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F540 Operations Record Book March 1957 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                           COMPILING OFFICER   Fg. Off. C.H.C. Hardie.       REF. TO APPENDICES
R.A.F. Jever. 1st March. 1957   While the monthly returns were being finished , flying continued in good weather:
23.15 hours were achieved.
  2nd   Before flying stopped for the weekend, 8 cine sorties were flown.   The squadron is now
expected to re-equip with the Hunter Mk.6 in a fortnights time.   Meanwhile the pilots
and groundcrew are looking with envious eyes at No. 4 Squadron's Hunter Mk.6's
  4th   Flying was not possible before 13.00 hours as the visibility was below 100 yards at
times.   The Squadron commenced another week of Battle Flight today.
  5th   In good weather the Squadron flew 34.55 hours, mainly on practice interceptions.   The
highlight of the day was when Fg. Off. A.W.E. Johnston made a successful forced landing
at Ahlhorn, after his engine had flamed out at altitude.
  6th   Poor weather returned once more to stop flying today.   Lt. T.F.S. Young, R.N., who has
just returned from the Rolls Royce Avon Engine Course, gave the pilots a lecture on the
Avon 203 before the sports afternoon.
  7th   The bad visibility continued and no sorties were flown on Battle Flight.   In the
afternoon a squadron squash competition was held.   Fg. Off. B.A.E. Sanderson and Plt. Off.
G.A. Talbot
have yet to play the final.
  8th   In the afternoon there was a short clearance in the weather which enabled the Squadron
to fly 8 sorties on Battle Flight.   The poor weather has restricted the flying
considerably this month and does not look like clearing until Monday.
  9th   The Squadron was available for Battle Flight this morning until relieved at lunch time.  
  11th   On a fine, sunny day the Squadron flew 26.45 hours on the last day of Battle Flight.
Emphasis is now being placed on cine training and giving dual checks to the new pilots.
  12th   The good weather continued, 9 night sorties were flown bringing the days total to 38
sorties.   Two aircraft were used for air to sea firing most of the day, to train the
new Squadron armourers.
  13th   Before the sports afternoon the Squadron concentrated on cine sorties.   Sqn. Ldr.
H. Minnis
led the aerobatic team on the last trip before lunch.
  14th   With only 5 aircraft serviceable the Squadron managed to fly 27 sorties.   Fg. Off.
R.H. Biggs
was ferried back from Wildenwrath after attending the Aviation Medicine
Course.   Fg. Off. C.H.C. Hardie left on detachment to West Raynham for the I.R.E. Course.
  15th   The airfield being 'red' all morning, the Squadron dispersed to play badminton and
squash.   In the afternoon 4 sorties were flown under Amber III conditions.
  18th   Todays flying consisted mainly of cine sorties, 20 of which were flown.   Lt. T.F.B.
R.N. took a Mk. 4 Hunter to Buckeburg whilst the Squadron were eager recipients
of XG296 - 93 Squadron's first Hunter Mk.6.   There was night flying in which 4
aircraft went to Wunstorf, landed, refueled and flew back on a cross country exercise.
  19th   The airfield was under a steady drizzle all day long, with a cloudbase of at times down
to 200 feet.   In the morning a flying doctor, Wg. Cdr. Mercer gave us the latest on the
ejection seats we shall be using in the Mk.6 Hunters.   In the afternoon Lt. T.F.B.
R.N. gave us a talk on naval coastal forces, baffling us all by likening naval
hydrodynamics to supersonic aerodynamics.
  20th   Flying today was on a limited scale due to the number of pilots available.   The airmen
are engaged in football on the pitch outside the hangar at every available opportunity,
showing quite a lot of talent.
  21st   The Squadron has stopped operational flying of the Mk. 4's today to allow the
ground crews to prepare them for their various destinations.   We flew 5 instrument
flying sorties in the Vampire T.11 and two air tests in the Hunter 4's.
  22nd   A mass oral inquisition on the Hunter Mk.6 took place today sorting out the differences
between the Mk. 4 and the Mk. 6.   93 Squadron's first sortie in a Mk. 6 was flown today
by the Squadron Commander, Sqn. Ldr. H. Minnis, who executed a lazy eight on take off.
  23rd   Two more familiarisation sorties were flown on the Hunter 6, making three of us who have
flown it.   The ground crew are working hard on the four other aircraft in an attempt
to have them serviceable on Monday.
  25th   The weather was very bad here all day so in the morning the Squadron logged 20 man
hours of sport.
  26th   Ten conversion sorties were flown, having only 2 pilots of our present strength who
have not yet converted.
  27th   The aerobatic team took off for a practice but cloud conditions prevented this so they
flew battle formation.   Another 8 sorties were flown, allowing everyone to complete
their first solo in the Mk. 6 - apart from those on leave and courses.
  29th             General handling and familiarisation was carried out today.   Several of the
ground-crew were take up for a flight in a Vampire T.11. without too disastrous
  30th             With the end of the month looming ahead and the ever mounting heap of statistics
that goes with it, the crew room looked more like the Central Registry.   On return
from a party at Leeuwarden Fg. Off. R.H. Biggs took his instrument rating test and
was awarded a green ticket.
          In the evening, Fg. Off. J.E. Pigdon threw a party at his residence.   The Squadron
descended on his house, finally breaking the place up at about 0300 hours.

                                                                FLYING HOURS
              Operational type                         Day                       Night                  Sorties
              Hunter Mk.4 & 6                      210.50                     15.25                    324
              Training Type
              Vampire T.11                            48.10                       1.20                      45      
                                                                259.0                       16.45                  369        



4th -
11th -


Fg. Off. A.J. Netherton proceeded to R.A.F. Wildenwrath for Aviation Medicine Course
Fg. Off. A.J. Landon and Fg. Off. A.J. Clifton proceeding on leave to U.K.
Lt. T.F.B. Young, R.N. returned from the R.R. Avon Handling Course at Derby.
Fg. Off. R.H. Biggs proceeded to R.A.F. Wildenwrath for Aviation Medicine Course.
Fg. Off. J.H. Lynn returned from leave in U.K.
Fg. Off. C.H.C. Hardie proceeded to R.A.F. West Raynham on the I.R.E. Course.

1.          The flying effort was affected this month by the following factors:-
             (a)   The "run-down" in Mk.4 aircraft prior to re-equipment with the Hunter Mk.6's
             so that by 14th March only 8 Mk.4's were available for flying and all Mk.4
             flying ceased on 20th March.
             (b)   During Battle flight in the first part of the month 4 days were unfit for
             flying because of fog.
             This resulted in a total of 226.15 hours Hunter and 49.30 hours Vampire T.11
2.   During night flying 4 aircraft landed away but re-fuelled (at Wunstorf).   This was considered to be of great benefit and will be included in our night flying
training whenever possible in future.
3.   The Hunter Mk.6 conversion has presented no problem and 16 pilots have flown
the aircraft.
4.   The unserviceability of the Mk6 has been disappointing, mainly due to a lack of
spares.   5 out of 10 Mk.6's are at present A.O.G.
5.   Flight Commander Capability.
      Nil.                                                                     Signed H.Minnis Sqn. Ldr.
                                                                                      (H. MINNIS.)
                                                                                       Squadron Leader,
                                                                                       Officer Commanding
                                                                                       No. 93 Squadron.
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