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93 Sqn Linebook No. 2 - Page 17 - The Incident at the RAC - Part 2.
an electrifying yell, a 'Tinker' Bell Tarzan Call, - there followed a stunned silence during which a hundred pairs of eyes swept upwards to the diving board where stood the naked figure of Tinker with his manly proportions.   He smiled condescendingly to his new found audience, then tottered over into space hitting the water with a vast splash.
     Pandemonium now broke loose; the headwaiter, recovering from his shock set about hustling the waitresses from the room; irate members left hurriedly with their ladies; while one on the verge of apoplexy strode furiously over to our friends' table: "Who is the member here? - I shall report this to the COMMITTEE", whereupon the gallant 93rd merely shrugged and as one man rose and jumped into the swimming pool too.
     The boys were later seen pushing Sandy's Volkswagen trying to get it started - along Pall Mall, up and down St James's Street in front of the VW agents there - much to the annoyance of the salesman.
(Thanks to RAF Museum.)
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