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All nine pilots that were assigned to Sylt for the selection of the RAF Germany Gunnery Team to compete in the Allied Air Forces Central Europe (AIRCENT) competition in September 1960.
Standing L to R: 'Whisky' Walker; Bill Dodds; John Bredenkamp; Peter Highton; Mike Davis; and
Peter Jarvis.   Kneeling L to R: Duncan Robinson; Chris Stone; Ken Petrie.
Training at Sylt started on 3 August 1960 with concentrated cine weave exercises and operational air firing (two passes only to shoot off 100 rounds).   Sometime towards the end of August the final team of four pilots plus a reserve were selected: Chris Stone (Captain); "Whiskey" Walker; Mike Davis;
Peter Highton; and Duncan Robinson (Reserve).   The rest returned back to their bases.   Chris says that his log book records 10 cine weave sorties and 50 air firing sorties were flown during the complete work-up period at Sylt.   They flew down to French AF Base Casaux (Nr Bordeaux) on 12Sep60, and the competition comprising 3 cine weave sorties, and 3 air firing sorties were carried out during the period 13 to 16 Sep60.   They are standing in front of Hunter F.6 G Xg263 that arrived on 4 Sqn on Mon 11Mar57 and was returned to 19MU on Mon 20Feb61.
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In the clips Chris Stone is seen receiving the second trophy.   The first was the 'Guynemer Trophy' - won by the Canadians, but only by the slimmest margin!   We were runners up receiving the 'USAFE Trophy'.    I expect you noticed with nostalgia those shots of the Cine Weave exercise!   All the Hunter shots appear to be the Belgian team.   (Thanks to Chris Stone and Hugh Butterworth.)
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