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                               PART 1 - DESCRIPTIVE

          (b)  Both-ways restriction (see para. 88)

                This usually occurs as a result of reselecting Power ON
                with the ailerons floating up or down, e.g. when easing
                out of a dive.  The pawls will grip the piston rods in the
                same sense relative to their slots, e.g. both rods extended
                or both retracted, giving jamming of the control column
                in the neutral position.  Movement of the control column
                in either direction is restricted by the friction clamp of
                one pawl and the ailerons having to be deflected

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          27.   Rudder Bar Adjustment And Rudder Trim
          (a)   The rudder bar is adjustable for leg reach by means of a
                control (70) at the bottom centre of the instrument
                panel.  When the control is pulled out a plunger is
                disengaged from a hole in the adjusting shaft,thus allow-
                ing the rudder bar arms to be pushed forward against the
                pressure of a spring or to swing aft by spring pressure.
                When adjustment is complete, releasing the control to
                allow the plunger to engage in the nearest hole will fix
                the rudder bar in the desired position
          (b)   The rudder trim tab is actuated electrically by the com-
                bined aileron/rudder trim control(27).  The tab position
                indicator (25) is forward of the control.


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