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F540 Operations Record Book October 1957 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                  COMPILING OFFICER   Fg. Off G.W. Timms       REF. TO APPENDICES
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October 1st 1957      The Squadron is on Battle Flight again.   1 pair of aircraft are on 3 mins at the
end of the runway all day.   Normal Squadron training took place in which we flew 21 day
sorties for 20.30 hrs.   Night flying started at 1800 hrs and ceased at 23.15 hrs.,
having flown the full programme of 18 sorties for 19.10 hrs.
  2nd         Only 3 aircraft serviceable today, 2 are on Battle Flight standby.   The remainder
only flew two sorties as we stood down for sports afternoon.
  3rd        The Squadron started off the day with 8 aircraft, 2 on Battle Flight.   The first
sortie was an Argus exercise on which 3 Canberra's were intercepted.   The remainder of
the day was taken up with normal squadron training 20 sorties were flown for 21.45 hrs.
  4th        Only 4 aircraft this morning.   The 2 aircraft on 30 mins flew 8 sorties.   Several
I.F. trips were flown in the Vampire T.11.   The Squadron stood down for the unit 48 hrs.
weekend until Monday morning.
  7th        6 aircraft serviceable this morning with 2 on Battle Flight.   Normal squadron
training was flown throughout the day.   An attempt was made to night fly but was cancelled
after 1 sortie because of fog.
  8th        The squadron is doing another week of Battle Flight for 4 Sqn, as they can not
meet the requirement due to unserviceability.   We flew 20 sorties on normal squadron
  9th        No flying today due to fog which persisted all day.   Ground duties were brought
up to date and the squadron stood down to 1 hr. at lunchtime for sports afternoon.
  10th        No flying again today due to fog.   The aircrew played the groundcrew at football
in the afternoon.
  11th        The weather was clear this morning and ten aircraft serviceable.   30 sorties
were flown mainly on P.I.s and general squadron training.
  12th        The squadron flew 7 sorties this morning on P.I.s and normal training and stood
down to 2 hrs. at 1200 hrs. for the weekend.
  14th        The last day of Battle Flight, the weather was very poor in the morning, cloud base
200 ft. in drizzle.   12 sorties were flown in Hunters and 4 sorties in T.11.
  15th        The squadron intended to fire air to ground but fog persisted all day at the range.
Several cine sorties were flown and dual gunnery instruction on air to ground.
  16th        Fog persisted all morning, only one sortie being flown.   A squadron convoy practice
went to Rostrup and back.
  17th        Several air to ground sorties were flown during the day followed by 11 night
flying sorties.   24.10 hrs were flown during the day.
  18th        Normal squadron training consisting of mainly cine practice.   No air to ground
was possible due to the weather.   21 sorties were flown for 20.20 hrs.
  19th        No flying this morning, squadron ground training and lectures were given on Pre- Sylt
  21st        The whole day was taken up with cine flag sorties and simulated flag.   21 sorties
were flown for 14.05 hrs.
  23rd        Air to air cine took precedence again this morning, two flags being flown.   The
squadron ceased work at 12.30 for sports afternoon.
  24th        Cine flag and simulated flag ¼s took place all day.   33 day sorties were flown for
22.15 hrs.   Night flying commenced at 1800 hrs. with G.C.A.s at Ahlhorn and Jever.
10.45 hrs were flown during the night.
  25th        The Meteor could not take off due to bad weather but several simulated cine sorties
were flown during the afternoon.   17 sorties were flown for 11.45 hrs.
  26th        No flying this morning, squadron ground training and lectures occupied the morning.  
  28th        Simulated flag cine practice sorties were flown all morning.   The flag became
airborne during the afternoon for 1 sortie.   35 sorties were flown for 25.30 hrs.
  29th        Low cloud and drizzle all day, no flying, airfield red.   Ground training in the
morning, sports in the gymnasium during the afternoon.
  30th        No flying this morning due to the cloud and drizzle.   The squadron stood down at
1200 hrs for a sports afternoon.
  31st        Exercise "Station Alert" sounded at 0610 hrs.  7 aircraft serviceable at 06.55 hrs.
Only one pair of aircraft flew before the airfield state became red due to low cloud and
drizzle.   The aircrew played sports in the gymnasium during the afternoon.
                          FLYING HOURS 
Operational Type                  Day                            Night                           Sorties
   Hunter Mk. 6                   287.10                         37.25                                420
Training Types             U/T            S.P.
   Vampire T.11           36.45       32.00                                                            44   
                                            355.55                      37.25                                   464
Fg. Off. J.B. Cummins posted on to the squadron
Fg. Off. W.W. Harries posted on to the squadron
Fg. Off. W.H. Clayton-Jones posted back to the U.K.
Fg. Off. A.W.E. Johnston posted to the U.K.
                (a) Training
                     (i)  Two weeks on Battle Flight, night flying (37.25 hrs.) and two weeks on
cine training in preparation for next months A.P.S. attachment produced 324.35 hrs
Hunter and 68.45 hrs. Vampire T.11.   The Battle Flight commitment plus certain amount
of bad weather, particularly the last three days of the month, prevented the achievement
of the flying target.
                    (ii)  Only a limited amount of air to ground firing was done.   Unsuitable
weather curtailed the programme.
                    (iii)  136 cine sorties at 20,000 ft. were flown, of which 44 were against
a flag target, the remainder being simulated flag attacks against Hunters.   Again, the
weather seriously restricted the cine training against the flag target.
                (b) Aircraft Serviceability
                           Serviceability this month was generally high.   The bad weather periods
of course, were useful from the servicing point of view.
      Signed H Minnis Sqn.Ldr.                              
Squadron Leader                                       
Officer Commanding                                 
No. 93 Squadron                                        
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