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                               PART 1 - DESCRIPTIVE

          28.   Flying controls locking gear
          (a)  Internal locking

                The internal locking device consists of four cables which
                are joined to a clip, designed to attach to the control
                column.  The other end of the cables incorporate hooks
                which should be attached to the safety harness lugs on

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                the ejector seat and to the outboard edges of the rudder
                pedals.  When fitting the cables the rudder pedals should
                be in the central position and the cables tensioned by
                movement of the seat backrest pan.
          (b)  External locking

                Locking clamps are provided for all flying control

          29.   Undercarriage control and position indicator
          (a)   The tricycle undercarriage is operated hydraulically after
                electrical selection by either the UP or DOWN push-
                button (40), on the port side of the instrument panel.


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