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F540 Operations Record Book May 1953 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2636 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71 from Duncan Curtis
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                    COMPILING OFFICER  Plt.Off. R.D.B. BOULTON                      REF. TO
JEVER. MAY. 1st. FRIDAY.             Due to very poor weather today there was little flying - what there was
cine work, mainly on parallel ¼'s.  We go to Sylt this month and it looks as though
the flying preparations have started - perhaps none too soon.
    2nd SATURDAY.      Quite an eventful day for 93 Squadron.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFlt.Lt. Paterson returned from leave in U.K. in time to see Flt.Lt. Pearch
married at the Station Church.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesA reception was held in the Malcolm Club and later the couple were given
a 'royal' send off amid streamers, confetti and Thunderflashes.  It proved quite an
occasion for 93 Squadron.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesIn the morning however, there was the usual Station Parade, after which
the aircraft were prepared for Monday's Battle Flight.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe only aircraft flown was by Plt.Off. Standish on an air test.
    3rd. SUNDAY.  
    4th. MONDAY.           There were four members of 93 Squadron on Battle Flight today.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe rest of the Squadron have been working steadily on Cine para. ¼'s
in preparation for the Sylt detachment.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFlt.Sgt. Telfer has been steadily accumulating hours on aerobatics, getting
general handling experience on Vampires having recently flown Tempest 5's at Sylt.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFlying started rather late this morning owing to poor weather conditions.
The cloud was quite thick, base 300 ft,  By 10.00 hours the cloud broke and flying
    5th. TUESDAY.          Flying this morning was rather limited due to poor weather.  With a low
cloud base 300ft - 500ft.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe afternoon however proved much better and the Squadron was again
working on cine para. ¼s.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFrom the cine film results the majority of attacks were out of range, but
this is steadily improving.  The Squadron also provided the Battle Flight.
    6th. WEDNESDAY. Today proved quite an eventful day. though the weather in the morning
was very poor, following the example of the previous days.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesDue to this, only 4 cine sorties were flown.  Visibility proved very
poor and in some cases the cine aircraft lost the target.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSqn.Ldr. McGregor was rather unlucky this morning having had a Barostat
failure, but managed a successful landing back at the Station.  His engine R.P.M.'s
did not fall below 7500 so this was ample for S & L.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe afternoon was devoted to sport.  The Squadron have become keen
"Soft Ball" players, and have now, quite a good team.  A match was arranged between
112 Squadron and ourselves where upon we proceeded to win by a considerable margins.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSgt. Webster left the Squadron today, having been posted to Spittalgate,
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesA Squadron dinner was held in the Malcolm Club to wish "Webby" all the
best of luck on his new course.
    7th. THURSDAY.      Weather was excellent today for a change, and Battle Flight were
scrambled five times.  They made four successful interceptions.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe Battle Flight pilots mentioned the fact that the only successful
interceptions were those given by experienced controllers.  Inexperienced controllers
being the main cause for abortive Battle sorties.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe remainder of the Squadron are still concentrating on para. ¼'s.
    8th. FRIDAY.             Weather excellent all day.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesBattle Flight, however, had one or two mishaps.  Sgt. Knight had a
Barostat failure during an interception but managed to return to the airfield alright.
Fg.Off. Wood had a similar failure but was lucky that it happened during the taxying
out for a scramble.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesBarostats seem to be haunting the Squadron this last week.  (A suggestion
was made to start a "Barostat Club" for the unlucky types)
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe Jever Wing was rehearsing for the Coronation flypast this
afternoon.  One of our Squadron's aircraft had to retire prior to take off due
to brake failure.
    9th. SATURDAY.       The usual Saturday Morning Station Parade.  After which the aircraft
were prepared for Monday.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThere was no flying today although two compass swings were carried out.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. Spearman returned from U.K. leave in the afternoon.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe Squadron stood down for the weekend.
    10th. SUNDAY.  
    11th. MONDAY.          Weather today is back to normal i.e. Rain and low cloud.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe Squadron did however manage to do low level cross countries, which
proved a change from the cine exercises.
    12th. TUESDAY.        The weather was much improved on yesterdays though there was still some
odd patches of low cloud.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe Squadron were on air/ground firing at Meppen Range today.  Weather
south of Jever, especially in the vicinity of Meppen was quite good.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSgt. Walker managed the exceptional score of 61% followed by another of
59%.  This was one of the highest scores the Squadron has achieved in air/ground so far.
    13th. WEDNESDAY.  Back to Para. Cine ¼'s again today.  From the film results the Squadron
is improving all the time.  This should certainly help to give good results at Sylt.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe afternoon was devoted to the Station Sports trials.  The entrants
from No. 93 Squadron were very many but the results in the field were poor.  Most of
the entrants were eliminated in the heats.
    14th. THURSDAY.     Today saw a slight change in tactics for the cine exercises.  The
Squadron were doing para. ¼'s in trail instead of the usual para. solo.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesToday is also the last flying day before the Sylt Attachment.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSome good scores are expected again this year.
    15th. FRIDAY.             There was no flying at all today as the aircraft were being prepared for
Tuesday's flight to Sylt.  As many as possible will be made serviceable.  All the
aircraft have been fitted with long range drop tanks, as these will be required for the
Coronation flypast, which falls in the middle of our Sylt detachment.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesAll the pilots were on aircraft cleaning and compass swings were carried out.
    16th. SATURDAY.      The Air Member for Personnel made a brief visit to the Station this morning.
He was hear only a matter of 45 minutes before he left.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFlt.Lt. Pearch arrived back today from his fortnights honeymoon.  More or
less just in time to be off again to Sylt.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThere was some misunderstanding with "Gutersloh Movements" with regard to a
train for the transport of the wing ground personnel and baggage, but this was soon
straightened out.
    17th. SUNDAY.           The Pack Wagons arrived today about 08.00 hours (one day late) and loading
was commenced at approximately 10.30 hours.  Two pack wagons per Squadron proved quite
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesAll the Squadrons finished loading about 12.30 hours and the Station was
stood down until 08.00 hours Monday.
    18th. MONDAY.          The main Party left Jever at 08.15 hours this morning and arrived at West-
erland station at 17.30 hours.  Everything ran to schedule.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesIn the evening there was a farewell party for Squadron Leader McGregor and
Plt.Off. Goodwill.  The Squadron Commander is returning to U.K. having finished his
tour in this country.  Plt.Off. Goodwill, however, is due for demob'.
    19th. TUESDAY.         The Squadron left Jever at 10.30 hours and arrived at Sylt at 11.00 hours.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. Spearman has replaced Fg.Off. Wallace as Squadron Adjutant due to
the latter being posted on an O.A.T.S. course in U.K.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFlt.Lt. Paterson now commands the Squadron while awaiting the arrival of
our new Squadron Commander.
    20th. WEDNESDAY.  The Squadron started flying today.  Fg.Off. Wood, the Squadron P.A.I.,
started off exceptionally well with 26%.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesA shift system has been adopted by the Squadron i.e. one flight on in the
morning, one flight in the afternoon.
    21st. THURSDAY.     Sqn.Ldr. Allen, the new Squadron Commander, joined us today.  He was
introduced to us by Sqn.Ldr. McGregor who accompanied him up here.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe second day of the air/air firing was not quite as good as yesterday,
though Fg.Off. Wood is doing exceptionally well.  Sgt. Knight produced a good score of
30% today.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThere was a small "gathering of the clan" in the bar in the evening to
welcome Sqn.Ldr. Allen to the Squadron.
    22nd. FRIDAY.             The weather today was poor, the result being that the ranges were U/S
until about 14.00 hors when flying started.  Squadron average is falling very slowly.
It looks as though 4 Squadron are about to take over the lead in scoring, unless some
fingers are extracted.
    23rd. SATURDAY.      The beginning of the Whitsun Grant.  Station stood down until May, 26th.  
    24th. SUNDAY.          Whitsun Grant.  
    25th. MONDAY.          Whitsun Grant.  
    26th. TUESDAY.        The weather is again perfect for air/air firing though the Squadron
average fell about 1% today.  No. 4 Squadron have taken the lead now with an average of
8.1% to our 7.9%.  It looks as though quite a friendly rivalry is beginning to take place.
    27th. WEDNESDAY.      The weather has again changed for the worst, with low cloud about 800 ft.
and showers.  There was no flying until 16.00 hours when the cloud base rose to 1500 ft.
Conditions were rather poor especially when the towing was carried out at 1200 ft and
often when breaking above the flag the aircraft entered cloud.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesOur daily progressive average is at present 7.3%.  Todays scoring was a
little better giving 9.1% for the day.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe evening proved quite pleasant as it was Fg.Off. Spearman's
birthday.  There was a general feeling that he should celebrate by having a hair cut,
where upon a pair of scissors were "found" and a "duty performed".
    28th. THURSDAY.      The Squadron managed to get a full days shooting today.  The weather in
the morning being similar to the previous day with the cloud base at 1500 ft. and towing
at 1200 ft.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe afternoon proved much better when the cloud broke.  The daily
progressive average began rising today.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. Wallace left the Squadron today being posted on a 10 week O.A.T.S.
course in U.K.
    29th. FRIDAY.             Flying started at 07.45 today but due to the arrival of a cold front was
discontinued at Midday.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off.'s Bates and Sturman returned to Jever in the morning to collect
two spare Vampires which will be required for the Coronation flypast next Tuesday.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesAs we have three new pilots who arrived today from O.C.U.:- Plt.Off.'s
, Hannah and Bell.
    30th. SATURDAY.     Quite pleasant weather today although on one or two ranges the Tempests
were forced to tow at 1200 ft. due to patches of Stratus.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. "Digger" Bates now has this years highest score for our Squadron
so far with 58%.  Fg.Off. Sturman flew with the Target Towing Squadron this afternoon
for the experience of flying a prop. aircraft again.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe Squadron stood down for the weekend at 19.30 hours.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off.'s Bates and Sturman arrived back today from Jever having been
held up due to yesterdays bad weather.
    31st. SUNDAY.          The morning was passed preparing the aircraft for take off at 14.00 hours.
Drop tanks were fitted.  The Squadron is accompanying the rest of the Wing to Gutersloh
in preparation for the Coronation flypast.  The remaining pilots are pooling with 4
to complete a flying programme of air/air for Monday.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. SPEARMAN.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesLeave 1st - 11th May, 1953.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSgt. WALKER1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesMedical at Rinteln on 3rd May, 1953.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFlt.Lt PEARCH.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesLeave 2nd - 19th May, 1953.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFlt.Lt PATERSON.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesLeave ended 1st May, 1953.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSgt. WEBSTER.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesPosted to O.C.T.U. w.e.f. 6th May, 1953.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesPlt.Off. GOODWILL.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesRepatriation w.e.f. 19th May, 1953.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSqn.Ldr. McGREGOR.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesPosted to U.K. w.e.f. 30th May, 1953.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. WALLACE.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesDetached on O.A.T.S. Course w.e.f. 28th May, 1953.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesPlt.Off. REVNELL.   )
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesPlt.Off. HANNAH.     )1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesPosted to Squadron from O.C.U. w.e.f. 29th May.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesPlt.Off. BELL.           )
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe chief event of the month was the detachment of the Squadron
to A.P.S. SYLT, which took place on the 19th May.  Most of our effort, on the ground
and in the air, was therefore devoted to the preparation for this.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSqn.Ldr. R.N.G. ALLEN.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes"A" FLIGHT1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes"B" FLIGHT
FLT.LT. A.W. PATERSON.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFLT.LT. K.M. PEARCH.
Fg.Off. A.V.H. STURMAN.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. E.K.G. BATES.
Fg.Off. J.G.M. WOOD.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. G.W. SPEARMAN.
Plt.Off. D.W. STANDISH.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesPlt.Off. A.C. RAMSAY.
Fg.Off. A.R. WALLACE.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesPlt.Off. B.J. REVNELL.
Plt.Off. R.D.B. BOULTON.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSgt, J.E.M. WALKER.
Plt.Off. HANNAH.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSgt. D.J. THOMAS
Plt.Off. BELL1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSgt. P. KNIGHT.

Signed RNG Allen1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes
(R.N.G. ALLEN.)1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes
Squadron Leader, Commanding,1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes
No. 93 Squadron,                  R.A.F.1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes

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