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Calling Notice for 8Jan94 & Minutes of Annual General Meeting 9Jan93


JSL - 8 JAN 94


146 HIGH HOLBORN (0171 405 0675)

(308 yards west of Holborn Tube, opposite Town Hall)

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      Confirmation is hereby given that the 38th annual convention of the royal and much revered company of the Jever Steam Laundry will gather as originally advertised.    The noble hostelry, by name "The Three Compasses", in the bailwick of High Holborn, has, by special arrangement, been reserved exclusively for the said function.    Doors open at 18.30 hours, closing at 23.59 hours on Saturday, 8th January, 1994.    Kitty will be £15 per head plus £5 for the ladies.

      My apologies for the late, late despatch of this epistle but "stains and blotches" have proved to be particularly difficult to remove this year.    As a result the high tech programming of this modernised laundry has gone sideways depositing a very limited fallout.   Talking of fallout, the evening's fodder remains unchanged as do the contacts which are as follows:-

Ken Goodwin: RAF Locking, Weston-Super-Mare, Avon BS24 7AA

Jeff Jeffrey: Work: FT1a, HQRAFSC, RAF Brampton, Huntingdon, Cambs.
                 Tel: 0480 52151, Ext 6846
                 Home:  2 Hawkes End, Brampton, Huntingdon,
                 Cambs. PE18 8TW.
                 Tel: 0480 454788

      Attendance at this year's (93) AGM was the standard mid-thirties and provided for an enjoyable evening though perhaps response from the floor was a little quieter than usual.    One welcome stranger was Al Pollock - for those who may not recall - "him of the underbridge mode".   Unfortunately for Al he took Pete Hunwick's advice on where to park in London and had his car towed away before the end of the evening.   Better stick to the bridge, Al.   Al is currently compiling a "Hunter Anthology" and I attach his note for anyone who may be in a position to contribute.

      The good news to report this year is that Peter Baines has offered to provide a photocopying and posting facility for all our correspondence.    Thank you, Peter, this will be a great help.   With NMS (new management system) and HLB (high level budgets) things were becoming a little difficult and very different in the Service.   I enclose the latest list of steaming shareholders, correct as at January 93.

      Another piece of good news is that after a lot of searching on his annual sojourn to Australia, Doug Adamson has at last managed to trace and meet up with Bush Barry whom he found fit and well.    Talking of Bush, who dare forget that "antipodean twang" with the instant chuckle.   I well recall one occasion whilst preparing to night-fly, this slight character bursting from the hangar onto the middle of dispersal from where, assisted by the forest echo, he bellowed across the airfield "Get airborne, get airborne, you bastards, you bastards, before the moon, before the moon, burns your eyeballs out, your eyeballs out".   Instantly, six Avpin energised Avons whined into the still air and almost as quickly half-a-dozen Hunters climbed into the evening sky - all a good ten minutes before the night flying programme was due to start.

      Over a period of time I have had a number of suggestions that we should change the format of our AGM to a more sophisticated function (RAF Club etc.) and it has also been suggested that we should perhaps change it to a more clement time of the year.   In the New Year I propose to sound you all out on this, also seeking an update on addresses together with names and whereabouts of others who should perhaps be on our list.   Please give these items some thought in anticipation.

      No "archive extract" this year but instead I attach a copy of a letter received from Hendon concerning a '93' Squadron Sabre - can anyone help?   If so please communicate direct with Richard Simpson.   Although not on 93 I just wonder whether this may have been the Sabre that Ian Madelin actually lost from his a/c inventory?   Without an accident that must have been some write-off.

      Finally, may I wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.    I look forward to seeing you at steaming time - 18.30 hours - with all 'stains and blotches' removed.   For those not able to make it this year, next year's (1995) will be on 14th Jan, same place, same time, see you there.   Should the results of the survey change any of these details you will be advised in plenty of time.


P.S. Don't forget - target 1996 - the fortieth - Sat 13 Jan (subject to survey). A maximum turn-out could make this even more special.


Amongst those attending the AGM 8 Jan 94 were the following:-

In bold from the Signing In Book  22
including ladies                           1
Unable to write                          6
Total                                      29
From Photogtaphs:                    29
Including Ladies:                         5

Total Book and Photographs        29

Peter Baines
Dickie Barraclough
Bugs Bendell
Bill Blake
Bunny Bunyan
Ted Bywater
Andy Clark
Ian Craig
Vic Dabin
Barry Dale
Don Exley
Rod Farley
Fergy Ferguson
Ken Goodwin, President
Dave Ives
Pete Jarvis
Peter Jennings
Danny Lavender
Bill Maish
Terry Mulligan
Keith Payne
Eric Pigdon
Al Pollock
Bob Rowe
Eric Sharp
Phil Spooner
Sue Spooner
Dave Watt
Mike Wraight


Ted Childs

Pictures of AGM 1994 at The Three Compasses Holborn on 8 Jan 1994
(Thanks to Jeff Jeffrey for them all)

  1. Ken Goodwin giving his President's Address AGM 1994.
  2. Ken Goodwin giving his President's Address AGM 1994.
  3. Bugs Bendell Rod Farley Ian Craig AGM 1994.
  4. Bugs Bendell Ken Goodwin Ted Bywater Eric Sharp AGM 1994.
  5. Shareholders during President's speech AGM 1994.
  6. Bill Blake Peter Baines Dickie Barraclough Ken Goodwin AGM 1994.
  7. Ken Goodwin's Russian cap AGM 1994.
  8. Ian Craig listening to Ken Goodwin's Speech wearing his Russian cap AGM 1994.
  9. 2 Unknown Ladies AGM 1994.
  10. Dickie Barraclough Ian Craig plus 2 AGM 1994.
  11. Pete Jennings, Danny Lavender, Barry Dale AGM 1994.
  12. Backs of Shareholders listening to President's address AGM 1994.
  13. 2 Unknown ladies plus 1 Unknown man AGM 1994.
  14. Eric Pigdon and Don Exley AGM 1994.
  15. Dave Watt, Fergie Ferguson, Ken Goodwin AGM 1994.
  16. terry Mulligan Fergie Ferguson, Barry Dale, Ted Bywater AGM 1994.
  17. 2 Unknowns and Terry Mulligan AGM 1994.
  18. Terry the Landlord AGM 1994.
  19. 2 Unknowns AGM 1994.
  20. Bill Maish, Phil Spooner, Eric Sharp AGM 1994.

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