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19.  Fuel pressure warning light.
20.  R.p.m. indicator.
21.  Mach meter.[Not in Notes].
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22.  Elevator trim indicator.
23.  Gyro gun-sight.
24.  Fire warning light.
25.  Gun-sight selector and dimmer
26.  Generator warning light.
27.  R.I. compass indicator.
28.  Cockpit air pressure gauge.
29.  Cockpit altimeter.
30.  Canopy jettison lever.
31.  Cockpit pressure warning light.
32.  Triple pressure gauge.
33.  Controller for R.3121.
34.  Cine-camera footage indicator
35.  Controller for R.3121.
36.  Windscreen de-icer pump and
37.  Oxygen regulator.
38.  Fuel tank contents gauges.
39.  Clock, location.[Not in Notes.]
40.  Oil pressure and oil temperature
41.  Cine-camera press switch.
42.  Gun firing pushbutton.
43.  Press-to-speak switch.
44.  Auto Manual switch for R.3121.
45.  G. switch for R.3121.
46.  Undercarriage position indicator.
47.  Flaps position indicator.
48.  Rear bearing temperature gauge.
49.  Jet pipe temperature gauge.
50.  Burner ring pressure gauge.


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