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F540 Operations Record Book June 1957 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                           COMPILING OFFICER   Fg. Off. P. Faid.       REF. TO APPENDICES
R.A.F. JEVER 1st June, 1957.          Station Commanders' Parade was held this morning.   No flying was carried out
and an attempt was made to catch up on the servicing of the aircraft.
  3rd            Nine low level battle sorties were flown and also one practice by the aerobatic team.   The team's next show is at The Hague on the 10th June.  
  4th            Having only 3 aircraft serviceable all day, the groundcrew concentrated on those
aircraft in the hangar, in an attempt to increase the number of flyable Hunters.
  5th            No. 2 Group Inter-Station Sports were held today at Group Headquarters,
Sundern.   The Squadron did not participate but sent a carload of spectators.   This
evidently bore fruit for Jever won the day with twice as many points as R.A.F.
Oldenburg who came second.
  6th            In fine weather the squadron achieved 35 sorties today.   In preparation for a
display at The Hague the aerobatic team flew one practice flight.   Also one
Chipmunk bombing sortie was carried out, the target being a moving Land-Rover this
is an item in the flying display during the coming Anglo-German week.
  7th            The aerobatic team did a display over the airfield today, the display
culminated in a bomb burst in which the team used smoke generators for the first
time.   Whitsuntide Grant commenced this evening.
  10th            The team together with Flt. Lt. K. Goodwin and also a spare aircraft left for
Soesterberg at 0930 hrs.   Cine practice was held in the morning.   In the afternoon
the team took off from Soesterberg and flew to Ypenberg near The Hague.   Cloudbase was
4500 feet and under 6/8s cover a steady drizzle was falling.   The show was held to
celebrate the 50th birthday of the Royal Netherlands Air Force.   The team flew back
to Soesterberg after their display.   In the evening a boat party was given by The
Royal Dutch Aero Club in Rotterdam.   About 500 people were present representing many
  11th            The team flew back from Soesterberg to Jever this morning.  
  12th            On return from the Whitsuntide Grant, the Squadron attended a rehearsal for the
Queens Birthday Parade.   The remainder of the morning the ground crew worked on
primaries there being insufficient time to fly before the airfield closed.
  13th            The Queens Birthday parade was held this morning.   The rest of the day being a
holiday, brilliant sunshine soon emptied the camp.   A barbeque was held at the Officers
Mess in the evening.   ;A.O.C. 2 Group Air Vice Marshall Ubee was present and was
accompanied by his wife.
  14th            After a week on the ground the Squadron cracked off again today with 26 sorties.
Fg. Off. Johnston flew to the U.K. in a Vampire T.11 to take some presents to Moira,
widow of the late Flt. Lt. B.A.E. Sanderson.
  15th            Captain Harris, U.S.A.F. who acted as liaison Officer for the aerobatic team at
Spangdahlen, has been visiting us for the past few days.   To-day before he left he
flew one of our Hunter Mk. 6's, being impressed greatly by its performance.
  16th            To-day marks the beginning of an Anglo-German Week being held here.   A Church
Parade was held and those attending included the civic dignitaries of Jever,

Mayor and Lady Mayor? believed after March Past in Jever Town during Anglo-German Week - 16Jun57.   (Thanks to Gladys Watson).   [Not in the F540.]

A detachment of the German Navy from Wilhelmshaven, a detachment of the Royal Air Force
from Jever and a C.C.F. detachment from Prince Rupert School Wilhelmshaven.

Anglo-German Week German Band March Past in Jever 16Jun57   (Thanks to Gladys Watson)   [Not in the F540.]

In the afternoon a garden party was held for invited guests and members of the Anglo German

Anglo-German Cocktail Party on Lawn at Rear Officers' Mess 16Jun57   (Thanks to Gladys Watson)   [Not in the F540.]
  17th            Today Sqn. Ldr Minnis flew to Paris and Lyons to arrange the visit of the team
next weekend in Lyons.   Despite a rehearsal for the flying display causing restricted flying 32 sorties were achieved.
  18th            Today for the first time, we flew eight green-salad interception sorties.   The
equipment worked very well there being a 100% interception rate.   A full scale
rehearsal for tomorrows display took place this afternoon.
  19th            An open day was held here today as part of the Anglo-German Week.   The airfield
was open from 1330 h ours.

Visiting Aircraft from roof of Station Flight during Open Day Anglo-German Week - 19Jun57.
L to R Back row: Javelin, Javelin, Canberra, Mosquito, Front Row: F-84 Thunderjet, Venom, Vampire T.11, Meteor NF11 Night Fighter, Meteor T7.   (Thanks to Bruno Albers).   [Not in the F540.]

Anglo-German Week Open Day - 19Jun57.   The Landrover v. Chipmunk, (flown by Flt. Lt. B. Watson and Fg. Off. S.T. Newington) (cops and robbers) always went down well with the spectators.   (Thanks to Maurice Parker.)   [Not in the F540.]

There was a comic turn put on by Flt. Lt. B. Watson and Fg. Off. S.T. Newington in the Chipmunk,
bombing one of the Squadron's two landrovers with flour bombs.   The aerobatic team also put on a
show and Flt. Lt. K. Goodwin performed in one of our aircraft.
  20th            The squadron flew 10 sorties on Exercise Mercury Six.   This was in order to
exercise the radar guns at R.A.F. Ahlhorn and consisted of overflying the station
at 25,000 ft. and then carrying out a low-level strike on the airfield at 500 ft.
         Three green salad interception sorties were flown with much success.
         Flt. Lt. J.J. Parker had a compressor failure when engaging the throttle on take-
off, he was lucky that it occurred at this early stage and was easily able to stop
the aircraft by the end of the runway.
  21st            A further four green salad sorties were flown again with great success.   Fighter
Weapons School are at present visiting the squadron here and 3 dual demonstration
sorties were flown with them in the Vampire T.11
  22nd            The aerobatic team, one spare aircraft, and Flt. Lt. K. Goodwin left for Lyons
landing at Wahn en route.
  23rd            The show was due to take place today but low cloudbase and heavy rain cancelled
the team's performance.
  24th            The team flew back today from Lyons together with the spare aircraft and Flt. Lt.
K. Goodwin
.   Four further Vampire sorties were flown with the Fighter Weapons School
including 3 line air/ground demonstrations.
  25th            With only two aircraft serviceable the squadron was called upon to provide a
Hunter Mk.6 for a static display at Gutersloh, this leaving us with only one
aircraft to fly.
  26th            Today was a full working day.   The aerobatic team flew one sortie as a
rehearsal for the visit of the C in C tomorrow.
  27th            The C in C, Air Marshal J.H. Edwardes-Jones visited the station today.   On his
arrival he addressed a parade of the station on the disbanding 98 and 118 squadrons
which is due to take place shortly.   He then watched the aerobatic team take-off and
go through their routine, a formal luncheon followed in the Officer's Mess.
  28th            38 sorties were flown of which 22 were low level navigation exercises and strikes.
Fg. Off. W.R. Clayton-Jones had a partial hydraulic failure whilst carrying out a
low level strike and managed to land safely using emergencies.
  29th            There was no flying for the first 2 hours this morning since the runway was
being load tested.
                                                       FLYING HOURS
Operational type                         Day                Night                  Sorties
Hunter Mk. 6                                257.50          NIL                     444
Training Types
Vampire T.11                                32.55          NIL                        31
Other Types
Chipmunk                                       6.20          Nil                          -      
                                                     307.05          NIL                      475     



13th -
2nd -
17th -

Fg. Off. G. Talbot proceeding on a R.R. Avon Handling Course.
Fg. Off. R.H. Biggs proceeding on leave on the Continent
Fg. Off. J.H. Lynn proceeding on leave on the Continent

         A most unsatisfactory month.   The daily serviceability of the Mk.6 again left
much to be desired.   Of the thirteen aircraft on strength, (no replacement for the
aircraft that was lost on 17th May being forthcoming in June), three are A.O.G. at
the moment and six await major rectification.   Groundcrew have been worked more
than 500 hours overtime.
         The effort was repeatedly diverted from the task throughout the month for the
rehearsals and occasions upon the Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, the Jever Anglo-
German week, and the visit of the Commander-in-Chief.   There was also the
Whitsuntide "Stand-down".   Thus there were only eleven full flying days.
         119 Cine sorties were flown.   16 Sorties of Interceptions using Green Salad
proved a great success.   No air to ground firing was done as the range was accorded
to 92 Squadron from U.K.   A limited air to sea programme was carried out to
familiarise pilots with four guns H.V., navigation training was done at the end of the
month.   Only 267 Hunter hours were flown.   The weather was favourable throughout
the month.
      Signed ThomasYoung                                                  
(T.F.B. YOUNG.)                                                           
Lieutenant (R.N.),                                                       
Officer Commanding                                                  
No. 93 Squadron.                                                        
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