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                      PART III - HANDLING
       64. Starting the engine
       (a) Starter master bar       ON. Check aurally that No.
                                      2 inverter starts up. Art.
                                      Hor. flag-black.
           Without delay press and release the starter button.
Para. 64(b)  (b) When the starter fires, the engine speed should build up
                      rapidly to 1,600 r.p.m.  As the engine lights up, the r.p.m.
                      increase to idling (2,500±200) and the throttle should be
                      closed.  The j.p.t. may momentarily exceed the idling limit.
       (c) Failure to start
            (i)   If the starter fails to fire, check the position of the
                  switches and press the starter button again.  If three
                  attempts prove unsuccessful have the defect
            (ii)  If the starter fires and the engine rotates but fails to
                  light up, set the throttle to H.P. cock OFF position.
                  The starter may only be fired again when the engine
                  has stopped rotating and at least one minute must
                  elapse before a second attempt is made.  If it is
                  suspected that an excessive amount of fuel has
                  collected in the engine the starter should be fired
                  with the ignition switch off and the throttle set at the
                  H.P. cock OFF position
            (iii) The starter can be fired three times at a minimum of
                  one minute intervals but should be limited to three
A.L.1               per thirty forty five minutes.

       65.  Checks after starting

            Fire warning light       Out
A.L.1         R.P.M.                   2,500 min.±200
A.L.1         J.P.T.                   Max. 500525°C.
            Oil pressure             10 lb./sq in. (min)
            Generator warning lights Out
            Airbrake                 Check operation with test
                                     Magnetic indicator should go
                                      white, then black.


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