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Cold War Shield Volume 2
by Roger Lindsay
Vampire, Venom and Sabre Squadrons 1950-60

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesExcellent volume 2 of Roger's series documenting the RAF squadrons during the years of the Cold War.   A fantastic reference book, this volume covering many of the squadrons in RAF Germany.

The Cold War Shield Series

The history of the RAF's fighter squadrons in the 1950s in three LIMITED EDITION comprehensive and lavishly illustrated books. The squadrons' deployment, diversity, colour schemes, and livery are all told in exceptional detail, in many cases through the eyes of those who were there. The 1950s was one of the most dangerous decades of the post war period when the threat of nuclear war between the Western democracies and the Soviet Union and it's Communist allies was ever present. It was also an era of unprecedented advances in fighter performance and capability. The Cold War Shield series of books represents over 40 years of painstaking research based on the personal recollections of those who flew or maintained the RAF's front line fighter aircraft, as well as the Author's observations at the time. Additional in-depth examination of official records together with the invaluable assistance of friends has contributed a wealth of information and photographs to produce lavishly illustrated volumes that convey the essence and excitement of that dangerous decade when the RAF was at its post war zenith.

Orders for Volume 2 limited edition accepted now, direct from Author/Publisher, Roger Lindsay. The book can be signed by the author on request. The price of £60 includes post and packing within the UK only.

ISBN: 978-0-9544069-2-9
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