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Calling Notice for 9Jan93 & Minutes of Annual General Meeting 10Jan92


JSL - 9 JAN 93


146 HIGH HOLBORN (0171 405 0675)

(300 yards west of Holborn Tube, opposite Town Hall)

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      Confirmation is hereby given that the 37th annual convention of the
royal and much revered company of the Jever Steam Laundry will gather as
originally advertised.   The noble hostelry, by name "The Three Compasses", in
the bailiwick of High Holborn, has, by special arrangement, been reserved
exclusively for the said function.   Doors open at 18.30 hours, closing
at 23.59 hours on Saturday, 9th January, 1993. Kitty will be 10.

      Current recessionary pressures will unfortunately preclude the standard
fayre of champagne, caviar and venison - standby fodder of dingleberries
and limpopo water (also in short supply) will be relied upon to produce
the required EEC quality of fallout.    Contacts remain unchanged as follows:

Ken Goodwin: RAF Locking, Weston-Super-Mare, Avon BS24 7AA

Jeff Jeffrey: Work: FT1a, HQRAFSC, RAF Brampton, Huntingdon, Cambs.
                 Tel: 0480 52151, Ext 6846
                 Home:  2 Hawkes End, Brampton, Huntingdon,
                 Cambs. PE18 8TW.
                 Tel: 0480 454788

      Attendance at this year's AGM numbered a touch over thirty - a goodly
turn-out and with music from the Dave Watt ensemble made for a lively
evening.   Rumour has it that 'Ken' might even remember to bring his "green
bottles" along this year.   The big five o still remains our target and
I am hopeful that with a number of second career retirements being imminent
we should be able to achieve it.   That is, of course, if 'anno domini'
doesn't get there first.   Perhaps we should focus on Jan 1996 for a major
turn-out to mark the fortieth occasion.   The 'Golden Share' went this
year to Eric Pigdon in recognition of his efforts during the very steamy
early days of the company and for covering our postage costs over the years.
Many thanks, Eric.

      Unfortunately the JSL has been no exception to the financial pressures
being felt from the current recession.   This, combined with the ravages
of 'high tech' has placed our finances in the red.   With Eric Pigdon's
firm going over to automatic franking they can no longer assist with the
postage.   As a result, any contributions towards the cost of first class
mail in the future will be welcome from all.

      As always it is sad to relate that we have news of the passing of two
of our company.   Wg Cdr R.F. Turner, DFC, earlier this year and, most recently
and suddenly Father John Marquis in September.   He will, I am sure, be
remembered as one of our more regular attenders who always participated
to the full.

      As this year's entry from the 'archives' I enclose a recent extract
from the last letter we received from Bill Sykes.   It seems to sum up so
much of what Jever was and will, no doubt, rekindle a number of memories.
I for one could never remember the name of that damned dog - and I am not
referring to Hereward.

      The saga of the 'Blue Train' visit to Jever has regrettably had to
be put on the back burner.   The small numbers interested did not make it
a viable sortie at the present time.   Pete Hunwick and I will just have
to hire a tandem - thinks: better sit in front.

      I regret no basket delivery list this time but I hope to have an updated
one available to those at the AGM.   Anyone in desperate need should not
hesitate to contact me.

      Finally, may I wish you a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.
I look forward to seeing you at steaming time - 18.30 hrs.   For those not
able to make it this year, next year's (1994) will be on 8th Jan, same place,
same time; see you there.


P.S. Don't forget - target 1996 - the fortieth - Sat 13 Jan.   A maximum
turn-out could make it something quite special.





1954 - 1956

Sorry I cannot make it this year due to a bit of a medical problem but if we can
find a repair scheme I will le with you in 1992 !!!!

Meantime, a few "flash-Backs", which always bring lack happy memories of JEVER.

         1.   Chasing "Elspeth", the piglet, across the airfield at mid-night,
         2.   Rolled brollies, Times and Bowlers on arrival at Sylt.
         3.   Green Chartrose alight after Dinner,
         4.   Para drops from the music balcony.
         5.   "OC" Eng Wing, suspended, upside down by his braces, from the music balcony.
         6.   The Abandoned Earle (of Bandon), overshooting at the end of the "Winter Ball"
         Cresta Run
- with both feet trapped in the back of the piano wires - rescued by
         the Sergeants Mess, who trundled over their own piano !!!!!!
         7.   Hammer West's Volkswaggon, balanced, by 4 plumbers, on four dining room
         tables : it took the whole of the M.T. Section to remove it - after a Guest
         Night, of course.
         8.   Hammer West's MAD DOG, who PISSED EVERYWHERE.
         9.   122 Wing, re-equipped with four 18 UE Hunter Squadrons , Nos. 4, 93, 98 and
         118, who flew the backside off the aircraft to see who could hit the target
         first in the month !   Eventually we had a target of 40 Minors to do in a month;
         it was reached, with half the teams - National Service lads.   We gave them all
         a big thrash in the Foresthause Beerkeller and years later I had a number of
         letters from the lads, saying they wished their sons were doing National Service
         10.  When 1 needed my Wizz Kid , rugby playing servicing crews to meet our
         serving target and asked Sir Thomas if he wanted Rugby Cups or flying machines
         and he accused me of being Bloody Facetious - with a twinkle in his eye, of
         course !!


                                     Bill Sykes

ATTENDEES in 1993:

Amongst those attending the AGM 9 Jan 93 were the following:-

In bold from the Signing In Book  22
including ladies                           0
Unable to write                          7
Total                                      29
From Photogtaphs:                    31
Including Ladies:                         5

Total Book and Photographs        31

Dougie Adamson
Val Adamson
Tom Ashwood
Peter Baines
Tinkle Bell
Bugs Bendell
Jim Browne
Brian Conway
Vic Dabin
Rod Farley
Fergie Ferguson
Ken Goodwin, President
John Hawtin
Peter Hunwick
Pete Jarvis
Peter Jennings
Peter Jones
Pat King
Danny Lavender
Eddie McCullagh
Paddy Minnis
Q Oswell
Al Pollock
Eric Sharp
Phil Spooner
Tom Watson
Dave Watt

Pictures of AGM 1993 at The Three Compasses Holborn on 9 Jan 1993
(Thanks to Jeff Jeffrey for them all)

  1. Ken Goodwin giving his President's Address AGM 1993.
  2. Ken Goodwin giving his President's Address AGM 1993.
  3. Bugs Bendell Ken Goodwin AGM 1993.
  4. Al Pollock Bugs Bendell Ken Goodwin AGM 1993.
  5. Pete Baines, John Hawtin Pete Jennings Pete Jarvis Tom Watson Peter Jones AGM 1993.
  6. Ken Goodwin Vic Dabin Pete Hunwick AGM 1993.
  7. Dougie Adamson, Paddy Minnis, Val Adamson Pete Hunwick AGM 1993.
  8. Al Pollock Bugs Bendell Ken Goodwin AGM 1993.
  9. Bugs Bendell Ken Goodwin Pete Jones AGM 1993.
  10. Pete Hunwick Al Pollock Q Oswell AGM 1993.
  11. Ken Goodwin Bugs Bendell Pete Jones Tinkle Bell Q Oswell and others AGM 1993.
  12. Pete Hunwick Ken Goodwin Vic Dabin AGM 1993.
  13. Tom Watson Pete Jennings Pete Jarvis AGM 1993.
  14. Brian Conway, Eddie McCullagh, Vic Dabin AGM 1993.
  15. Unknown Phil Spooner AGM 1993.
  16. Bugs Bendell Ken Goodwin Vic Dabin AGM 1993.
  17. 3 Unknown Ladies and 1 Unknown man AGM 1993.
  18. 2 Unknown Ladies and 1 Unknown man AGM 1993.
  19. 3 Unknown Ladies and Pat King AGM 1993.
  20. 3 Unknown Ladies and 2 Unknown man AGM 1993.
  21. Fergie Ferguson Eric Sharp Q Oswell Phil Spooner Tom Watson AGM 1993.
  22. Phil Spooner AGM 1993.
  23. Pat King Fergie Ferguson AGM 1993.
  24. Terry Landlord, Jean Landlord's wife AGM 1993.
  25. Dougie Adamson Val Adamson Paddy Minnis AGM 1993.
  26. Phil Spooner AGM 1993.
  27. Al Pollock AGM 1993.
  28. Dave Watt and Lady player AGM 1993.
  29. Ken Goodwin playing AGM 1993.

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