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Tuesday 22nd August 2006

1. 07:00 hrs 1st Pick-up Point Sevenoaks - Parking at Mick Ryan's House.

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2. 09:15 hrs 2nd Pick-up Point Harwich Quay - Parking £6 a day

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Ken Sambrooks has found the Premier Travel Inn, Parkeston Rd, Harwich which is half a mile from Harwich port.   Rooms are £53 a night and the last time he spoke to them they had 5 rooms left for the night of 21Aug06 but none for the return night 26Aug06.   Their telephone number is 0870-850-0904.

09:40 hrs Board Ferry

(Click to see Brief on Holland)

(Click to see Brief on Arnhem)

5. Late afternoon arrive 84 room Best Western 4* Hotel, Arnhem (Click to see)

Wednesday 23rd August 2006

5. Leave Arnhem Hotel 1200 hrs - after visiting Airborne Museum

(Click to see Brief on Wilhelmshaven).

6. Late afternoon arrive 4* 125 room City Hotel Valois, Wilhelmshaven (Click to see)


We have an option to take the coach up to Hooksiel, about 12 miles North of Wilhelmshaven, a fishing village on the coast.   They are normally closed on Wednesday evening but they are prepared to open just for us as we now have 27 opting to come on the coach to Hooksiel.   The coach will leave the City Hotel Valois at ideally about 1845 hrs and the driver must leave Hooksiel by 21:45 hrs because of driver hours limitations.   This is open to anyone in our party not just the coach passengers.

The exact time we leave Wilhelmshaven will naturally depend on how the journey up from Arnhem has gone and what time we arrive at the hotel.    In theory we should arrive between 1700 and 1800 hrs so a departure time of 1845 hrs ought to be achievable.   It will help the restaurant and their service to us if as many as possible pre-order from the menu below.   I will telephone as many as these orders as possible by Tuesday evening.   This should ease the challenge to the Chef with 27 of us all arriving at the same time.   Please let me know by telephone or e-mail as soon as possible what starter and main course you would like.   On their web site (unfortunately only in German), Click Speiserkarte, then Monatsmenu to see more menu options that change each month.   Here is the English version of the rest of the menu:

Starters & soups

1. Bruschetta- Slices of white bread with feta-cheese and leaf spinach, salad in raspberry-vinaigrette
2. Baked shrimps with green salad, garlic sauce and American dressing
3. Carpaccio of beef with small green salad, parmesan waffle and balsamic marinade

4. Clear soup of beef with garnish, baguette
5. Cream soup of prawns, garnished with whipped cream, baguette
6. Clear soup of fish with garnish

Fish dishes

7. Hake fish with baked fruits and curry sauce
8. North-sea plaice - Finkenwerder's style- with roasted bacon
9. Plaice fillets gratinated with shrimps, parmesan-cheese and hollandaise sauce
10. Piccata of turbot fillet with braised vegetables
11. Medallion of "butterfish", fillet of salmon, crumbled smelt, leaf-spinach and pernod-saffron sauce

For two and more people
12. "Hooksiel" Gourmet fish-plate, roasted Norway fillet of salmon, fillet of sole, butter-fish-medallion and fillet of perch, braised field-mushrooms and gratinated "Hooksiel" prawns, served with choron sauce, hollandaise sauce and a side-dish to your choice

We serve with all FISH-SPECIALITIES fresh boiled potatoes or fried potatoes Frisian style to your choice and home-made apple cream sauce

Seasonal dishes

Mussel specialities
From August/September to March
13. Portion fresh mussels, stewed in white wine-vegetable marinade, served with mustard butter und buttered brown bread
14. Portion fresh mussels in spicy curry-cream marinade with champignons and smoked bacon dices, served with buttered brown bread

For 2 and more people
15. Fresh mussels, stewed in white wine-vegetable marinade, served with 7 spicy special sauces and buttered brown bread

Grilled specialities
Poultry dishes
16. Turkey-steak Indian style with baked fruits and curry-cream-sauce

Pork dishes
17. Marinated steak of pork with pepper sauce, butter with fine herbs
18. Bear steak-dish, fillet of pork with roasted champignons and béarnaise sauce
19. Pork steak, gratinated with prawns, onions and cheese

Lamb dishes
20. Cutlets of lamb with fine herbs butter and sweet/sour leek-vegetable

Beef dishes
21. German rump steak with roasted onions and butter with fine herbs
22. Pepper-steak Parisian style, tenderloin-steak, served with green pepper in cognac-cream-sauce

We serve to all BARBECUE-MEALS a side dish to your choice

Meat dishes
23. Pork escalope hunter’s style with fresh, braised field-mushrooms, béarnaise sauce and potato-croquettes
24. Goulash of pork and beef and mushrooms in cranberry cream, served with saffron rice
25. Braised leg of lamb with rosemary sauce, green beans, grilled tomato and pommes duchesse

Our small dishes
26. Gyros with onion rings, cabbage salad and garlic cream € 3.90 / £ 2.70
27. Baked potato pizza with salad and American-dressing € 4.50 / £ 3.10
28. Hawaii toast with boiled ham, pineapple slices and cheese, green salad with vinaigrette sauce € 4.80 / £ 3.32
29. Aspic with onion rings, apple-cream-sauce and roast potatoes Frisian style € 5.30 / £ 3.66
30. "Meat cheese" with fried egg and potato salad € 5.50 / £ 3.80
31. ½ grilled chicken with French fries and grill sauce € 6.30 / £ 4.35
32. Roasted crumbed fillet of perch-fillet with apple-cream-sauce and potato salad € 6.60 / £ 4.56

Vegetarian and Pasta dishes

Pasta dish
33. Ravioli noodles with cep stuffing and vegetable in spicy cream sauce, slices of smoked salmon, baguette

Vegetarian dish
34. Vegetable subric with cream-sauce and mashed potatoes

Crunchy salads
35. Fresh mixed salad with raspberry-vinaigrette sauce
36. "Salad-dish Bear's style" with fresh green salad, field-mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, onion-rings, fresh herbs, Raspberry-vinaigrette sauce and American-dressing

Steamed fish dish
37. Steamed perch, mushroom-vegetable, fish sauce and saffron rice

Hooksiel Sailor's Dishes
38. Spicy herringspott house wife's style, fillets of marinated herrings in apple cream sauce, with fried potatoes Frisian style

Speciality of the House
39. Labskaus imperial navy's style with a fried egg, a red herrings fillet, a sweet-sour marinated herring's fillet, pickled cucumber and beet-root. (Labskaus is a specialty from the German city of Hamburg. The main ingredients are Corned Beef, potatoes, herring, onion and beetroot).

Dishes of red herrings
40. Mild tender Dutch fillet of red herrings (Matjes), served on apple slices and buttered brown bread, with onion rings and home-made apple cream sauce
41. Variation of fresh, kippered and sherry-marinated fillets of red herrings, served with apple cream sauce, cranberry-cream and horse-radish, brown bread with butter or fried potatoes Frisian style

Specialities of prawns
42. Buttered brown bread, mild cheese-slices, "Hooksiel" prawns (Krabben) and a fried egg
43. "Hooksiel" prawns with scrambled eggs and fine herbs served with fried potatoes Frisian style

Thursday 24th August 2006

09:00 hrs Leave City Hotel Valois.

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09:30 hrs Arrive GAF Jever - meet those making their own way at the Camp Main Gate.   All transfer to our Coach.

09:45 hrs Brief on Visit by GAF Jever - The GAF Camp Commandant, Oberstleutenant Joachim F Linke, who was such a marvellous host to us last year, will still be there and is looking forward to hosting us again.   I expect he will arrange a briefing on the current role of GAF Jever and a little of its history.

10:30 hrs Then there will be a conducted tour of the entire camp and airfield, nothing was held back last time and we were encouraged to go everywhere.   GAF Jever has 3 main roles now, a Phantom Maintenance Unit with the air testing done from the base, a Tornado unit where high value items are stripped and re-packed before the airframe is scrapped, and a very large GAF Regiment which will have been consolidated on the base by the time we get there.   It is because of this, and an impending exercise in September, that we cannot be accommodated on the base.

12:45 hrs Self-service lunch in the All Ranks Mess.

13:45 hrs Tornado Dismantling Facility.

14:30 hrs Free tour of camp area.

15:00 hrs Voluntary Service in Station Chapel by the Front Gate to Remember the Dead of both sides held by Pastor Marcus Christ.

15:10 hrs Free Tour of Married Quarters Area.

15:25 hrs Leave Old MQ NAAFI for Jever Town by Coach.

            stationpic187.jpg, 39554 bytes

                Map showing location of the old Downtown Jever Married Quarters

15:30 hrs Voluntary Tour of Jever Brewery until 17:15 hrs. Cost €6.50/£4.50. (More than 25 needs an extra guide).   (Click to see Tour Details).

New Event!

16:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs Very kindly The Burgermeistrin Angela Dankwardt, (Mayoress of Jever Town), has invited the group to a cup of tea in the Jever Town Hall. If you had already set your heart on the Bewery Tour, please let me know, otherwise I will assume everyone from the party will be attending the reception.

17:30 hrs Coach leaves Downtown Jever for Officers' Mess.

18:00 hrs Supper in the Officers' Mess Jever - In the evening there will be a meal which is both cooked and presented to first class standards.   Their menu would be the envy of many a professional restaurant.   The GAF can only charge us the basic cost of the food - and this is a ridiculously small amount.   See estimate at the end of the menu.

Now that we have the formal Jever Town Reception in the afternoon there is no longer time for the coach to return to Wilhelmshaven.   For those who wish to change before the evening meal you should bring your change of clothes in a garmment bag.   They can be stored during the day in what will be an empty luggage area under the coach.   I have arranged for a room to be set aside for the Ladies to change in the officers' Mess on arrival.   I have suggested that the Men's Dress Code should be Jacket and Tie.   If we have another heat-wave then we can take off our Jackets.

The price for the food includes a drink on arrival.   There will be a cash bar for any other drinks purchased with the meal.   After discussions with our President we have decided to invite as our guests, the Camp Commandant and his wife, the Colonel of the Regiment and his wife, the Lt Col Deputy Base Commander of GAF Wittmundhaven and his wife, Flt Lt Bob Neal RAF Regiment exchange officer and his wife, the Mayors of Jever, Wittmund and Schortens with their wives and the Landrat with his wife.

Due to the numbers, which are currently 72 including our guests, I have agreed that we would go for a hot and cold buffet with self service.   In this way members can choose their own meal, avoid those dishes they do not enjoy, and it will keep down the number of service staff, and serving time.   We must collect a large tip for the staff as they are all volunteers from the other messes, both servers and cooks.   It still makes it an excellent meal for very little money.   There is no need to pay on the night as the Camp Commandant has kindly agreed to send me a bill the following week when all the costs have been finalised.   I will pay this and bill each of those attending in UK £s when we are back home.   It is at the end of this meal that we will be presenting Chris Stone's painting to the GAF.   

                                       Supper Buffet Menu

Soup:                Cream of Leek Soup

Cold and           Gravalux - Sliced Dry Cured Salmon in Dill Sauce
Hot Starters:    Smoked Filets of Trout with Creamed Horseradish
                        Smoked Salmon with Creamed Horseradish
                        Smoked Filets of Trout with Cranberry Creamed

Hot Main          Pork Medallions with Mushroom Cream Sauce
Courses:           Roast Meat with Crackling
                        Filet of Turkey Breasts

Salads:            Tomato Salad
                       Iceberg Lettuce Salad
                       Cucumber Salad
                       Red/Green Pepper Salad

                       Sheep Cheese, Olives, Pepperoni
                       Various Dressings for Salads and Starters

Vegetables:     Potato Gratin
                       Fried Potatoes
                       Potato Croquettes

                       Brocoli Florets
                       Small French Beans

Dessert:          Red Fruit Compote (Kissel) with Vanilla Sauce
                       Chocolate Mousse
                       Vanilla Mousse

                       Price for Food alone: €15 / £10
           Estimate of cost with generous tip: €20 / £13.50

   To keep within the coach drivers hours we should be on the road back to Wilhelmshaven by 21:30hrs.

21:30 hrs Return to Hotel.

Friday 25th August 2006

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09:00 hrs Leave City Hotel Valois with bags in the coach.

Thanks to Gunter Kipp, co-author of the excellent book "RAF Hunters in Germany" who will be with us on the tour, we have been invited to visit a fully operational GAF base at Wittmundhafen. This is about 8nm West of Jever. See the map above. The details of the visit are :

09:30 hrs Arrive GAF Wittmundhafen - met at Main Gate by GAF Project Officer

09:40 rs Welcome by Deputy Commodore - Briefing

          QRA Task
          Wing Task

11:00 hrs Static display McDonnell F4F Phantom

                  Static display of historic aircraft

                  Mass take-off of aircraft

12:15 hrs Lunch

13:00 hrs Depart for Nijmegen by coach

(Click to see Brief on Nijmegen)

9. Late afternoon arrive at 104 room 4* Hotel Mercure, Nijmegen (Click to see)

Saturday 26th August 2006

Depart Nijmegen Hotel 1200 hrs after Siegfried Line Tour

4. 15:00 hrs Ferry sails from Hook of Holland

3. 21:30 hrs Clear of Ferry at Harwich

1. 22:40 hrs Drop off at Mick Ryan's in Sevenoaks

                      Cost: £315 per head sharing a room B&B
We have managed to get 20 passengers for the coach so the cost will now be £315 per head.   However, if more sign up and we reach 25, then the price will drop to £290 per head, dropping down to the £265 if we reach 30   The amounts are shown below.

Luxury 48-seater Coach (see above) with Coffee maker, all seat-belts and toilets on board.

For single room £75 supplement - all 4 taken

Minimum of 20 passengers and more than 48 we need another coach

Travel Insurance can be arranged at an extra £15.30 per person.   If you are likely to want it to cover you for cancellation from the moment you pay me the £30 deposit, then please contact me as soon as possible to be sent the forms, medical declaration etc.

The cost is inclusive of all coach travel, bed and breakfast hotel accommodation, ferries, taxes and tolls, but is exclusive of any entrance fees and meals other than breakfast.

To Sign Up:

Call me:     
E-mail me:
or mail me: Far End, Chipstead Lane, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 2RG.
Or return the slip which was mailed to you all last month.

Coach Party:

  1. Ken Goodwin, President Jever Steam Laundry (1st sngl rm) 118 Sqn Jan54-Mar57      Yes      Join Sevenoaks
  2. Mick Ryan 93 Sqn May58-31Dec60, (4th Single Rm)                                                              Yes      Join Sevenoaks
  3. Jeff Jeffrey 4 Sqn Jan56-Jun58.                                                                                                                Join Harwich by train
  4. Eric Pigdon 93 Sqn 14Oct53-Apr57.                                                                                                        Join Harwich
  5. Pete Jennings 4 Sqn Oct58-Mar61                                                                                                          Join Sevenoaks
  6. Pat King (3rd single room) 118 Sqn Jul56-Jul57; 93 Sqn Jan58-Jan59.                                         Join Harwich by train
  7. Al Pollock 4 Sqn 15Jul57-15Jun58                                                                                                          Join Sevenoaks
  8. Trish Pollock                                                                                                                                                 Join Sevenoaks
  9. Tony Pearce 4 Sqn 54-57.                                                                                                            Yes      Join Sevenoaks
  10. Mary Pearce                                                                                                                                     Yes      Join Sevenoaks
  11. Robbie Roberts, 5352 Airfield Construction Branch Sep54 to 57.                                                    Join Harwich
  12. Ann Roberts                                                                                                                                                 Join Harwich
  13. Eddie McCullagh98 Sqn Mar55-Jul 57                                                                                      Yes      Join Sevenoaks
  14. Norman Giffin (2nd single room) 4 Sqn Dec52-May55.                                                         Yes      Join Sevenoaks
  15. Peter Jones 118 Sqn Bef Jan56 & 4 Sqn-left59.                                                                                  Join Harwich car
  16. Bill Blake4 Sqn 54 to 57.                                                                                                              Yes      Join Sevenoaks
  17. Andy Whitson Oldenburg pilot & Bad Kohlgrup Skiing/Survival Co Instructor.                   Yes      Join Sevenoaks
  18. Eric McFee Outer Basket                                                                                                                           Join Harwich train
  19. Pete Hunwick 4 Sqn Bef Jan56 to 60                                                                                                      Join Sevenoaks
  20. Ken Sambrooks 93 Sqn airframes Jan53-May55                                                                  Yes      Join Rail Harwich
  21. Eileen Sambrooks                                                                                                                        Yes      Join Rail Harwich
  22. Phil Langrill F104 QF/WI at Jever 1974-77                                                                               Yes      Join Car Harwich
Making their own way to Jever:
  1. Günter Kipp Co-Author of "Hunters in RAF Germany".                                                                           Lives near Oldenburg
  2. Maurice Parker Armament Sqn Tech Wg Feb57-Aug59.                                                           Yes     Lives Schortens
  3. Lori Parker                                                                                                                                                      Lives Schortens
  4. Marcus Christ German Pastor from Nr Oldenburg.                                                                                Lives Jever
  5. Marcus's Father GAF retired,Oldenburg.                                                                                                   Lives Jever
  6. Matthais Bläul GAF Air Traffic at Wittmundhafen.                                                                                     Lives Jever
  7. Frau M Bläul GAF Air Traffic at Wittmundhafen.                                                                                        Lives Jever
  8. Günter Bläul GAF Retired Air Traffic GAF Jever.                                                                                       Lives Jever
  9. Frau G Bläul                                                                                                                                                    Lives Jever
  10. Trevor Pailing Refuelling Flt 55-59.                                                                                               Yes      Relations Jever
  11. Diana Pailing, Daughter of Trevor                                                                                                 Yes      Lives in Jever
  12. Dirk Wernick, Fiancee of Diana Pailing                                                                                        Yes      Lives in Jever
  13. Bryan Stoneham, friend of Trevor                                                                                                   Yes      Relations Jever
  14. Brian Thornton 4 Sqn B Flt Cdr Jul59-31Dec60.                                                                                     Staying 2 nights Valois
  15. Ann Thornton                                                                                                                                                  Staying 2 nights Valois
  16. Pete Jarvis 4 Sqn Bef Dec59-31Dec60.                                                                                                   Staying 2 nights Schutzenhof, Jever
  17. Barry Dale 98 Sqn 23Nov56-25Jul57 & 4 Sqn 25Jul57-18May59.                                                      Staying 2 nights Schutzenhof, Jever
  18. Gill Gray 98 Sqn 53-19Nov55                                                                                                                     Staying 2 nights Schutzenhof, Jever
  19. Barrie Tonkinson 93 Sqn Bef Jul59-31Dec60.                                                                                        Staying 2 nights Valois
  20. Heather McIntyre                                                                                                                                            Staying 2 nights Valois
  21. Dick Haynes  5352 Airfield Construction Branch  After Apr54. to May55.                                Yes    Staying 2 nights Valois
  22. Petronella Haynes                                                                                                                             Yes    Staying 2 nights Valois
  23. Philip Westwell  5352 Airfield Construction Branch  53 to 54.                                                  Yes    Staying 2 nights Valois
  24. Ernie Lack 4 Sqn Jever Mar52 to Oct53                                                                                         Yes    Friends Jever
  25. Elisabeth Lack                                                                                                                                    Yes    Friends Jever
  26. John Cater MT Section 56-59                                                                                                                      Staying 2 nights Valois
  27. Pamela Lowe John's partner                                                                                                                      Staying 2 nights Valois
  28. Heather Meierjohann, Jo Ryan's Sister                                                                                         Yes     Staying 2 nights Valois
  29. Jo Ryan Prince Rupert School, Wilhelmshaven, Sep55 to 31Dec60                                      Yes     Staying 2 nights Valois
  30. Sir Paddy Hine 93 Sqn and Stn Adj Oct59-61                                                                              Yes     Staying 2 nights Valois
  31. Jill Hine                                                                                                                                                Yes     Staying 2 nights Valois
  32. Brian Butterworth 93 Sqn Feb59-Jan61                                                                                                    Staying 2 nights Valois
  33. Margaret Butterworth 93 Sqn Feb59-Jan61                                                                                              Staying 2 nights Valois
Total Both Parties:   55

Useful train connections:

Liverpool Street Station       Depart 07:18 hrs   Arrive Harwich Quay 08:51 hrs
                                                Depart 06:25 hrs   Arrive Harwich Quay 07:56 hrs

Harwich Quay                       Depart 19:30 hrs   Arrive Liverpool St 20:51 hrs
                                               Depart 20:00 hrs   Arrive Liverpool St 21:34 hrs

Charing Cross                       Depart 05:41hrs   Arrive Sevenoaks Station 06:36 hrs

Sevenoaks Station               Depart 22:05 hrs   Arrive Charing Cross 22:38 hrs
                                               Depart 22:32 hrs   Arrive Charing Cross 23:06 hrs

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