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A.L.2                                             A.P.4347F-P.N.
Page 100                                              Pilot's Notes

                             PART V
	             OPERATING DATA

        104.  Loading and C.G. data

        (a)  C.G. limitations

                (i)  The C.G. limits, undercarriage down, are as follows:-

                     Forward limit                                     2 ins. aft of datum
                     Aft limit                                         14.5 ins. aft of datum
                (ii) Ballast must be carried if any of the following items are not
                     Radar ranging, I.F.F., D.M.E.
        (b)  Effects of consumption of expendable stores

                (i)  Ammunition
                     Firing the guns causes the CG. to move aft.
                (ii) Fuel

                     Consumption of fuel from the rear tanks causes the C.G. to
                     move forward fairly rapidly.  Consumption of the wing tank fuel
                     causes a slight aft C.G. movement.  As fuel is used from the front 
                     tanks the C.G. moves progressively aft reaching a similar posi-
                     tion to that obtaining with all internal tanks full when about
                     900 lb. (450 lb. per side) remain.  Consumption of fuel from
                     inboard drop tanks has a negligible effect on C.G.
        (c)  Typical service loads
             The figures given below are approximate and are intended only as a
             guide.  Reference should always to be made to RAF Form 4801 or to
             AP.4347F-Vol. 1. Sect. 2. Chapter 3.
  Configuration Approx. AUW. (lb.)
(1) Clean, full internal fuel and ammunition 17,650
(2) As (1)plus 24X25 lb. RP's 19,300
(3) As (2) plus 2X100 gall. (full) drop tanks 21,300
(4) As (1) plus 2X100 gall. (full) drop tanks 19,800
(5) As (1) plus 4X100 gall. (full) drop tanks 21,680
(6) As (1) plus 2X1,000 lb. bombs 19,750
(7) As (6) plus 2X100 gall. (full) drop tanks 21,670
NOTE.-Full ammunition=676 lb.


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