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F540 Operations Record Book January 1953 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                COMPILING OFFICER..P.O..L.A..Francis... REFS TO APPENDICES
R.A.F. Jever 1/1/53
            The squadron completed its week on Battle Flight duties.   P.I.'s were carried out
with the Oldenburg wing, and four pilots completed a R/P sortie on Meppen Range.
Fg.Off. Beaumont flew our remaining aircraft back from Sylt.
  5/1/53             We used Meppen Range for two days, and completed 40 successful
sorties.'s Sagar and Jenkins joined the squadron.   Plt.Off. Sagar is a National
Service officer with one months service to complete, while Plt.Off. Jenkins has a Short
Service Commission.   Fg.Off. Francis was sent to bed with 'flu!
  7/1/53             After a long period without practice, we continued low, medium and high level
formation.   A simulated cannon and R/P attack was made on the airfield followed by a
fly-past.   Fg.Off. Jonklass and Plt.Off. Sagar were also confined to bed with suspected
  8/1/53             Plt.Off. Sagar had his first trip, a sector recce.   Dusk formation trips and
night cross countries were flown this evening.
  9/1/53             Thick fog prevented all flying to-day.  


            All squadron personnel attended a G.C.T. course during this week.   Officers and
S.N.C.O's joined the senior course, while the junior course consisted of junior N.C.O's
and airmen.   Various lectures were given by instructors of the R.A.F. Regiment on
Ground Defence, Anti-gas measures, Use of Weapons and other subjects connected
with ground warfare and airfield defence.   In addition, practical instructions were given.
We went over the assault course during which Flt.Lt. Blair cracked a bone in his hand.
The final task was to position the squadron in our own defence area, bearing in mind
the lessons we had learned during the weeks course.
  18/1/53             Flt.Lt. Blair, O.C. 'B' Flight, left the squadron and returned to England on the
expiration of his tour in 2nd A.T.A.F.   We wish him the very best of luck in his new
post., and welcome his successor Flt.Lt. Mc Connell, who has recently been stationed
on Cyprus.
  19/1/53             Battle Flight again.   The morning was unfit for flying, and the four pilots
made a short local trip in the afternoon.
  20/1/53             Once more bad weather permitted only one trip by Battle Flight, just before tea.
No interception was made.
  21/1/53           The bad wether continued, and flying was impossible.   The squadron soccer team
defeated Admin wing by 3 goals to 1.
  22/1/53             News received of the forthcoming attachment of the squadron to R.A.F.
Butzweilerhof on P.S.P. landing trials.   The Squadron Commander and the Adjutant
attended a conference at 2 Group Headquarters on this subject, and the adjutant
continued on to Butzweilerhof to prepare for the arrival of the squadron next week.
  23/1/53             Plt.Off. Jenkins, fit again, flew a sector recce trip.   Further flying was prevented
by the continued fog.
  26/1/53             All pilots flew formation practice from 1000hours.   The squadron ground crew and
equipment left Jever at 0630 hours by road convoy under Plt.Off. Duke, who has taken
over the duties of squadron M.T. Officer.   The convoy stopped over-night at R.A.F.
R.A.F. Butzweilerhof 27/1/53             The convoy reached R.A.F. Butzweilerhof at 14.30 hours and personnel settled
into the accommodation provided.   No flying was possible at Jever.   Fg.Off's Creswick
and Hancock returned from the Winter Survival Course, the former with a broken ankle,
while Sgt. Jones returned from leave, and left to take part in the course.
  29/1/53             The 11 available aircrew left Jever by air at 1220 hours.   Just before
reaching Butzweilerhof, Plt.Off. Sagar's engine stopped and he
was forced to bale out.   He landed safely near Dusseldorf.
[Not in F540: Vampire FB5 WA114 112 Sqn. Maaseik, Netherlands.   Following engine failure the pilot baled out successfully.   Plt.Off. Sagar left the flaps down and the aircraft ran out of fuel.   Extract from "Last Take-off" by Colin Cummings.]
  30/1/53             A fine day from 1100 hours and we stated on the landing trials at Butzweilerhof.
Sector recces were incorporated into the first trip by each pilot, and 35 landings were
  31/1/53             Rain made the P.S.P. very slippery this morning.   After a few circuits had been
completed, Plt.Off. Jenkins burst a nose wheel and flying was discontinued.
      General              Chief interest this month was caused by the news that No. 112 Squadron
was being loaned to 83 Group for an estimated period of four to six weeks in order to
carry out landing trials on P.S.P. at R.A.F. Butzweilerhof.   The attachment incorporated =
a mobility exercise for the squadron, and for the first time we moved all equipment
and personnel in our own M.T. vehicles.
        As stated above, our Flight Commander has left and been replaced, and two new
Pilot Officers have joined the squadron.
        The results of the Court of Inquiry into Plt.Off. Sagar's baling out are not yet

Discipline And Morale          Our Discip. Sergeant has now left the squadron for good, as
his tour has expired.   Occasionally, until a replacement arrives, core responsibilities
in this direction rest with the J.N.C.O's and in particular Cpl. Brown, as the
senior corporal.

      Sport          Fg.Off. Williamson and Fg.Off. Dawes were members of the Station Squash
team which won the Command Inter-Station Championships; defeating a strong
Wunstorf team 5 - Love.   The G.C.T. course and the move to Butzweilerhof permitted
only one Soccer match to be played, in which we beat Admin Wing.

          Pilots                                                                         S.N.C.O's      8  .  CPL's  9.  O.R's  65
Sqn.Ldr.    I.D.  Bolton, D.F.C.
Flt.Lt.         R.B. Robinson         Fg.Off.       K.A. Williamson
Flt.Lt.         J       Mc Connell      Fg.Off.       L.R. Francis
Flt.Lt.         T.G.D. Dawkins        Fg.Off.      A.D.R. Dawes           signedIDBolton
Fg. Off.      E.D. Creswick          Fg.Off.      R.A.  Hancock             (I.D. BOLTON.)
Fg.Off.       B.J.  Concannon     Fg.Off.       S.D. Le Breton;           Squadron Leader,
Fg.Off.       J.W. Beaumont       Fg.Off.       C.G.D. Jonklass         Officer Commanding,
Plt.Off.      R.C.K. Duke             Plt.Off.       A.J.A.  Sagar              N0.   112   Squadron. 
Plt.Off.     J.B.A.   Jenkins         Sgt.           B.L.   Jones
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