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F540 Operations Record Book November 1953 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2636 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71 from Duncan Curtis
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                    COMPILING OFFICER  Flt.Lt. H.B. Iles.                 REF. TO

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JEVER. November


     Pilot Officers Senar, Hickman, Macknish, Exley and Price returned from their
hockey tour, declaring it a social success.  Later they admitted losing both games 2-0 against R.N.A.F. VOGEL and 6-0 against R.A.F. FASSBERG.  Pilot Officer Balfour
replaced Pilot Officer Couch as Meppen Range Safety Officer.  Pilot Officer
was promoted Flying Officer with effect from 4th. October.  The Squadron
Football Team lost 2-1 to 3 A.C. Squadron.
  2nd. Monday.      The weather was hazy with layered cloud, but we made 14 cine sorties on ranging
and tracking, 12 close and battle formation sorties in pairs and 8 in fours.  Flight
Lieutenant Pearch
went to SYLT as a member of a Court of Inquiry into a flying
accident.  Winter is with us; Pilot Officer Davis has bronchitis.
  3rd Tuesday.      There was little cloud, but a low haze layer made range firing difficult.  We
made 24 rocket and cannon sorties on Meppen Range, four aerobatic sorties and
one I.F. dual.  Flying ceased by 15.00 hours due to increasing haze, and night flying
was cancelled.  Pilot Officer Senar flew a cross-country to GUTERSLOH, and was
weathered in overnight.  He took letters between the Station Commander and the Air
Officer Commanding and also delivered the Senior Air Staff Officer's pyjamas.  Pilot
Officer Ramsay
caught a cold, and Flight Sergeant Telfer damaged a tree and his left
ear falling off a bicycle; both are unfit for flying.  Pilot Officer Price collected swords
from BUCKEBURG by road for No. 4 Squadron Colour presentation parade.
  4th. Wednesday.      Ground lectures were held this morning due to fog, which cleared by noon.  Cloud
from 4,000 feet up to 14-22,000 feet made Q.G.H's necessary for the eight formation,
two cine ranging and tracking and one I.F. dual sorties flown this afternoon.  The
Squadron Football Team beat 33 L.A.A. 3-1.  Pilot Officer Senar flew back from
GUTERSLOH.  The Squadron 'B' Football Team beat the Sergeants' Mess 8-2.
  5th. Thursday.      The range programme was cancelled due to low cloud, but we flew ten cine
sorties, five formations of four (close and Battle) and two of two, three aerobatic
sorties and a Q.G.H. practice.  Flight Sergeant Shrubsole is now fit again.
  6th. Friday.      Lectures were held as fog prevented flying until 11.00 hours.  "A" Flight
concentrated on cine ranging and tracking (10 sorties and 2 aerobatic); "B" Flight
on Battle formation in pairs (6 sorties) and fours (12 sorties), three low-level cross-
countries and a Mach run.  Flying Officers Wallace and Sanderson left for the
Command Rugby Trials, and the hockey players for Berlin.  Pilot Officer Ramsay is fit
  7th. Saturday.      We started with a lecture, as the ground crew was on a practice parade, and then
flew two formations of four (close fly-pasts or snake-climb and battle).  A strong
southerly cross-wind on run-way 29 gave turbulence on the tree-lined approach, and
Pilot Officer Pigdon bent his starboard wing on the undershoot.  In the Command
Rugby Trials Flying Officer Sanderson was selected, and Flying Officer Wallace broke
a cheek-bone.  The Squadron "B" Football Team beat 33 L.A.A. 5-3.  Pilot Officer
returned from Meppen Range, and was not replaced from here as the regular
Range Safety Officer has finished his leave.  The Hockey in Berlin was drawn with
K.O.Y.L.I. 1-1.
  8th. Sunday      Pilot Officer Macknish takes over as Adjutant while Flying Officer Wallace is in
hospital.  Pilot Officer Davis is fit again.
  9th. Monday      The range programme was cancelled due to a cloud-base of 1,000 feet, tops
5,000 feet.  We made 8 low-level battle formation sorties, 6 cloud flying, 3 low-level
cross-countries, and one Meteor I/F.  With similar wind conditions to Saturday's
pilots added 5 knots to approach speeds for Pigdon's wing-tip.  A slow-moving cold
front prevented afternoon flying, and an aircraft recognition test and tank recognition
lecture were given.
Flying Officer Revnell returned this evening from leave, promoted Flying Officer with
effect from 27th. September.  The hockey players returned with glowing tales of
Berlin.  Flight Sergeant Telfer is fit again.
  10th. Tuesday.      The weather was almost cloudless but hazy.  We made 22 rocket and cannon
sorties in the usual pairs on the Meppen Range, and two section attacks each of four
aircraft, led by Squadron Leader Allen and Wing Commander Coulson.  We also flew
2 dual range recces, 2 air tests and an aerobatic sortie.
     Day flying finished early for night flying briefing; 8 new pilots flew a dusk
sortie each, and 13 went to Celle on cross-countries, 6 landing there.
  11th. Wednesday.      A practice presentation parade delayed flying, and we made only 4 cine quarter
sorties, 2 battle formation, 2 air tests and an I.F. dual.  We did not fly
this sports afternoon; the Squadron Football Team beat Technical Wing 5-0.
  12th. Thursday      A" Flight sent 8 to Wunstorf for G.C.A. practice; the weather deteriorated here
and they stayed the night at Wunstorf.  "B" Flight provided a battle flight of four,
but only Pilot Officers Ramsay and Macknish flew; on low-level pinpointing and map-
reading.  Battle Flight was last manned on 26th. October, and last flew on 9th.
October over a month ago; Pilot Officer Pigdon started a purge on compass-
swinging.  Flying Office Wallace returned from hospital, A4.G4 for a month, and
relieved Pilot Officer Macknish as Adjutant.  Pilot Officer Price has severe sinus
trouble, and Sergeant Knight a cold.
  13th. Friday      Bad weather prevented morning flying except for two weather recces.  Starting at
14.00 we flew a pair and a four on low-level battle formation, a three on close and
battle formation, a low-level pin-pointing, a low-level cross-country, a Mach run and
Q.G.H.  Battle Flight was manned, and flew two fours, a three and a four.  Two good
P.I.s. were reported, one poor P.I. and a poor interception.  The three was ordered
off near dusk and recorded simulated air-ground firing, cloud flying, tail chase and
night flying.  So passed Black Friday; lucky for some, as Pilot Officer Balfour went
on leave.
  14th. Saturday.      Drizzle and a 400 feet cloud base prevented flying.  Squadron Leader Allen
inspected the hangar; we polished his Vampire.  Pilot Officers Hickman, Exley and
Macknish are away playing hockey at Celle; Flying Officer Sanderson is away playing
rugby for the command, and Flying Officer Ramsay is away cross-country running.
  15th. Sunday.      Day of rest.  
  16th. Monday.      Bad weather prevented flying.  A practice parade for the presentation of the
standard to No.4 Squadron was held; these parades involve all the airmen and eight
officers.  Battle Flight was manned, later cancelled.
  17th. Tuesday      Again bad weather prevented flying.  Two practice parades were held.
Pilot Officer Price returned; now detached to the United Kingdom for medical
treatment, categorised A1.G7. with sinus infection.  Hannah returned from leave a
Flying Officer with effect from 8th November.  Flight Lieutenant Wallace rejoined us
from his detachment in Sweden.
  18th. Wednesday.      Again fog prevented flying, and two parades were held - no sports day today.
Flight Lieutenant Iles and Pilot Officers Davis and Pigdon attended a Court Martial
under instruction.  A tank recognition lecture was given.
  19th. Thursday.      Two more parades were held and a final briefing for to-morrow.  Pilot Officer
took over the Hangar Inventory temporarily from Pilot Officer Couch.  The
Court Martial finished this afternoon.
  20th Friday      The presentation of the standard to No.4 Squadron took place to-day; our role
was as a supporting squadron.  Squadron Leader Allen commanded the Squadron,
Flight Lieutenant Paterson "A" Flight, Flight Lieutenant Pearch "B" Flight, Flying Officer
was Squadron Adjutant, and our supernumeraries were Flying Officers
, and Ramsay, and Pilot Officers Whitelaw and Couch.  Flying Officer
and some pilots dealt with visiting aircraft and their Very Important occupants,
and Flight Lieutenant Iles and Pilot Officer Pigdon ushered at the stands.  The
ceremonial went well and looked extremely smart.  The standard was presented by
Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Slessor, G.C.B., D.S.O., M.C., and was later
marched into the Officers' Mess.  The Station stood down for 48 hours after the
parade, and festivities went on until early morning.  There was an informal dance in
the Officers' Mess, and the airmen held an even less formal session involving
Squadron Crests, geese, and a Wing Commander.
  21st. Saturday.      Stand-down.  Flying Officer Sanderson played rugby for the command.  
  22nd. Sunday.      Pilot Officer Couch left on a course and for leave.  The Squadron Soccer Team
lost to Administrative Wing 6-2.
  23rd. Monday.      Stratocumulus 1,500 up to 3,000 feet approximately cleared to very hazy
conditions.  Most aircraft are having barostats changed to stainless-steel sleeved type,
leaving four in use, increasing to 5.  We flew 12 sorties on ranging and tracking, 4
on level quarter cine attacks, one aerobatic and two cloud-flying sorties.
  24th. Tuesday      Fog cleared by 11.00 hours, but haze remained and we made only one cannon
sortie on the range.  Two pairs flew close and battle formation, there were 2 I/F dual
sorties, a weather check and an air test.  The haze persisted.  Runway 11 was in use,
and in the afternoon right-hand circuits were made so as to be looking down-sun
during the final turn and thus make the best of the poor visibility.
  25th. Wednesday.      Fog and low stratus prevented any flying except an instrument
rating test.  Five Pilots went by road to Oldenburg to pick up Vampire 9's; as the fog
did not clear they returned empty-handed, a little late for Squadron Leader Allen's
cocktail party, but not too late to enjoy it.  There were morning lectures on G.C.A. and
Q.G.H procedure.  We welcome Pilots Officers Culver, Leigh-Lancaster, and Ritchie
to the Squadron.  Ramsay was promoted to Flying Officer with effect from the 15th.
November.  No.4 Squadron beat us 4-3 at football.
  26th. Thursday.      Fog again, and no flying.  Pilots attended a lecture on the V.H.F. T.R.1934.
In the afternoon we drove No.3 Armoured Car Squadron's Humber Armoured Cars,
and had an aircraft lecture.  Pilot Officer Davis is on a Summary of Evidence.
Pilot Officer Bell, Sergeant Knight, and Flying Officer Wallace left for Berlin this
evening for rugby.
  27th. Friday.      Fog threatened this morning but did not arrive, though cloud gathered and lowered
throughout the day.  We flew 20 sorties on parallel ¼ attacks, simulating the flag
pattern at Sylt.
Eight pilots went to Oldenburg by road; 5 returned with Vampire 9's, 2 by road and
Flying Officer Revnell stayed overnight.  We also flew two sector recces to keep an
eye on the weather, which was threatening to clamp, and two I.F. duals, an aerobatic
trip and Mach run.  Pilot Officer Mitchell joined a Summary of Evidence.
  28th. Saturday.      A little high cloud and slight haze, but otherwise perfect weather.  We flew
4 level ¼ attack sorties, 4 parallel ¼s and combat, 1 Dual sector recce (Pilot
Officer Culver's
first flight) and one I.R.T., but No.4 Squadron had three barostat
failures with the new type barostat so flying was suspended pending
investigation.  We flew in one more Vampire 9 from Oldenburg.  Pilot Officer Exley is
fit again, and Pilot Officer Mitchell's Summary of Evidence is finished.
  29th. Sunday.      Airmen worked today changing the barostats back from the stainless-steel
sleeved type to the old type.  It appears that the pilot valve sticks.  Flying Officer
is representing the Command at Rugby football in Amsterdam.
  30th. Monday.      Cloud below 1,000 feet prevented barostat test flights until late afternoon.
We made three barostat tests, including a pair on aerobatics and formation, Battle
, but late dusk and night flying was cancelled as cloud lowered.  Flying Officer
went on leave.
      Rounds fired during November       1336               stoppages 1.
Rockets fired during November         162               Hang-ups 9, comprising
                                                                                        leads blown out 5, circuits u/s 1,
                                                                                        motor u/s 1, No apparent reason 2.

      Vampire Hours         266.25
      Meteor    Hours           27.40
      Total       Hours         294.05

Jever. November ,1953. ADMINISTRATION.
     A great deal of time at the beginning of the month was devoted to rehearsals for the
parade of No. 4 Squadron's Presentation of the Standard.  The parade was a success,
but our flying was reduced.
Three new pilots joined the squadron, and more are expected.  We received five
Vampires 9's in replacement for some 5's.  The manning level has improved
somewhat, though it is still low on some trades.
Jever. November ,1953. PERSONNEL.
F.SGT. SHRUBSOLE  until 4th  Sick (Stomach trouble.)
Plt.Off. REVNELL until 9th  Leave. Promoted Fg.Off. w.e.f. 27th September,1953.
Fg.Off. HANNAH.  until 17th  Leave. Promoted Fg.Off. w.e.f. 8th November,1953.
Flt.Lt. WALLACE.  until 17th     away in SWEDEN.
Flt.Lt. PEARCH.  2nd p.m. - 5th Court of Enquiry (SYLT).
Plt.Off. DAVIS.  2nd p.m. - 7th Sick (Bronchitis), 26th onwards On Summary of Evidence.
Fg.Off. BALFOUR. 2nd-7th Meppen Range Safety Officer, 13th onwards Leave.
Plt.Off. RAMSAY.  3rd - 5th  Sick (Cold), 14th only away Cross-country running.
promotion - Promoted Fg.Off. w.e.f. 15th November,1953,. 30th onwards leave.
Plt.Off. PRICE. 3rd only Collecting swords from BUCKEBURG for 4 Squadron Parade.
12th-16th Sick(Sinus) A 1 G 7.  17th Returned to U.K. for treatment (Detached.)
Plt.Off. SENAR.  3rd p.m. - 4th.  Flew X-C to GUTERSLOH, weathered overnight, 7th-9th,
away (Hockey).
F.SGT. TELFER.  3rd p.m. - 9th a.m.  Sick (ear damaged) Ground duties only.
SGT. THOMAS.  7th onwards.  Left Squadron (Tour Expired).
Fg.Off.WALLACE.  7th - 12th. Away, broken cheek-bone at Rugby.  12th onwards,
Returned but off flying for a month.  Took over duties as Station Adjutant.  26th p.m.
onwards BERLIN (Rugby).
Fg.Off. SANDERSON.  7th only Away Rugby.
Plt.Off. EXLEY.  7th - 9th     Away (Hockey) in BERLIN.  14th only away hockey in BERLIN
24th - 27th    Sick (Influenza).
Fg.Off. HICKMAN.   7th - 9th    Away (Hockey) in BERLIN, 14th only Hockey in BERLIN.
Plt.Off. MACKNISH.  7th-9th Away (Hockey), 9th-12th Took over as Squadron
Adjutant, 14th away (Hockey).  Took over as Squadron Adjutant.
SGT. KNIGHT.     12th - 13th   Sick, 26th p.m. onwards.  BERLIN (Rugby.)
Plt.Off. COUCH   23rd onwards Course and leave.
Plt.Off. BELL,   26th p.m. onwards BERLIN (Rugby.)
Plt.Off. MITCHELL.  27th only  Summary of Evidence.
                                        LIST OF PILOTS AT END OF MONTH.
                'A' Flight.                                                                              'B' Flight.

     Sqdn. Ldr. R.N.G. ALLEN.                                                   Flt.Lt.K.M. PEARCH.
     Flt.Lt.     A.W.          PATERSON.                                          Flt.Lt. H.B. ILES.
     Flt.Lt.J.S.               WALLACE                                               Fg.Off. A.C. RAMSAY.
     Fg.Off.   R.S.         HANNAH.                                                Fg.Off. B.A.E. SANDERSON.
     Fg.Off.   A.R.          WALLACE                                               Fg.Off. B.J. REVNELL.
     Fg.Off.   W.E.         BELL                                                       Plt.Off.    J.E.     MACKNISH.
     Plt.Off.   J.S.C.      DAVIS.                                                     Plt.Off. G.E. HICKMAN.
     Plt.Off.   T.              BALFOUR                                              Plt.Off. K.B. SENAR.
     Plt.Off.   G.J.          COUCH                                                  Plt.Off. D. EXLEY.
     Plt.Off.   W.G.        MITCHELL.                                             Plt.Off. J.E. PIGDON.
     Plt.Off.   D.H.         HARPER.                                                Plt.Off. F.C. PRICE.
     Plt.Off.   P.T.          WHITELAW.                                            Plt.Off. J.C. CULVER.
     F. Sgt. SHRUBSOLE. W.R..                                                Plt.Off. P LEIGH-LANCASTER.
     F. Sgt. TELFER.C.J.                                                             Plt.Off. W.B.C. RITCHIE..
                                                                                                     Sgt. KNIGHT.

Signed AW PATERSON                                       
Flight Lieutenant,                                                  
Officer Commanding,                                          
No.93 Squadron,                                                  
Royal Air Force JEVER.                                       

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