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93 Sqn Linebook No. 2 - Page 16 - The Incident at the RAC - Part 1.
     This was the occasion when the CO Sqn Ldr Des Browne took some of his pilots to his RAC Club in Pall Mall, London.   It is quite untrue to say that the six gentlemen who had met in the club smoking room this memorable afternoon were in the slightest bit inebriated.   Such an accusation would be tantamount to insulting the good name of a most illustrious fighter squadron, etc., etc.   Had you, dear reader, entered those dignified portals (of Lyon's Corner House proportions) on that December afternoon you would yourself have witnessed no unusual sight - in one corner you would have remarked our friends having a quiet peg before luncheon, standing amidst a not unusually excessive pile of cigarette ends and broken glass.
     The scene changes to the subterranean dining room overlooking the swimming pool in the same club.   During luncheon the conversation slowly turned from discussing who was going to swim to who would be in first; there the matter rested, other topics absorbed our heroes as they ate.   The atmosphere in the dining room was as in any London club in the afternoon, - the heavy aroma of cigar seemed to deaden still further the restrained murmur of conversation, waitresses hustled around the tables, while the head waiter moved slowly among the tables giving his minions an occasional order.
          Suddenly the atmosphere was shattered by:
(Thanks to RAF Museum.)
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