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F540 Operations Record Book November 1957 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                  COMPILING OFFICER   Fg. Off Cummins J.B.       REF. TO APPENDICES
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      Friday November 1st 1957   - Saturday November 9th 1957 
                                           Flying during this period was curtailed by the necessity
for bringing the aircraft to full serviceability.   The new pilots continued
conversion, cine sorties were flown, some against the flag, and continuation
training was practiced in Vampires and a Chipmunk.   Non flying periods were occupied in
playing basket ball, badminton , and other indoor games.   The advance road party and
advance rail party set off for R.A.F. Sylt according to plan.   Fg. Off. Raeburn left on
Friday 8th for R.A.F. West Raynham to take the Instrument Rating Examiners Course.
      Monday November 11th - Saturday November 16th 1957
                                              The air party took all fourteen Hunters and one Vampire after a
delay because of the weather.   After briefings by the Staff P.A.I.s cine sorties were
commenced at 10,000 ft. on Tuesday.   Live sorties were started on Wednesday afternoon
and demonstrations given by the staff P.A.I.s.   Squash and rugby matches were played
against No. 68 Squadron and R.A.F. Sylt respectively, both being won.
        Wednesday 13th - Highest Score: Flt. Lt. J.J. Parker 28%
                                          Squadron Average 12%
        Thursday 14th - Highest Score: Fg. Off. A.R. Thomson 38%
                                          Squadron Average 17.9%
        Friday 15th - Highest Score: Fg. Off. A.J. Lakeman 29%
                                          Squadron Average 17.5%
        Saturday 16th - Highest Score: Fg. Off. G.W. Timms 35%
                                          Squadron Average 15%
      Monday November 18th - Saturday November 23rd 1957
                                             Bad weather affected the programme, Monday being completely lost.
Monday afternoon was occupied by dinghy drill five pilots being hoisted by helicopter from
their dinghies.   The Squadron team played squash against R.A.F. Sylt, and won.
        Tuesday 19th  Highest Score: Fg. Off. R.M. Biggs 38%
                                  Squadron Average 17.4%
        Wednesday 20th  Highest Score: Fg. Off. A.J. Thomson 44%
                                        Squadron Average 17.5%
        Thursday 21st      Highest Score: Fg. Off. J.B. Cummins 27%
                                        Squadron Average 15.0%
        Friday 22nd      Highest Score: Fg. Off. R.M. Biggs 26%
                                   Squadron Average 17.9%
        Saturday 23rd    Highest Score: Fg. Off. R.M. Biggs 35%
                                     Squadron Average 15.8%
      Monday November 25th - Friday November 29th 1957
                                  Live firing continued at 10,000 on Monday.   On Tuesday a start was
made at 20,000 ft. but due to a shipping fleet occupying the ranges , only cine was
possible.   Poor weather continued to give trouble and some sorties were lost.   On
Friday Fg. Off. Rastall aborted a take off, writing off the Hunter but fortunately
escaping with minor injuries.

93 Sqn Dai Rastall's Hunter F.6 Accident at RAF Sylt - 29Nov57.   Flight Comment, 2ATAF Flight Safety magazine reported: Hunter - Major - 1.   XG289.   Mk.6 Nov, 29.   Cat. 5.   During take off at approximately 150 knots, the hydraulic warning light and audio warning came on.   The pilot found that the stick was jammed solid so he cut the engine.   The aircraft overshot the airfield boundary and eventually came to rest in a gravel pit.   The pilot sustained slight injuries to his back.   COMMENT: Urgent technical investigation is proceeding and a Board of Inquiry has been convened.   Colin Cummings excellent book "Category Five" reports this as follows: "29-Nov-57 XG289 Hunter F6 93 Sqn 1½ miles east north east of RAF Sylt.   The aircraft suffered hydraulics failure and, having failed to stop, it overshot the airfield into trees."   Hunter F.6 XG289 Z 1st flt 26Nov56 by Frank Bullen, delivered 6Feb57 to 33MU, To 93 Sqn on Fri 29Mar57.   (Thanks to RAF Museum.)[Photo not from F540.]

A basket ball match was played against R.A.F. Sylt
resulting in a win for us.   The squadron stood down for forty eight hours after cease
work on Friday.
            Monday 25th  Highest Score Fg. Off, D.J. Gleen     41%
                                     Squadron Average 20%
      Wednesday 27th  Highest Score Flt. Lt. H.S. Carver     26%
                                       Squadron Average 14.8%
          Thursday 28th  Highest Score Fg. Off. R.M. Biggs     29%
                                      Squadron Average 10.3%
          Friday 29th  Highest Score Fg. Off. P.F.L. Bradley     29%
                                Squadron Average 15.6%
                                                               FLYING HOURS
        Operational Type                       Day                                       Night                   Sorties
               Hunter Mk. 6                    252.25                                        Nil                        433
        Training Types
        Vampire T.11                           45.25                                        Nil                          65
        Meteor 8                                      3.30                                        Nil                            2
        Chipmunk                                  2.10                                         Nil                           2  
                                                       303.30                                          Nil                      502
Fg. Off. P.D. Raeburn proceeded to West Raynham to take Instrument Rating Examiners

                              (a) Training
                                      (i)         The first week of the month was spent in preparation,both in
the air and on the ground, for A.P.S. Sylt.
                                   (ii)       The remainder of the month at Sylt produced a Squadron low
level average of 17.9 for 155 effective sorties.   A start was made on medium level
(20,000) firing and 42 effective shoots gave an average of 15.6%.   The stoppage rate
at the end of the month was 1 in 1054 rounds for 16,689 rounds fired.
                                    (iii)  Lack of continuity - a product of the short flying day at this
time of year, weather and shipping on the ranges - has had an adverse effect on the scores.
                                (b) Aircraft Serviceability
                                         At A.P.S. Sylt the serviceability has been very high - usually 7 or 8
aircraft serviceable per day - mainly due to good second line backing and the
short flying day.
      Signed H Minnis Sqn.Ldr.                                                           
Squadron Leader                                                                 
Officer Commanding                                                           
No. 93 Squadron                                                                  
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