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After Work The Pictures by Bill Webb

£3.62 as an E-book only.

     This is the second book by William Webb who was called up for National Service in February 1956, but after signing on was finally discharged in February 1966.   He trained as an Air Radar Mechanic at RAF Yatesbury and was afterwards posted to RAF Chivenor 229 OCU.   In April 1958 he was posted to RAF Jever in Germany where he spent some time with 93 Squadron working on the Hawker Hunter Mk VI.   Whilst with the squadron he was selected to be a member of the 1958 2nd TAF Gunnery Team Servicing Party at Casaux, France.

     On returning to the UK in 1960 he remustered to Ground Radar and completed the fitter's course at RAF Locking. He was subsequently posted to RAF Bawdsey where he worked on various Early Warning Radars.

     After leaving the RAF William Webb worked for the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force, the Nigerian Air Force, the Libyan Air Defence Command, the Omani Army, and the Multi-national Peacekeeping Force in Sinai, Egypt.   He subsequently became an Aeronautical Telecommunications Consultant and carried out contracts on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authorities on the UK, Belize, Botswana, Lesotho, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.


     This book is available from Amazon only as an e-book.

Published by Amazon, July 2014.

William Webb has also published:
     Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt which is a guide for would-be travellers.

     My Art is Where the Ohm Is, an account of his adventures in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Libya, and Zimbabwe.

     Per Ardua Ad Ulcers.
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