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F540 Operations Record Book March 1954 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2636 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71 from Duncan Curtis

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R.A.F. JEVER. 1st March, 1954..      There was no flying owing to low cloud and poor visibility.  Plt.Off.D.EXLEY assumed
command of Station Flight.  Fg.Off. HANNAH and Plt.Off. HARPER went on leave.
Flt.Lt.A.W.PATERSON was dined out in the evening and gave a very amusing speech
after the dinner
  2nd March ,1954.      Flying was restricted to the morning owing to the weather.  The following sorties
were carried out, Air Test 1, combat tailchase 2, aerobatics and QGH 1.
Plt. Off.G.J. COUCH went on leave.
  3rd March. ,1954.      No flying early morning - low cloud and poor visibility.  We saw the film "True Glory"
The following sorties were carried out:-  Battle formation 7, Aerobatics 5, low level
battle and pin pointing 5.  There was a sports afternoon.  'A' team's football fixture was
cancelled due to ice on pitch.  Dinghy drill was held at OLDENBURG.  In the evening the
Officer's team beat A.F.S. at hockey 8-4, the airmen's team beat 4 Squadron airmen 9-2
Fg.Off.J.B.PIGDON went to play basketball at DELMENHORST.
  4th March. ,1954.      Flying was restricted to low level during morning owing to 1000' cloud base.
The following day sorties were carried out :- Squadron formation 12 aircraft, weather
check 2, low level battle formation 24, battle formation 25,000', 8, air test
1, formation bouncing 1, and one Meteor training sortie.  The following night sorties
were carried out :- Local dusk flying and landing 6, cross countries 3.
Plt.Off's WHITELAW and MACKNISH back off leave.  Flt.Lt. A.W.PATERSON left R.A.F.
  5th March. ,1954.      No flying in morning owing to low cloud.  The following sorties were carried out
during the day :- weather recce, (Low level battle) 2, low level battle and navigation 7,
battle formation 20,000' 3. Q.G.H's 2, Air and acceptance test 2.
     In the evening the airmen of 93 Squadron beat the Officer's of 93 at Hockey 7-6.
Officer's hockey also drew 4-4 with 30 L.A.A. Squadron.
Fg.Off.RAMSAY returned to the Squadron.  Fg.Off's BELL and CHADWICK went to R.A.F.
SUNDERN to play Rugby with R.A.F. JEVER 1st team.
  6th March. ,1954..      Flying in the morning only.  Sorties carried out were, close formation 3, air test 1
Meteor -weather check and instruments 1.
  7th March. ,1954.      Day of rest.  Fg.Off's BELL and CHADWICK returned from R.A.F. SUNDERN.  
  8th March. ,1954.      Flying restricted by associated cold front weather this morning and by the first
SABRE to arrive at JEVER running into the overshoot this afternoon.  The following
sorties were carried out - Weather test 1, low level circuits 1, low level battle 4, air test 1
rocketing at MEPPEN 12.
A lecture on the MARTIN BAKER Mk 2 Ejection seat was held in the morning.  In the
evening Officers' hockey team beat the Armoury 6-1, and the airmen's hockey team beat
Equipment 8-3.  The new 'A' Flight Commander Flt.Lt.J.A.HORRELL arrived.  Sqdn.Ldr.
and Plt.Off. W.G. MITCHELL returned from leave.
  9th March. ,1954.      Visibility excellent with no cloud.  The following sorties were carried out :-
Rocketing and cannon at MEPPEN 30, (including 2 Squadron attacks of eight aircraft),
air test 1, Meteor from JEVER to BUCKEBURG and return 1, 'A' Flight Commanders
local recce 1.  The following night sorties were carried out :- Local flying and QGH 4,
cross country 2.  Flying restricted to local area owing to unavailability of diversions.
  10th March ,1954.      Although cloudless there was no flying owing to visibility 800-1500 yards in haze.
There was one weather check sortie carried out.
There was a sports afternoon, Squadron 'A' football team beat 33 L.A.A. Squadron 15-0.
F.Sgt. TELFER flew airmen from 13.30 - 16.00 hours in the Tiger Moth.
Fg.Off.A.C.RAMSAY on sick leave.
  11th March ,1954.      No cloud but poor visibility in haze, flying restricted.  The following sorties were
carried out :- Weather check 1, Battle formation at 30,000' 8, Exercise Barrage
8 plus 2 spares, air test 1, Meteor 1, Tiger Moth Circuits 2.
  12th March. ,1954.      No flying with visibility 200-1800 yards in fog and low stratus.  Fg.Off.CHADWICK
to AHLHORN with advanced road party this morning.  Fg.Off. PIGDON went on
  13th March. ,1954.      The Squadron was to fly its aircraft to AHLHORN today but cloud base of 400
prevented this.  Plt.Off.D.EXLEY relinquished command of Station Flight.  Fg.Off.
and Plt.Off.K.SENAR went to EHRWALD for Winter Survival
course.  Fg.Off.SANDERSON and Sgt. KNIGHT returned from ERHWALD.  Fg.Off.
returned from leave also spent at EHRWALD.  Flt.Lt. J.HORRELL left
to ski for 2nd T.A.F. versus the 4th A.T.A.F. at GAMISH.
R.A.F. JEVER. 14th March. ,1954.      Met. briefing was held at 09.00 hours this morning and with a cloudbase of 700'
and a visibility of 2200 yards the Squadron flew it's Vampires to AHLHORN in the
afternoon.  Nine pilots returned to JEVER by road to fly more Vampires to
AHLHORN for 4 Squadron.  Fg.Off. A.WALLACE also returned to JEVER to fly
a Vampire to AHLHORN later in the week.  Flt.Lt.H.ILES, Plt.Off's MITCHELL and
SABRE conversion course.
R.A.F.AHLHORN 15th March. ,1954.      Fog prevented flying so the Squadron settled in at AHLHORN during the
morning and stood down for the afternoon.
  16th March. ,1954.      Fog prevented flying during the morning and the Squadron had a lecture on
GCA.  The following sorties were flown during the day :- QGH and GCAs 4,
AHLHORN Area Recce's 13, and 1 weather recce.  Night sorties flown were cross
Fg.Off.A. WALLACE flew a Vampire from JEVER to AHLHORN and Fg.Off.
returned from leave.
  17th March ,1954.      Flying only in the morning with a cloud base of 1000' and visibility 2-4 miles.
The following sorties were flown :- low level cross countries 12, One Sector Recce
and One Weather Recce.  There was a sports afternoon the Squadron 'A' Football
team beat 4 Sqdn. 8-1 at AHLHORN.
  18th March ,1954.      No flying, with cloud base 300-700' and visibility 100-1500 yards.  The Squadron
saw films on KOREAN Combat and Security.
  19th March. ,1954.      No flying owing to low cloud and bad visibility.
Fg.Off.B.A. SANDERSON left for BAD OEYENHAUSEN to play Rugby for 2nd T.A.F.
versus the Army.
  20th March. ,1954.      No flying.  The football team went to JEVER.  'A' team beat 30 L.A.A. 'A' 2-0.
'B' team drew with 30 L.A.A. 'B' team 2-2.
  21st March. ,1954.      Day of rest.  In the morning the 'A' Football team gained two points from
Technical Wing JEVER as the latter fielded no team.  The 'B' team lost to 3 A.C.S.
[Anyone know what this stands for?] 1-3.
Flt.Lt. HORRELL returned having finished 4th in a skiing competition versus the
4th A.T.A.F. at GARMISH.  He was the first for the 2nd A.T.A.F.
  22nd March ,1954.      Cloud was only cirrus from 20,000 - 25,000' and the visibility was 2-4 miles.
Sorties flown were four from Battle Flight of 4 aircraft each with two spare sorties,
6 close formation and QGH's, 6 aerobatics and QGH's, 2 air tests, 2 tail chases
and QGH's, and four low level cross countries.
  23rd March. ,1954.      Weather perfect, 8/8 blue and visibility 10-15 miles.  Sorties were 3 air tests and
40 cannonning at MEPPEN RANGE, and 12 night cross countries.
Flt.Lt. COLVIN assumed command of 'B' flight from Flt.Lt. K. PEARCH.
Fg.Off. G. HICKMAN returned from leave.
  24th March ,1954.      The cloud base was 3000' and the visibility 2-4 miles.  Sorties during the day
were 11 Cannon Air to Ground on MEPPEM Range, One Dummy R/P attack at
MEPPEN, 2 aerobatics and QGH and one local flying and QGH.
The Squadron 'A' Football team left for JEVER in the morning and beat Admin.
Wing 8-2 in the afternoon.
  25th March ,1954.      With cloud base 2000' and the visibility 2-4 miles, the following sorties were
flown low level battle 4, low level and dummy cannon and R/P attacks 3, aerobatics
and QGH's 3, Battle Flight flew 6 sorties of 4 aircraft with 5 spare sorties.
'A' Football team returned from JEVER this morning.
Flt.Lt. H.B.ILES and F.Sgt. TELFER returned from WILDENWRATH.
Fg.Off R.S. HANNAH and Plt.Off. D.H. HARPER returned to JEVER from U.K. leave.
  26th March. ,1954.      Low stratus prevented any flying.  All the Squadron officers left by bus in the
afternoon for JEVER to dine out Flt.Lt. K.N. PEARCH, who will be missed by all on
the Squadron.  The Squadron, in company with R.A.F. AHLHORN, stood down until
     Plt.Off's W.G. MITCHELL and J.E. MACKNISH, and F.Sgt. SHRUBSOLE returned
from Sabre conversion at WILDENWRATH.  Fg.Off. B.A.SANDERSON left to play
Rugby in BERLIN for 2nd T.A.F.
  27th March. ,1954.      We lost 3-0 to 3 Field Squadron at Football.
Fg.Off. W.E. BELL and Plt.Off. K.B. SENAR returned from the Winter Survival Course
at EHRWALD, strangely bronzed and fit, and Fg.Off.B.J.REVNELL and Plt.Off. J.S.C.
left to replace them.  The snow has gone, so there will be rock-
climbing.  Plt.Off. R.GARTHWAITE and Plt.Off. D.EXLEY went on leave.
  28th March. ,1954.      Day of rest.  We could not even field a Football team against Tech. Wing, whom we
need to beat to ensure success in the Station League.  Twelve pilots left for the
second Sabre Conversion course, including Squadron Leader R.N.G. ALLEN and both
Flight Commanders, as detailed in the personnel Summary.
  29th March ,1954.      Pilots returned early this morning to AHLHORN except Plt.Off. J.E. MACKNISH who
stayed at JEVER.  Flt.Lt. E.S. HUGHES is commanding the Squadron in the absence of
Sqn. Ldr. R.N.G. ALLEN, with Fg.Off. A.R. WALLACE commanding both Flights and Flt.
Adjutant.  In all we have ten pilots at AHLHORN at the moment.
Low stratus and poor visibility prevented flying.  Most pilots returned to JEVER to-night
for the cocktail party.
  30th March ,1954.      Pilots returned early this morning from JEVER.  Flt.Lt. E.S. HUGHES went to
ROSTROP Hospital for X-ray of his ankle, and returned this afternoon, grounded for a
few days.
     Weather was marginal, and we flew 6 sorties on G.C.A's (21 G.C.A's).  Three
of our Vampires were flown down to WUNSTORF by II Squadron; they are keeping
Flt.Lt. K.M. PEARCH left JEVER for U.K. today and takes with him our very best wishes.
Fg.Off. B.A. SANDERSON returned from BERLIN.
  31st March ,1954.      Visibility was poor, but we flew two pairs on formation with QGH and G.C.A. a pair
on low level battle formation and G.C.A. and a four on Battle formation at 20,000', with
QGH.  Fg.Off. A.R.WALLACE flew to WUNSTORF and returned.
Fg.Off. D.S. CHADWICK and Plt.Off. W.B.C. RITCHIE went on leave.  Plt.Off. J.E.
returned from JEVER.
      Rounds fired in March      :-    5784                                             Rockets fired   :- 163
Stoppages                          :-           1                                             Hang-ups         :-      1
Stoppage Rate      5784 rounds per stoppage.                        Rate of Hang ups 1 in 163
Hours flown in March                 Hours                                                             Sorties.
                                         Day               Night.          Total.                       Day        Night      Total.
     SABRE MK. 4             30.10             NIL            30.10                      35            NIL          35
     TIGER MOTH                6.15            NIL               6.15                      20            NIL          20
     METEOR MK 7              2.50            NIL               2.50                        5            NIL            5
     VAMPIRE MK 5 & 9. 255.55            28.35      284.30                    387           37          424   
Total All Types.              295.10            28.35      323.45                    447           37          484   
(Click to see explanation of Sabre hours.)

  March ,1954. ADMINISTRATION.     The main administrative tasks have been the Squadron move to
AHLHORN during runway resurfacing at JEVER and the preparation for Sabre aircraft.
Eighteen ground personnel were sent on a weeks Sabre familiarisation course to
WILDENWRATH, and more will follow.  Both N.C.O's i/c flights remained at JEVER
preparing for SABRES.
Five pilots were converted to Sabres during the month, and a further twelve are still
converting, leaving twelve more yet to convert.  We received our first Sabre, XB856, on
25th March at AHLHORN.
  March, ,1954.  PERSONNEL.
Plt.Off. D. EXLEY assumed command of Station Flight 1st.
Fg.Off.R.S. HANNAH, Plt.Off. D.H. HARPER went on leave 1st.
Plt.Off. C.J. COUCH on leave 2nd.
Fg.Off. J.B.PIGDON, basketball at DELMENHORST, 3rd only.
Flt.Lt. A.W. PATERSON left the Squadron 4th.
Plt.Off's WHITELAW and MACKNISH returned from leave 4th.
Fg.Off. RAMSAY returned 5th.
Fg.Off's BELL and CHADWICK to SUNDERN (for Station Rugby) 5th-7th.
Flt.Lt. HORRELL arrived to take over 'A' Flight 8th.
Sqn.Ldr. ALLEN, Plt Off. MITCHELL returned from leave 8th.
Fg.Off. RAMSAY sick leave 10th.
Fg.Off. CHADWICK to AHLHORN (Advanced party) 12th.
Fg.Off. PIGDON on leave 12th.
Plt.Off. EXLEY gave up Station Flight 13th.
Fg.Off. BELL and Plt.Off. SENAR to EHRWALD (Winter Survival) 13th.
Fg.Off. SANDERSON, Sgt. KNIGHT returned from ERHWALD 13th.
Fg.Off. WALLACE returned from leave at EHRWALD 13th.
Flt.Lt. HORRELL left to ski for 2nd T.A.F. at GARMISCH.  Squadron moved to AHLHORN
went to WILDENWRATH for SABRE conversion 14th.
Fg.Off. WALLACE from JEVER 16th.
Fg.Off. REVNELL from leave 16th.
Fg.Off. SANDERSON to BAD/OYENHAUSEN (Rugby 2nd T.A.F.) 19th.
Flt.Lt. HORRELL returned from skiing 21st.
Flt.Lt. COLVIN assumed command of 'B' Flight from Flt.Lt. PEARCH 23rd.
Fg. Off. HICKMAN from leave 23rd.
Flt.Lt. ILES and F.Sgt. TELFER from WILDENWRATH 25th.
Fg. Off. HANNAH, Plt.Off. HARPER returned to JEVER from U.K. leave 25th.
Plt.Off's MITCHELL and MACKNISH, and F.Sgt. SHRUBSOLE returned to JEVER from
SABRE conversion course at WILDENWRATH 26th.
Fg.Off. SANDERSON to BERLIN (Rugby 2nd T.A.F.) 26th.
All pilots by bus to JEVER 26th.
Fg.Off. BELL and Plt.Off. SENAR returned to EHRWALD 27th.
Fg.Off. REVNELL and Plt.Off. DAVIS to EHRWALD (Survival) 27th.
Plt.Off's GARTHWAITE and EXLEY, leave 27th.
Plt.Off's WHITELAW, COUCH, SENAR, CULVER, LEIGH-LANCASTER, Sgt. KNIGHT, went on Sabre conversion course WILDENWRATH 28th.
Flt.Lt. HUGHES assumes command 27th.
Pilots by bus to AHLHORN morning 29th, to JEVER evening 29th, to AHLHORN morning
Plt.Off MACKNISH remained at JEVER from 26th to 31st, returned to AHLHORN 31st.
Plt.Off. RITCHIE remained at JEVER 29th.
Fg.Off. SANDERSON returned from BERLIN 30th.
Flt.Lt. PEARCH left JEVER for U.K., leaving the Squadron, 30th.
Fg.Off. CHADWICK and Plt.Off. RITCHIE went on leave 31st.
Plt.Off. MACKNISH returned from JEVER.
                                        LIST OF PILOTS AT END OF MONTH.
                'A' Flight.                                                                                'B' Flight.

     Sqdn. Ldr. R.N.G. ALLEN., D.F.C. Flt.Lt. E.S. HUGHES. D.F.C. Flt.Lt. A.J. COLVIN.
     Flt.Lt.     J.A.           HORRELL.        (Acting C.O.)              Flt.Lt. H.B. ILES.
     Fg.Off.   A.R.          WALLACE                                              Fg.Off. B.J. REVNELL.
     Fg.Off.   W.E.         BELL.                                                      Fg.Off. B.A. SANDERSON.
     Fg.Off.   R.S.          HANNAH                                                Fg.Off. A.C. RAMSAY.
     Fg.Off.   T.              BALFOUR                                              Fg.Off. J.E. PIGDON.
     Fg.Off.   D.S.         CHADWICK.                                           Fg.Off. G.E. HICKMAN.
     Fg.Off.   W.G.        MITCHELL.                                             Fg.Off. J.E. MACKNISH.
     Fg.Off.   D.H.         HARPER.                                                Plt.Off. K.B. SENAR.
     Plt.Off.   J.S.C.      DAVIS.                                                     Plt.Off. D. EXLEY.
     Plt.Off.   P.T.          WHITELAW.                                           Plt.Off. W.B.C. RITCHIE.
     Fg.Off.   G.J.          COUCH.                                                 Plt.Off. J.C. CULVER.
     Plt.Off.   R.            GARTHWAITE.                                        Plt.Off. P LEIGH-LANCASTER.
     F. Sgt. TELFER     C.J.                                                        Sgt.R.G. KNIGHT.
     F. Sgt. SHRUBSOLE  W.R..                                         .

Signed ES HUGHES Flt.Lt.                                       
(E.S. HUGHES.)                                                 
Flight Lieutenant,                                               
Officer Commanding                                         
No.93 Squadron.                                               

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