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Calling Notice for 9Jan88 & Minutes of Annual General Meeting 10Jan87

                         JEVER STEAM LAUNDRY

                                        JSL - 9 JAN 88

                                  'THE THREE COMPASSES'

                            146 HIGH HOLBORN (0171 405 0675)
              (300 yards west of Holborn Tube, opposite Town Hall

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      Following yet another successful reunion this year at the above watering
hole, the God Father - Pat King, has decreed we should all meet again as

      Sticking to the agreed second Saturday in the New Year he has duly booked
for 9 Jan 88 starting at 18.30 hrs.   The excellence of the fallout from this
year's Limpopo water and fodder has prompted a re-order.

      Since last year the job of 'scribe' has fallen to Jeff Jeffrey with
Barry Dale giving notice and departing to the greener pastures of Flight Safety
at Gatport Airwick.   Contacts are now as follows:

     Pat Kings home address - 121 West Street, Helpston, Peterborough PE6 

     Jeff Jeffreys home address - 2 Hawkes End, Brampton, Huntingdon, Cambs
     0480 52151 Ext 6584

      Despite the non-appearance of 'SID', numbers attending last year were
down a touch.   So please pass the word to those who might need an extra
nudge off their local bar stools (sorry fallout).   Anno Domini should not have
caught up with all of us just yet.   Please let either Pat or myself know of any
new addresses or contacts.

      Finally, for those that don't know or perhaps more likely those that can't
remember, a map of how to get back there is attached.

                               See you on 9 Jan 88 at Opening Time.

PS   Pat King is looking for a job - says anything considered, £30,000 plus,
2 days a week and will travel anywhere - for a pint.   CV may be examined
anytime after 22.30 on 9 Jan 88!

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Amongst those attending the AGM 9 Jan 88 were the following:-
Ladies                                    5
Head count from photographs:  25

Dougie Adamason
Val Adamson
Dickie Barraclough
Ian Craig
Barry Dale
Fred Dawson
Ken Goodwin
Sue Goodwin
Ken Goodwin's Son
John Hawtin
Pete Hunwick
Pete Jarvis
Jeff Jeffrey
Pete Jennings
Pat King
Bill Maish
Father Marquis
Eric Pigdon
Nigel Pigdon
Eric Sharp
John Sutton

Pictures of AGM 1988 at The Three Compasses Holborn on 9 Jan 1988

  1. Bill Maish AGM 1988.
  2. Father Marquis AGM 1988.
  3. Bill Maish AGM 1988.
  4. Pat King AGM 1988.
  5. Ian Craig Eric Pigdon AGM 1988.
  6. Bill Maish Ken Goodwin John Hawtin Jeff Jeffrey Fred Dawson Eric Sharp John Sutton and Unknowns AGM 1988.
  7. John Sutton Barry Dale Bill Maish AGM 1988.
  8. Ken Goodwin's son? and Ken Goodwin AGM 1988.
  9. Dickie Barraclough Pete Hunwick Barry Dale Jeff Jeffrey AGM 1988.
  10. Father Marquis Dickie Barraclough Val Adamson Dougie Adamson 1988.
  11. Father Marquis Dickie Barraclough Dougie Adamson Val Adamson AGM 1988.
  12. Bill Maish, Bob Lightfoot, Ali Lightfoot and unknowns, AGM 1988.
  13. Father Marquis, Nigel Pigdon, Eric Pigdon, John Sutton 1988.
  14. John Hawtin Freddie Dawson AGM 1988.
  15. Pat King Pete Jarvis Dickie Barraclough and Unknown AGM 1988.
  16. Bob Lightfoot and Bill Maish AGM 1988.
  17. Eric Pigdon John Sutton AGM 1988.
  18. Father Marquis Ken Goodwin Eric Pigdon AGM 1988.
  19. Pete Hunwick, Pat King, Bob Lightfoot (rear) and Pete Jennings AGM 1988.
  20. Bill Maish Jeff Jeffrey Ken Goodwin AGM 1988.
  21. Val Adamson Dougie Adamson John Sutton AGM 1988.
  22. Pete Hunwick Ken Goodwin AGM 1988.
  23. Ali and Bob Lightfoot and John Sutton AGM 1988.
  24. Dickie Barraclough John Sutton AGM 1988.
  25. Dougie Adamson Val Adamson Ken Goodwin 1988.
  26. Ali Lightfoot, Sue Goodwinand Val Adamson AGM 1988.
  27. Ken Goodwin Sue Goodwin AGM 1988.
  28. Bill Maish 1988.
  29. Sue Goodwin Ken Goodwin AGM 1988.
  30. Barry Dale AGM 1988.
  31. John Sutton, Sue Goodwin and Nigel Goodwin AGM 1988.

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