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Calling Notice for 10Jan87 & Minutes of Annual General Meeting 4Jan86

                         JEVER STEAM LAUNDRY

                                        JSL - 10 JAN 87

                                  'THE THREE COMPASSES'

                            146 HIGH HOLBORN (0171 405 0675)
              (300 yards west of Holborn Tube, opposite Town Hall

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      After a successful reunion this year at the above named
watering hole, the Directors have decided unanimously, well
nearly - allright, Pat King and Barry Dale have - on a
repeat performance in 1987.

      By popular request, it was decided to change the day to
the second Saturday in the new year.   [Presumably 1986 was
4Jan i.e. 1st Saturday?]   The Landlord does a
very nice line in refined Limpopo Water and will provide
fodder for future fall-out.

      Paper and postage once again courtesy of Dougie Adamson
and Eric Pigdon respectively.

      If you wish to have the address of any other JSL'ers,
we have a somewhat out-of-date book, so contact us on:

     01-430-7077 Pat King or 7559 Barry Dale.

     Pat Kings home address - 121 West Street, Helpston,
     Peterborough PE6 7DU.

     Barry Dale's home address - The Cottage, Fontridge
     Lane, Etchingham, E. Sx, TN19 7DD.

      See you on the 10 Jan at Opening Time!

(But Not That One!)


Amongst those attending the AGM 10 Jan 87 were the following:-
Ladies                                    4
Head count from photographs:  22

Dougie Adamason
Val Adamson
Ian Craig
Barry Dale
Bill Dodds
Rod Farley
Ken Goodwin
Pete Hunwick
Pete Jarvis
Pete Jennings
Peter Jones
Pat King
Eddie McCullagh
Father Marquis
Eric Pigdon
Gordon Reed
Be Be Sharman
Eric Sharp
Mike Wraight

Pictures of AGM 1987 at The Three Compasses Holborn on 10 Jan 1987

  1. Bill Dodds Pete Jarvis Pete Jennings AGM 1987.
  2. Gordon Reed Eric's son-in-law Eric Pigdon AGM 1987.
  3. BB Sharman Father Marquis Eric Pigdon Unknowns AGM 1987.
  4. Pete Jones Pete Hunwick AGM 1987.
  5. Dougie Adamson AGM 1987.
  6. Eric Sharp Eric Pigdon AGM 1987.
  7. Rod Farley AGM 1987.
  8. Ian Craig Val Adamson and Unknown Ladies AGM 1987.
  9. BB Sharman Bill Dodds AGM 1987.
  10. Pat King, Unknown Lady 1987.
  11. Gordon Reed Unknown Ken Goodwin Eddie McCullagh AGM 1987.
  12. Pete Hunwick Pete Jennings AGM 1987.
  13. Bill Dodds Mike Wraight 1987.
  14. Barry Dale Unknown AGM 1987.
  15. Unknown and Eric Sharp AGM 1987.
  16. Ken Goodwin AGM 1987.
  17. Pat King and Unknown Lady AGM 1987.

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