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                    PART IV - EMERGENCY HANDLING

    (c)  If ditching is inevitable:-

          (i)   Jettison the hood, select 100 per cent. oxygen and
                deflect the emergency toggle sideways.

          (ii)  Lower full flap and make the approach at the lowest
                forward speed and rate of descent compatible with
                good control.
          (iii) Ditch along the swell, or, if the swell is not steep,
                into wind.
                NOTE.-The airbrake must be retracted.
A.L.1              103A.  Drop tank jettisoning
103A, B
Drop tank jettisoning must be carried out in straight and Page 99 level flight without yaw or sideslip in the following speed ranges. (a) Drop tanks without fins 250-300 knots (b) Drop tanks with fins From inboard pylons 200-450 knots From outboard pylons 200-400 knots 103B. Cockpit pressure failure (a) Pressurization failure will be indicated by the warning light. (b) If the aircraft is above 30,000 feet select EMERGENCY on the oxygen regulator and descend as rapidly as possible to below 30,000 feet, when the oxygen emergency lever may be set to OFF.


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