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                            PART I - DESCRIPTIVE
      2.   Tanks			       

     (a)   Fuel is carried in four flexible bag-type tanks in the centre
           fuselage and in four inter-connected tanks in the forward
           edge of each mainplane.  Provision is made for carrying
           2 or 4 x 100 gallon pylon drop tanks, which may be
           jettisoned electrically.  (See para 54.)

     (b)   Each front tank contains a two-speed electrically-driven
           immersed booster-pump and a 3½ gallon capacity fuel
           recuperator, the contents of which are used when booster-
           pump pressure falls, e.g. during inverted flight.  The total
           contents of the recuperators are sufficient to provide for
           15 seconds flight in such circumstances at full power at
           sea level.  Two amber warning lights (48), labelled FUEL
           LEVEL 650 LB., on the left side of the GGS are operated
           by float switches in the front tanks; the lights should
           come on when the fuel level drops to approximately
           650 lb. (each side).  Variations of up to 50 lb. either side
           of this figure can be expected.

A.L.2 (c)   The tank capacities are:-
Para. 2(c)
Page 9
                                               Weight        Gallons
                                         (at 7.7 lb./gall.)
           Front tanks, including re-
             cuperators	...	...	...  1,540             200
           Rear tanks	...	...	...    400              52
           Wing tanks	...	...	...  1,078             140
                     Total, internal         3,018             392
           2 Pylon drop tanks (or 4)	...  1,540(3,080)      200(400)
                     Total all tanks         4,558             592


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