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No 93 Squadron Movement Order No. 7/52 14Aug52

93S/S.1/5/AIR                                                    Copy No..18...

                    NO. 93 SQUADRON OPERATION ORDER NO. 7/52
(Reference No. 2 Group Operation Instruction No 32/52) APPENDICES:- 'A' - Main Party 'B' - Air Party 'C' - Convoy Instructions 'D' - Homer party INFORMATION 1. No. 93 Squadron will be detached to FLORENNES, BELGIUM for the period 18th August to 27th August, 1952 inclusive, to operate with the Belgian Air Force. The main movement will be by road in vehicles provided by Royal Air Force JEVER and all serviceable squadron aircraft will fly to FLORENNES on Monday, 18th August, 1952. Accommodation, messing, medical facilities and AVTUR fuel will be provided by the Belgian Air Force. All other requirements are to be provided from R.A.F. sources and transported by road. INTENTION 2. To move No. 93 Squadron to FLORENNES by 18th August, 1952, complete with first line servicing equipment, to carry out normal squadron training with the Belgian Air Force for a period of ten days. EXECUTION 3. The move will take place in three stages :- (a) Main Party, as detailed at Appendix 'A', will move to FLORENNES by road departing 16th August, 1952, and arriving 18th August, 1952, together with the necessary squadron equipment, night stopping at Royal Air Force SUNDERN over the night 16th/17th August, 1952, and WILDENWRATH the night 17th/18th August, 1952. (b) Air Party, as listed at Appendix 'B', will fly all serviceable aircraft direct to FLORENNES on 18th August, 1952 at 1400A. In the event of the weather being unfit the move will take place at the earliest opportunity. (c) V.H.F. Homer Party, as detailed at Appendix 'D', will depart 15th August, 1952, arriving at FLORENNES 16th August, 1952, staging through Royal Air Force WILDENWRATH. ADMINISTRATIVE ARRANGEMENTS 4. Motor Transport. Royal Air Force JEVER will make the following vehicles available to the squadron by the 14th August, 1952. 10 - 3 tonners. 1 - 12cwt. Van. 1 - Jeep. 1 - T.C.V. 3 - Refuellers. SECRET
SECRET - 2 - Vehicles are to carry sufficient petrol, oil and water in jerricans to cover the stages JEVER - SUNDERN, SUNDERN - WILDENWRATH, and WILDENWRATH - FLORENNES. 5. Convoy Instructions. Attached at Appendix 'C'.(Copy to be issued to all drivers). 6. Frontier Passes. Frontier Passes are to be raised by Royal Air Force JEVER by vehicles as per Appendix 'A'. The frontier crossing point is NDR. KRUTCHTEN/ROERMOND. The Convoy Commander is to collect these Passes and is responsible for their custody throughout the journey. 7. Reveille. Reveille will be at 06.00 hours daily on the 16th, 17th and 18th August, at JEVER, SUNDERN and WILDENWRATH. The O.C. Convoy is to arrange early calls with the Guardroom at each Station. Airmen are to have breakfast and be at the convoy assembly area with their kit by 06.45 hours each day ready to embark. 8. Vehicle Maintenance. Drivers of all vehicles must ensure each night en route that their vehicles are in all respects prepared to move off by 0.700 hours the following morning. Any delay in convoy departure caused by failure to observe this order will be severely dealt with. 9. Rations and meals. Royal Air Force JEVER is to provide early breakfast at 06.15 hours on the 16th August, 1952, and haversack rations for the journey. 10. R.A.F. SUNDERN will provide a meal on arrival of the convoy at approx. 16.00 hours on 17th August, 1952, breakfast at 06.15 hours on 18th August, 1952, and haversack rations for the journey. 11. R.A.F. WILDENWRATH will provide a meal on arrival of the convoy at approximately 17.00 hours on 16th August, 1952, breakfast at 06.15 hours on 17th August, 1952, and haversack rations for the journey. 123. The Convoy Commander is to ensure that all personnel collect their haversack rations daily. 13. Accommodation. R.A.F. SUNDERN will provide accommodation and bedding for the night 16th/17th August, 1952, and R.A.F. WILDENWRATH for the night 17th/18th August, 1952. 14. Convoy Assembly. All vehicles must be loaded at R.A.F. JEVER and prepared for the journey by 20.00 hours on 15th August, 1952. They are to be parked in order of march in the square facing the Airmens' Mess by 21.00 hours and immobilised. 15. At SUNDERN and WILDENWRATH the Convoy Commander is to obtain a convoy assembly area near to the Airmens' Mess and ensure that all vehicles are parked each night ready to move off next morning. 16. The convoy is to move off at 07.00 hours each day. 17. Kit. All airmen are to take their Knife, Fork, Spoon and Mug but not their bedding. Airmen are personally responsible for loading their kit on the vehicle on which they will travel. 18. Aircrew Baggage. Aircrew Baggage is to travel in Vanguard 49 AR 82. It is to be ready for collection at 20.00 hours on 15th August, 1952, and the driver of the vehicle is responsible for its collection, loading and custody throughout the journey. 19. Bedding. Bedding need not be handed in at JEVER, but bed rolls are to be made up and left on beds. Rooms unoccupied are to be locked. The Discip. N.C.O. is to make arrangements for the security of all kit left behind. SECRET
SECRET - 3 - 20. Dress. Clean working dress may be worn for the move, but best blue must be packed for use when walking out. 21. Pay and Currency Exchange. There will be a Pay Parade and Currency Exchange at 16.00 hours on Friday, 15th August, 1952. The Paying Officer will be Flying Officer HARDCASTLE, who is to collect the pay and currency at 14.00 hours. 22. N.A.A.F.I. Rations. All personnel are to draw an advance ration of 100 cigarettes to last the detachment. This is the maximum amount which may be taken through Belgian Customs so personnel should ensure that non-smokers draw a ration and sell it to others requiring more cigarettes in Belgium. 23. Tea, Sugar and Milk. As no N.A.A.F.I. facilities are available in Belgium a bulk issue of tea, sugar and milk will be made which is to collected by the O.C. Convoy before departure. He is also to obtain a heater and an urn for making tea en route and in dispersal at FLORENNES. 24. Mail. There will be no facilities or the collection of mail during the detachment other than occasional aircraft returning to JEVER. Mail from FLORENNES may be despatched through Belgium postal channels. 25. Laundry. The Discip. N.C.O. is to arrange for the collection and distribution of laundry on 15th August, 1952. An endeavour will be made to obtain laundry facilities at FLORENNES but personnel should be prepared with changes of clothing to cover the period till the 29th August, 1952. 26. Servicing. No second line servicing will be available at FLORENNES; aircraft requiring it will be flown back to base when possible. 27. Aircraft. Aircraft are to be fitted with drop tanks which are to be filled on the morning of the 18th August, and pre-flight servicing carried out by the remaining party. Crystallisation of the aircraft is to be completed by 12.00 hours on 16th August, 1952. On arrival at FLORENNES pilots will be responsible for the parking and care of their aircraft until the arrival of the Main Party. Particular care must be taken when taxying owing to poor clearances around perimeter tracks. 28. Clearance. Flight Commanders are to file flight plans by 12.00 hours on 16th August, 1952. Flight planning and briefing will be carried out on the morning of the 18th August, 1952. 29. Customs. Customs examination will be carried out at FLORENNES on pilots and aircraft by the Base Commander. The Main Party will be subject to Customs examination at the frontier. All personnel are warned of the danger of failing to declare dutiable items. 30. Equipment. The following items of equipment are available at FLORENNES and need not be included with the squadron's normal range of equipment and spares taken on detachment. AVTUR. Oxygen and Air. 24 V. trolley accs. - 6. Oxygen trolley (minus hose) - 1. Charging facilities. 31. The following items of equipment must be included :- Salvage sling. Aircraft covers. Oxygen hose (to trolley). Spares pack up to type. Oils to type. Air trolley. Jacks and Trestles. Air Compressor. SECRET
SECRET - 4 - 32. Safety Equipment. All pilots must take full safety equipment including dinghies and Mae Wests. Parachutes becoming due for repacking during the detachment are to be repacked before departure. 33. Discipline. Personnel are not permitted to leave the convoy area at halts without the permission of the Convoy Commander. 34. Files and Stationary. The Discip. N.C.O. is to prepare a lockable box containing necessary film and stationary for the detachment. 35. The Convoy Commander is to report to the O.C. Detachment immediately on arrival at FLORENNES, before the unloading of the convoy. INTERCOMMUNICATIONS: 36. Aircraft Crystallisation. In Transit to FLORENNES. At FLORENNES. (i) (ii) Channel 'A' 116.64 (6480/5940) Florennes Local R.A.F. Homer. 116.64 'B' 103.68 (5760/5220) Belgian Fixer C/s 'MUSES'. 103.68 'C' 117.16 (6510/5990) 2 TAF Fixer C/s 'FACECREAM'. 104.04 (See (i) 'D' 117.36 (6520/5580) Belgium Group Guard and 117.36 'Z.) Florennes G.C.A. --- -o- --- 'E' 116.1 (5910) Allied Fighter Guard and 116.1 Beauvechain Homer. 'F' 118.1 (6021.1) Civil Approach and COXYDE G.C.A. 118.1 'G' 121.5 (6210) International Aeronautical Distress. 121.5 'H' - - 'I' 104.04 (5240) Belgium Common Intercept. 117.18 (See (i) 'J' 106.20 (5360) Jever approach and Homer. 106.20 'C'.) 37. Ground Communications. (a) Speech circuits are available between H.Q. 2 Group and FLORENNES via EVERE for operational traffic. (b) Signals messages are to be routed between FLORENNES and JEVER via EVERE and FONTAINBLEAU. ACKNOWLEDGE Jever signed SMMCGREGOR S/L 14th August, 1952. S.M.Mc GREGOR Squadron Leader, Officer Commanding, No. 93 Squadron. DISTRIBUTION. Copy No. Headquarters 2nd T.A.F. 1. Headquarters 2 Group. 2 - 3. R.AF. SUNDERN. 4. R.A.F. WILDENWRATH. 5. FLORENNES. 6 - 7. Air Attache, Brussels. 8. R.A.F.Movements, HANNOVER. 9. R.A.F.JEVER. 10 - 13. Internal. Flight Commanders. 14 - 15. Convoy Commander. 16. Operations Record Book. 17 - 18. Spare. 19 - 23.
SECRET APPENDIX 'A' to No. 93 Squadron Operation Order No.7/52 MAIN PARTY (In order of march)
Type & No. of Vehicle. Driver Co-Driver or Passengers.
Vanguard 45 AR 82 Plt. Off. M.C.COBURN (3131540) Plt.Off. G.FREEMAN (2511461)
     (French Air Force)  
Jeep 18 AA 02   570938 F.S. DAVIS, W.D. 3083411 Cpl. MILLER, A.E.
Thorneycroft 49 AF 69 4039768 LAC. McCASKELL, J.H. 535416 Sgt. HARRISON, A.V.
             " 48 AF 57 573804 Sgt. O'KANE, H.J. 4823692 Cpl. JACKSON, B.
             " 49 AF 11 574546 S/Tech CROCKETT, K. 4020969 Cpl. WESTWOOD, D.
             " 47 AF 04 654085 Sgt. O'NEILL, J.P. 4012833 Cpl. McKENNIE, C.F.
             " 46 AF 73 545634 Sgt. CULSHAW, H. 4039703 LAC. RITCHIE, W.
             " 46 AF 08 4051356 LAC. PROUDFOOT, R. 575295 Cpl. ANKERS, A.
             " 47 AF 46 2473907 AC.1. McMANUS, J.K. 3508270 LAC. HESLOP, G.
             " 45 AF 59 3508462 LAC. DOBSON, V. 3508457 LAC. WARWICK, D.H.
             " 51 AF 54 4056821 LAC. MacGREGOR, D. 4058155 LAC. HARRISON, B.J.
             " 50 AF 95 4042113 LAC. GORSAN, D. 4011465 Cpl. HUDSON, G.
T. C. V. 09 AK 82 3500613 LAC. MESSINGHAM. 4019764 Cpl. SHARMAN, P.
      3508476 LAC. QUEEN, J.K.
      2541685 AC.1. WALLACE, J.K.
      3507050 LAC. GOODES, A.I.
      4046898 LAC. BROWN, J.
      2505181 AC.2. NEWLAND, R.
      4050127 LAC. WILSON, B.C.
      4064720 LAC. PEACE, E.
      4039581 LAC. ALLEN, O.S.
      2453551 LAC. HARRISON, H.
      4056074 AC.2. DENHAM, P.M.
      4070174 AC.1. RICHARDS S.
      4051069 LAC. HODGSON, M.G.
      4037060 LAC. CARROLL, P.
      4039606 SAC. GOODALL, A.
      4061957 LAC. FULCHER, K.
      2510975 LAC. DAVEY, L.
      4049675 LAC. McCLEAN, J.J.
      4071376 LAC. MOREY, J.
Refueller 30 AD 08 4027012 LAC. SMITH, W.R. 2540200 AC.1. KNIGHT, A.S.
     " 30 AD 52 4014593 LAC. McGUIRE, 4054086 AC.2. PACKER, R.
     " 30 AD 32 2501337 AC.1. HILLS. 4071327 LAC. GRAY, G.


APPENDIX 'B' to No. 93 Squadron Operation Order No. 7/52 AIR PARTY Personnel. Sqn. Ldr. S. M. McGREGOR. Flt. Lt. A. W. PATERSON. Flt. Lt. K. M. PEARCH. Flt. Lt. J. HIGHET. Fg. Off. A. V. E. STURMAN. Fg. Off. J. E. F. HARDCASTLE. Fg. Off. E. K. G. BATES. Sgt. D. J. THOMAS. Sgt. D. WEBSTER. Sgt/C. BARBOU (French Air Force). Aircraft. (B) W A 357 10 Channel. (C) V Z 877 " (F) W F 584 " (Q) W F 585 " (U) W A 342 " (E) V V 451 4 Channel. (G) W A 191 " (if available) (H) W A 198 " (P) V V 662 " (S) V Z 341 " - - - - - - - SECRET
SECRET APPENDIX 'C' to No. 93 Squadron Operation Order No.7/52 CONVOY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Convoy Commanders will operate a Time and Distance Graph in respect of the journey to and from Belgium, three copies of which will be required by Headquarters No. 2 Group on completion of the Exercise together with a list of vehicles and description of contents with approximate weight. Density of Vehicles 2. 26 V.T.M..(Country running).(Approx. 50 yards between vehicles) 80 V.T.M, (Town running) ( " 10 " " " ) If vehicles have to halt at the frontier they will close right up. Speed. 3. Average - 15 - 20 m.p.h. Maximum - 20 m.p.h. Halts. 4. Short - for 20 minutes for every even clock hour. Long - 1 hour after 6 hours of movements for maintenance, rest and meals. Frontier Control. 5. Each convoy Commander or appointed officer will report Passport and Customs Control at the Frontier Control Inspection Post at least 30 minutes ahead of respective convoy with duplicate list showing:- (a) Details of vehicles by type and R.A.F. number in order of March. (b) Details of all personnel in Convoy by Number, Rank and Name, together with Movement Order and Frontier Pass. 6. Convoy Commanders are to inform all personnel prior to crossing the border that all articles carried in excess of entitlement must be declared. It is the intention of the Custom Officials to select a percentage of vehicles and personnel for inspection. Drivers. 7. Drivers are to be in possession of the following documents:- (a) Form 658 together with Pro-forma as per Appendix to Section 2, Chapter 1 of A.P. 3090 - R.A.F. M.T. Regulations. (b) Form 1250. (c) Form 656 - M.T. Servicing Form. (d) F.M.T. 3 - Traffic Accident Report - to be carried in an envelope with a blank sheet of foolscap. (e) Vehicle Log Book. 8. Each convoy is to carry sufficient P.O.L. to complete the total movement. Reserve P.O.L. is to be carried dispersed throughout the convoy and not held in bulk. 9. A complete tool kit must be carried on each vehicle with spare wheel and serviceable fire extinguisher. 10. Two drivers to each vehicle where driver availability permits. 11. A GREEN flag is to be flown on the leading vehicle and a BLUE flag on the rear vehicle. SECRET
SECRET - 2 - 12. The convoy commander is to notify SUNDERN and WILDENWRATH approximately two hours in advance of the convoys estimated time of arrival. Route.

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Approximate Route RAF Jever to Florennes.

[Not from original Movement Order. Courtesy Microsoft Autoroute.]

13. (a) Stage I - 16th August, 1952. JEVER - SANDE - OLDENBURG - follow Route 69 to outskirts of AHLHORN, then Route 213 to KLOPPENBURG - Route 68 to QUACKENBRUCK - BRAMSCHE - OSNABRUCK. At OSNABRUCK follow the town circuit for BIELEFELD and then Route 68 to HALLE. At HALLE take right fork in centre of town and follow sign posts for SUNDERN. (b) Stage II - 17th August, 1952. SUNDERN - proceed to Autobahn - Autobahn to DUSSELDORF. At DUSSELDORF leave Autobahn at sign post for WILDENWRATH on to major road. Turn left off major road following blue arrows to KREFELD. At KREFELD follow sign posts for MUNCHEN GLADBACH. Join town circuit at MUNCHEN GLADBACH and follow Blue arrows surrounded by white circle for WILDENWRATH. (c) Stage III - 18th August, 1952. WILDENWRATH - GEILENKIRCHEN - AACHEN-(Frontier Post) - LIEGE - HUY - NAMUR - DINANT - ROSEE - FLORENNES. Recovery Units 14. 1st Stage. R.A.F. OLDENBURG. R.A.F. AHLHORN. OSNABRUCK MIL. Tel. 7481, Ext. 208. L.A.D. 2nd HUSSARS. R.A.F. SUNDERN, Ext.740. 2nd Stage. No. 10 A.T.K. Regt. DORTMUND MIL. 314. No. 1 MED. WORKSHOPS, MUNCHEN GLADBACH MIL. 5047. 3rd Stage. M.P. Company, AACHEN 23543, Ext. 484. 15. Police escort will be provided within Germany. SECRET
SECRET APPENDIX 'D' to No. 93 SQUADRON Operation Order No.7/52 V.H.F. HOMER PARTY. Vehicle No. - 04 AV 43 920371 CPL. KNAPP, J. R/T. D/F. Op. 4051437 LAC. GRANT, I. R/T. D/F. Op. SECRET