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F540 Operations Record Book September 1957 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                           COMPILING OFFICER   Sqn. Ldr. H. MINNIS       REF. TO APPENDICES
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Monday 2nd September 1957          The last day of Battle Flight today.   Our first aircraft with external tanks flew
today.   The Squadron ceased normal flying after 12.30 hrs. in order to produce enough
aircraft for the show at Helsinki, leaving Wednesday 4th September.
  3rd            Two aircraft flew 10 sorties today for 7.30 hours.   The main sorties were
familiarisation for new pilots and sorties to Wildenwrath and Ahlhorn to pick up spares.
  4th            The aerobatic team set off today with six aircraft for Helsinki via Copenhagen
and Stockholm.   No sorties were flown at Jever.
  5th            5 sorties were flown at Jever today mainly on low level familiarisation with 2X100
gallon drop tanks for 6.50 hrs.   The aerobatic team carried out a practice over
Helsinki airport.
  6th            The Squadron flew 17 sorties at Jever for 16.25 hrs. today mainly on low level
and practice pan.   In Helsinki the aerobatic team gave their first display over the
93 Squadron 2TAF Formation Aerobatics Team over Helsinki Church - 7Sep57
Leader Sqn Ldr H. Paddy Minnis No 2 Flt Lt Taff Taylor No 3 Fg Off G. Geoff Timms No 4 Fg Off R. Clam Clayton-Jones (Thanks Paddy Minnis)[Photo not in F540].
  7th            The aerobatic team flew again over Helsinki Harbour on their last display there.
No flying took place at Jever.
  8th            The aerobatic team flew from Helsinki to Stockholm where they were the guests
of the Swedish Air Force.
  9th            15 sorties were flown at Jever today for 12.20hrs. , several sorties of air to
ground were flown.   The aerobatic team gave two displays at Stockholm today, one in the
morning for the British ambassador and the other in the afternoon for the Swedish Air
Force and the British residents of Stockholm.
  10th            The aerobatic team flew back to Jever today from Stockholm via Copenhagen.   The
Squadron flew 21 sorties for 17.25 hrs.   The main sorties were air to ground and cine
  11th & 12th            No flying was done on the Squadron on these two days as the aircraft were being
prepared for Exercise "Brown Jug".
  13th            The Squadron Advance Party left this morning at 05.00 hrs. for Schleswig.   The
Squadron flew 5 T.XI. sorties today and two Hunter air tests.
  14th            Only three Hunter sorties were flown this morning on air tests.   The Squadron worked
over the weekend to complete the servicing of the aircraft required for "Brown Jug"
and to load the vehicles of the main party.
  16th            The Main Party set off at 0500 hrs. this morning and arrived at Schleswig at 1845 hrs.
The Squadron flew 11 aircraft to Schleswig for Exercise "Brown Jug".
  17th            The Squadron flew 20 sorties on sector recces today for 20.05 hrs.  
  18th            27 sorties were flown today for 26.10 hrs.   The main sorties were again sector
recces with two sorties of low level battle on which one aircraft drop tank was damaged
by a bird.   Another Hunter was flown up from Jever today making the total 12 aircraft.
  19th            The weather was very bad today, low stratus and drizzle.   Only one sortie was
flown to Jever and back to pick up a spare.
  20th            The first day of Exercise "Brown Jug".   The squadron was assigned to the ground
attack role for the day on which 36 sorties were for 28.30 hrs. against various targets.
  21st            The Squadron was assigned to high level sweeps today on which several Danish
aircraft were intercepted.   49 sorties were flown for 54.30 hrs.   One Hunter was returned
to Jever and exchanged for another Hunter.
  22nd            The Squadron was allotted several ground targets today but flying was restricted
during the morning by bad weather.   18 sorties were flown for 13.20 hrs.
  23rd            The Squadron task varied today between high level sweeps and ground attack 14
sorties were flown for 10.35 hrs.   The flying was curtailed in the morning due to bad weather.
One aircraft flew to Jever and back to pick up spares.
  24th            The last day of the exercise , the squadron was assigned the high level sweep role
20 sorties were flown in the morning.   In the afternoon the squadron flew 8 aircraft
in a flypast together with 4 Squadron around Jutland.   2 aircraft flew back to Jever.
The Main Party trunks were loaded ready for the return to Jever the following day.
  25th            The Main Party set off at 05.30 hrs. arriving at Jever at 17.30 hrs.   All the
aircraft managed to fly back to Jever and two air tests were flown after arriving back.
  26th            Only 5 sorties were flown today and the majority of our aircraft are suffering from
minor unserviceabilities following "Brown Jug".
  27th            The squadron flew five sorties today on local flying and stood down from 12.00 hrs.
until 10.00 hrs on Monday 30th Sept.
  30th            The Squadron flew 4 air to ground sorties today, this was restricted by aircraft
unserviceability and bad weather on the range.
                                                            FLYING HOURS
             Operational Type                            Day                    Night            Sorties
                  Hunter Mk. 6                             322.50                 Nil                    404
             Training Type
                 Vampire T.11                               22.55                Nil                       13  
                                                                    345.45                  Nil                    417   
Lt. T.P.B. Young RN.   repatriated to the U.K.
Fg. Off. R Biggs proceeded on 14 days leave
Fg. Off. G. Talbot proceeded on 16 days leave.
Fg. Off. J.R. Lynn proceeded on 3 days leave.
Fg. Off. Hardie repatriated to the U.K.
Fg. Off. A.J. Landon repatriated to the U.K.
Fg. Off. M. Hawkins posted on to the Squadron.
Fg. Off. J. Raeburn posted on to the Squadron.
Fg. Off. A.R. Thomson posted on to the Squadron from 118 Squadron.

                        (a)   Training
                                          A total of 322.50 hrs. Hunter and 22.55 hrs. T.11 were flown this
month.   Most of the training effort was absorbed by the formation aerobatic detachment
to Helsinki and Stockholm and Exercise "Brown Jug".   Only limited amounts of cine and
air to ground could be done.
                (b) Exercise "Brown Jug"
                              Operating from Schleswigland the Squadron gained valuable experience
in the ground attack role.   It was found, however, that on short range strikes the
external tanks proved an embarrassment in that it was necessary to burn off fuel for
about 20 minutes before landing.   There seems to be a requirement, therefore, for a
cock on the pylons or tanks so that externals tanks may be refueled only when
                (c) Aircraft Serviceability
                              On Exercise "Brown Jug" the serviceability was high, usually 8 a/c
per day.   The following factors helped to achieve this serviceability:-
                      (i)       Long working hours with none of the normal service distractions.
                      (ii)     A first class spares and second line backing.
                      (iii)    Two days of bad weather.
                      (iv)     Fourteen aircraft were used.
      Signed H Minnis Sqn.Ldr.                         
Squadron Leader                                  
Officer Commanding                             
No. 93 Squadron                                    
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