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                               PART 1 - DESCRIPTIVE
          (b)   A standard position indicator (38) is fitted to the left of
                the pushbuttons.  A warning light (37) below the push-
A.L.1             buttons comes on if, with the undercarriage NOT locked up,
                the throttle is closed.

          30.   Undercarriage emergency operation
          (a)   Should electrical or hydraulic failure occur, irrespective
                of the position of the normal selector buttons (but see
                para. 95), the undercarriage may be lowered by pulling
                the U/C emergency release (36) on the port shelf after
                first pushing in the central knob.  This admits air from
                the emergency bottle to the wheel unit jacks, forcing
                them to lower and lock.  The available air pressure is
                shown on gauge (6) at the aft end of the port shelf.
          (b)   If it is required to retract the undercarriage on the ground
                only the UP selector push button should be twisted clock-
                wise and then pressed.  This is inoperative if the under-
                carriage emergency system has been used.               

          31.   Flaps control and position indicator
          (a)   The flaps are selected electrically and operated
                hydraulically.  Selection is by means of a switch (41) on
                the port side of the instrument panel which provides
                UP, DOWN (80°) and six intermediate positions (15°,
                23°,30°, 38°, 45°, 60°).
          (b)  The flaps may be selected to any of the above positions
               but the extent to which they will lower depends on the
               air loads.  If speed is increased with the flaps extended
               the angle will be adjusted to suit the air loads.
          (c)  A flap position indicator is fitted adjacent to the selector

          32.  Flaps emergency operation
               Should electrical or hydraulic failure occur, the flaps
               may be lowered fully down only by the emergency air
               system.  When the FLAPS EMERGENCY LOWERING


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