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			              PART I

	 NOTE.-Throughout this publication the following con-
               ventions apply:-
              (a)   Words in capital letters indicate the actual
                    markings on the controls concerned.
              (b)   The numbers quoted in brackets after items
                    in the text refer to the illustrations in Part
              (c)   Unless otherwise stated, all airspeeds and
                    Mach numbers quoted are "Indicated".
              (d)   Fuel poundage figures are all calculated at
                    7.7 lb./gallon (Normal AVTAG).

    1.   Introduction			       

   (a)   The Hunter F.6 is a single-seat fighter aircraft powered
         by a single Avon 203 axial-flow gas turbine engine.  (See
         para. 10.)

   (b)   The aileron and elevator, which are fully powered, both
         have manual reversion; a variable-incidence tailplane is
         fitted.  Provision is made for fitting an electric flying
         tail.  The cockpit is pressurized and fitted with a Mk. 2H
         or Mk. 3H pilot ejection seat which is interconnected
         with the hood jettison mechanism.	       


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