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Video 009 showing Gloster Javelin Taking off and Flypast Open Day 6Jun59
Gloster Javelin: Developed as a replacement for the night-fighter versions of the Meteor, Vampire and Venom, the Gloster Ga.5 Javelin prototype - the world's first twin-jet delta and an extremely radical design for its day - flew for the first time on 26 November 1951.   The first production Javelin FAW.1 flew on 22 July 1954 and deliveries began to No 46 Squadron at RAF Odiham in February 1956.   he Gloster Javelin FAW.2 was basically similar to the FAW.1 with the exception of its radar, which was the American-designed AI22 (APQ43).   Next on the production line was the FAW.4, the prototype of which was the 41st FAW.1 with an all-moving tailplane.   The last production model was the FAW.8, while the FAW.9 was an FAW.7 with reheat.   The T.3 was a trainer version.   The Javelin was withdrawn from service in 1967.

Gloster Javelin

FAW.9: Crew 2; Powerplant: two 11,000lb thrust Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire Sa.7R turbojet engine; Performance: Max speed 700 mph; Range 1,200 miles; Service ceiling 52,000ft.   Dimensions: wingspan 52ft, length 56ft 3in, height 16ft.   Weight: 42,510lb loaded.   Armament: two fixed 30mm Aden cannon in outer mainplanes; provision for four Firestreak AAMs.
(Thanks to "The Encyclopedia of Aircraft" by Robert Jackson).

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 14 secs.

(Thanks to Wilf Zucht for original film.)
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