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F540 Operations Record Book February 1953 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                COMPILING OFFICER..Fg.Off. B.J. Concannon... REFS TO APPENDICES
R.A.F. Butzweilerhof 4/2/53   First flying this month due to adverse weather conditions.   22 sorties were flown on
circuits and bumps, and 114 landings completed.
  Another day of circuits, 118 landings were completed.   Flt.Lt. Holmes returned to the
squadron from a spell of duty with 77 Squadron R.A.A.F. in Korea.   Snow prevented any
  10/2/53   Today the runway was cleared of snow, and flying continued.   Most sorties consisted of
circuits and bumps, but a few formation sorties were also flown.   Flt.Lt. Holmes and
Fg.Off. Concannon flew sector-recces.   Plt.Off. Sagar returned to England for demobilisation.
  11/2/53   Flt.Lt. Dawkins and Flt.Lt. Robinson flew down from Jever.   115 landings were completed
on the P.S.P. trials.
  During this period low cloud and poor visibility curtailed all flying.   Plt.Off. Jenkins
left for the Winter Survival Course.
  17/2/53   Only four sorties flown today.  
  20/2/53   A total of 137 landings was attained today.   Short landings on wet P.S.P. and attempts to
touch down on a point 200 yds up the runway were fairly successful.
  21/2/53   More short landings today.   Several aerobatics sorties were flown, and Sqn.Ldr. Bolton flew
up to Jever and returned the same day.
  22/2/53   Sgt. Jones returned from leave and the Survival Course.  
  23/2/53   9 formation sorties today interrupted with more short landings.  
  24/2/53   The short landings began to take their toll of brake pads today.   Fg.Off. Concannon had
brake failure on landing downwind, and the aircraft ran off the end of the runway.   There was
no damage.   Three more aircraft had similar trouble on the peri-tracks and had to be towed
back to dispersal.   8 formation trips were flown, and today's flying completed the required
700 landings.
  25/2/53   The 04 end of the P.S.P. runway is now considered unserviceable for landings and take-offs.
Sorties today consisted of close and battle formation, and four aerobatic trips.   Flt.Lt.
flew up to Jever.
  26/2/53   Flt.Lt. McConnell flew to Wildenwrath for a spare barostat the remainder of the day's sorties
consisted of formation flying.
  27/2/53   More formation flying today.   Flt.Lt. Holmes flew to Wildenwrath to collect a spare throttle
box assembly.
  28/2/53   The three pilots led by Flt.Lt. McConnell who intended to fly up to Jever for the promotion
exams, had to cancel the trip due to bad weather.   Sgt. Jones flew one air test.   Plt.Off.
left for the Survival Course.

                    The first 24 days of the month was devoted almost entirely to P.S.P. landing
                    trials.   During the trials 26 main and 4 nose wheel tyres had to be changed.
                    Formation flying and a few aerobatic trips completed the month's flying.
                    The total number of landings at Butzweilerhof as on 28.2.53 was 884.

                                                       Our new discip. sergeant, Sgt. Cage joined the
squadron on 16.2.53 and soon got down to the job of straightening out the Orderly
Room.   Morale is high, and few members of the Squadron are looking forward to departure from Butzweilerhof.

      SPORT          Sport was severely curtailed this month due to the high flying commitment
                        and poor weather.

     Sqn.Ldr.  I.D.  Bolton D.F.C.           Fg.Off.  C.G.D. Jonklass             8 S.N.C.O.'s
     Flt.Lt.     R.B.   Robinson                Fg.Off.  B.J.      Concannon        8 Cpl's.
     Flt.Lt.     J        McConnell              Fg.Off.  S.D.      Le Breton          66  O.R's
     Flt.Lt.     T.G.D.Dawkins                 Fg.Off.  J.K.       Beaumont
     Flt.Lt.     W.G.   Holmes                  Fg.Off.  R.A.      Hancock
     Fg. Off.  E.D.   Creswick                 Plt.Off.  R.C.K. Duke
     Fg.Off.  K.A.     Williamson            Plt.Off.  J.B.A.   Jenkins
     Fg.Off.  L.R.    Francis                   Sgt.        B.L.     Jones
     Fg.Off. A.D.R. Dawes

                                                                                      (I.D. BOLTON.)
     ;                                                                                Squadron Leader,
                                                                                      Officer Commanding,
                                                                                      N0.   112   Squadron. 

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