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Calling Notice for 10Jan98 & Minutes of Annual General Meeting 11Jan97


JSL - 10 JAN 98


146 HIGH HOLBORN (0171 405 0675)

(308 yards west of Holborn Tube, opposite Town Hall)

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      Firstly let me apologise for the lateness of this submission - yet again I hear you cry.  Unfortunately this time I have been laid low and hospitalised with a real bout of viral pneumonia.  The variety was thought to be that of Legionnaires' Disease and it certainly had a kick like a mule - not pleasant and certainly not to be recommended.  As usual "The Three Compasses" with Terry and Jean has been reserved exclusively for the AGM.  Doors open at 18.30 hours with an extension to 23.59 hours.

      As last year, pub-lunch type food will be the order of the day, heavily laced with dingleberries to be washed down with Limpopo flavoured Pils.  Kitty will be £14 with £5 for the ladies; members are asked to pay separately for whatever food is their choice.  Contacts remain as follows:

Ken Goodwin: Auldcroft, Plud Street, Wedmore, Somerset BS28 4BE.
                   Tel: 01934 712228.

Jeff Jeffrey: (Work) FT Progs 2, HQ PTC, RAF Innsworth, Gloucester.
                 Tel: 01452 712612 Ext 5372

                 (Home) 2 Hawkes End, Brampton, Huntingdon, Cambs.PE18 8TW.
                 Tel: 01480 454788

      We had a good turn out for this year's (97) AGM - our fortieth. Some forty plus attending and as is the norm not all signed in so the exact figure is in doubt.   The "Golden Share" award this year went to Bugs Bendell in recognition of the tremendous effort he makes to attend each year.  A performance admired by us all, Bugs - keep it up.  Its great to see you there.

During the evening John Hawtin phoned in from Canada where his lakeside residence was being completed in temperatures of -30.  Let us know, John, when the sundeck is complete - sounds like the ideal venue for a regional gathering.

      I am hoping that this year with the second Saturday being that bit closer to the before moving off to the piste.  Our nomads from the Gulf might also still be in UK for the break.

      A second apology I am afraid.  My computer has gobbled up the Basket List and refuses to spit it out (probably affected by the same damned virus that felled me) so I am unable to attach an updated version.  However, in lieu, I enclose a copy of a letter from Dick Barraclough, the contents of which are self-explanatory.  Clearly any assistance would be much appreciated by Christian Wirthgen in his efforts to build up a history of Jever.

      Finally, may I wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.  Hope to see you at "Steaming Time" - 18.30 hours.  For those not able to make it this year (1998) next year (1999) will be on 9th January, same place, same time; see you there.


Dear Jeff 

19th September        

          We discussed my recent visit to Jever (or Upjeversche Strasse 1A) with Pete Jones on the phone and as you suggested I have written to Ian Madelin to see if he would be willing to provide some basic information from records in the AHB.

          Christian Wirthgen (Luftwaffe Capt.) a pilot on Jagabombergeschwader 38 I think deserves some support in his efforts to build up a history room there.  As we saw on our visit he is sadly lacking in any information or memorabilia (dreadful word) pertaining to the RAF period.

          This may be worth some discussion at the next AGM.

                                                                             Yours Aye

                                                                                   Dick B.
Amongst those attending the AGM Jan 98 were the following:-

In bold from the Signing In Book  26
including ladies                          5
Unable to write                          0
Head count on the night            30+

Dougie Adamson
Val Adamson
Peter Baines
Tinkle Bell
Bugs Bendell
Bob Broad RN
Teddy Bywater
Phil Crawshaw
Barry Dale
Vic Dabin
Rod Farley
Fergy Ferguson
Ken Goodwin - President
Peter Hunwick
Pete Jarvis
Peter Jennings
Peter Jones
Al Newing
Eric Pigdon
Val Pigdon
Mamie Sharman
Eric Sharp
Claire Sharp
Gordon Talbot
Sheila Talbot

Pictures of AGM 1998 at The Three Compasses Holborn on 10 Jan 1998
(Thanks to Jeff Jeffrey for them all)

  1. President Ken Goodwin Addresses the Shareholders at the 1998 AGM
  2. President Ken Goodwin Addresses the Shareholders 1998 AGM
  3. Dickie Barraclough Receiving the Golden Share 1998 from President Ken Goodwin
  4. Bar Shot with Bugs Bendell in Foreground 1998
  5. Main Bar 1998 AGM
  6. Jeff Jeffrey in Centre with Terry and Jean AGM 1998
  7. Hunwick to Barraclough AGM 1998
  8. Mr and Mrs Hosts, Terry and Jean AGM 1998
  9. Rod Farley and Friends AGM 1998
  10. Fergy in the Centre AGM 1998
  11. President Ken with a Pint AGM 1998
  12. Bugs Barry Dale and Peter Jones AGM 1998
  13. BeBe Sharman and Escorts AGM 1998
  14. Bar During President Ken's Speech AGM 1998
  15. Having Supper AGM 1998
  16. Barry Dale, Bill Maish and Bob Broad AGM 1998
  17. Unknown and Jean Landlady AGM 1998
  18. BB Sharman Mamie Sharman Val Pigdon and Val Adamson AGM 1998
  19. Fergy Ferguson and Al Newing AGM 1998

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