANE H.J. 4020969 Cpl WESTWOOD D.
             " 49 AF 11   574546 S/Tech CROCKETT K. 4012833 Cpl McKENNIE C.F.
             " 47 AF 08   535416 Sgt HARRISON 4039703 LAC RITCHIE W.
             " 46 AF 75   654065 Sgt O'NEILL J.P. 575295 Cpl ANKERS
             " 46 AF 05 4051356 LAC PROUDFOOT R. 3508270 LAC HESLOP G.
             " 47 AF 45 2473907 AC1 McMANUS J.K. 3508457 LAC WARWICK D.H.
             " 45 AF 59 3508462 LAC DOBSON V. 4058155 LAC HARRISON B.J.
             " 51 AF 54 4056821 LAC MacGREGOR D. 4011465 Cpl HUDSON G.
             " 50 AF 95 4042113 LAC GORSAN D. 4019764 Cpl SHARMAN P.
T. C. V. 09 AK 82 3500613 LAC MESSINGHAM                   -  -  -  -   -
      3508476 L.A.C. QUEEN J.K.
      2541685 AC1 WALLACE J.K.
      3507050 LAC GOODES A.I.
      4046898 LAC BROWN J.
      2505181 AC2 NEWLAND R.
      4050127 LAC WILSON B.C.
      4064720 LAC PEACE E.
      2453551 LAC HARRISON H.
      4056074 AC2 DENHAM P.M.
      4070174 AC1 RICHARDS S.
      4051069 LAC HODGSON M.G.
      4037060 LAC CARROLL P.
      4039606 SAC GOODALL A.
      4061957 LAC FULCHER K.
      2510975 LAC DAVEY L.
      4049675 LAC McCLEAN J.J.
      4071376 LAC MOREY J.
Refueller 30 AD 08 4027012 LAC SMITH W.R. 2540200 AC1 KNIGHT A.S.
     " 30 AD 52 4014593 LAC McGUIRE 4054086 AC2 PACKER R.
     " 30 AD 32 2501337 AC1 HILLS 4071327 LAC GRAY G.
Bowser 04 AV 35 920371 Cpl EXASS A. 4051437 LAC GRANT I.


APPENDIX 'B' to No 93 Squadron Operation Order No 8/52 AIR PARTY Personnel S/L S.M. McGREGOR F/L J. HIGHET F/O A.T.E. ST URMAN F/O E.K.G. BATES P/O G. FREEMAN S.G.T. D.J. THOMAS Aircraft Meteor W.A. 856 Vampire W.A. 357 (B) VZ877677? (C) W.F. 584 (F) W.F. 585 (Q) W.A. 342 (U)


APPENDIX 'C' to No 93 Squadron Operation Order No 8/52 _______________________ CONVOY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Convoy Commander will operate a time and Distance Graph in respect of the journey to and from Belgium, three copies of which will be required by Headquarters No 2 Group on completion of the Exercise together with a list of vehicles and description of contents with approximate weight. Density of Vehicles 2. 26 V.T.M. (Country running) (Approx. 50 yards between vehicles) 80 V.T.M (Town running) ( " 10 " " " ) If vehicles have to halt at the frontier they will close right up. Speed 3. Average - 15-20 m.p.h. Maximum - 20m.p.h. Halts 4. Short - for 20 minutes for every even clock hour. Long - 1 hour after 6 hours of movements for maintenance,rest and meals. Frontier Control. 5. Each convoy Commander or appointed officer will report Passport and Customs Control at the Frontier Control Inspection Post at least 30 minutes ahead of respective convoy with duplicate list showing:- a) Details of vehicles by type R.A.F. number in order of March. b) Details of all personnel in Convoy by Number, Rank and Name, together with Movement Order and Frontier Pass. 6. Convoy Commander are to inform all personnel prior to crossing the border that all articles carried in excess of entitlement must be declared. It is the intention of the Custom Officials to select a percentage of vehicles and personnel for inspection. Drivers 7. Drivers are to be in possession of the following documents- a) Form 658 together with Pro-forma as per Appendix to Section 2, Chapter 1 of A.P. 3090 - R.A.F. M.T. Regulations. b) Form 1250. c) Form 656 - M.T. Servicing Form. d) F.M.T. 3 - Traffic Accident Report - to be carried in an envelope with a blank sheet of fool_scap e) Vehicle Log Book. 8. Each convoy is to carry sufficient P.O.L. to complete the total movement. Reserve P.O.L. is to be carried dispersed throughout the convoy and not held in bulk. 9. A complete tool kit must be carried on each vehicle with spare wheel and servi- ceable fire extinguisher 10. Two drivers to each vehicle where driver availability permits. 11. A GREEN flag is to be flown on the leading vehicle and a BLUE flag on the rear vehicle. 12. The convoy commander is to notify Wildenwrath and sundern approximately two hours in advance of the convoys R.P.A.

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Approximate Route Florennes to RAF Jever.

[Not from original Movement Order. Courtesy Microsoft Autoroute.]

13. Roads (1) Florennes - Rosee - Dinant - Numur - Huy - Liege - Aachan (frontiere) Geilenkirchen - Wildenwrath. (2) As briefed by police escort at Wildenwrath (3) As briefed by police escort at Sundern.


APPENDIX 'D' TO 93 SQUADRON ORDER NO 8/52 TASK "BEEF" The following personnel and aircraft depart FLORENNES 24 August 1952 for the united KINGDOM and return direct to Jever F/L PATERSON F/L PEARCH F/O HARDCASTLE SGT WEBSTER Vampire 5. VV 451 (E) WA 198 (H) VV 662 (F) VZ 341 (S)