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A.L.1                                             PART 1 - DESCRIPTIVE
Para. 25,26
Page 29     If Power has not been engaged the controls will
                revert to Manual when the switch is released.

          26.   Re-engaging power controls in the air
                NOTE:- The information on false anchorages applied mainly to pre-
                       mod. 452 aircraft.  In post-mod. 452 aircraft false anchorages
                       can still occur when re-engaging Power in the air only so
                       long as the selector switch is held at POWER.
                When a re-selection to Power is made in the air, it is possible that
                the locking pawls will not engage in the slots on the piston rods,
                but merely clamp on the side of the rods giving a false anchorage:
                the magnetic indicator remains white.  False anchorages can be
                caused by the pistons "creeping" to full travel during a lengthy
                period of Manual flying or when the ailerons are deflected appreciably
                either by the control column or by the presence of aileron up or
                down float when selecting Power ON or OFF  False anchorages can
                give two types of restriction.

          (a)  One-way restriction (see para. 88)

                This usually occurs as a result of reselecting Power with
                the ailerons deflected, e.g. when initiating a turn.  The
                locking pawls clamp on the side of the piston rods in
                opposite senses relative to the slots, e.g. one rod extended
                the other retracted.  There will be apparent power
                operated movement in one direction due to the clamping
                of the pawls to the rods.  Movement of the control
                column in the other direction is restricted since power
                assistance is not available and not only has the friction
                clamp of both pawls to be overcome but the ailerons have
                to be deflected manually.  This type of restriction can also
                occur as a result of having one pawl correctly engaged
                and one pawl out of engagement.

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